5 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home Inside

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A new puppy means cuteness overload and happy and cheerful moments on a daily basis, but, it also means wreaking havoc.

Puppies are mischievous and inquisitive, and everything you own is their potential toy.

5 Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home, Inside and Out

To ensure that the new puppy will bring you only joy and stressless moments in your life, the best thing to do is to puppy proof, and not only to protect your shoes, clothes, or other valuables, but to also keep your pet safe and secure.

We provide you five tips to puppy proof your house inside, and in a next article we will talk about puppy proof your home outside.

1. Protect Your Possessions

The things in your home that you don’t want your puppy to play with or destroy should be put away from their reach.

Also, have your eye on potentially dangerous items in your home like curtain tassels, blind cords, and tablecloths.

To prevent your puppy from chewing your favourite furniture, use a no-chew spray and double check that you have blocked off those parts in your home that you have decided to be forbidden for your puppy.

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 2. Create a “Pet-Friendly” Zone

Creating a personalized space just for your pet, including toys and a bed, is probably the best way to minimize the potential damage.

This will make your puppy get the notion of its own place, and once it grows to introduce it to the other areas in your home.

Another good idea to include here is adding chewable and puppy friendly items to teach your puppy good chewing habits.

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3. Minimize Escape Routes

Puppies can sometimes be real magicians, so make sure you prevent their ways with locks on windows, deadbolts on doors, and baby gates for stairs.

You can find help in the motion sensors which will send you notifications on your mobile phone whenever your puppy is on some “forbidden” place.

Although they can’t get away through a cabinet, the puppies can easily be trapped, which is why you should secure the cabinet doors with latches.

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4. Remove Dangerous Items

Your puppy would probably see the electrical cords as another chew toys. To prevent this, hide them, enclose them in PVC pipe, or get cord protectors.

Use outlet plugs to cover your outlets. Make sure that your valuable things are not on the floor. Store household cleaners such as detergent on a high shelf, or in a locked cupboard.

Moreover, trash cans can contain harmful items so make sure you have one which will remain closed even when it tips over.

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5. Mount a dog door

Dog doors keep the harmony between you and your puppy. You can choose whatever model you like, but when it comes to security or energy efficiency, we recommend the Power Pet Door.

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