7 Outdoor Surveillance Cameras That Will Make Your Home A Safer Place

Make your home safer with an outdoor surveillance camera.  Once you made your decision to do this, consider the following before you buy anything …

  1. Is the camera certified weatherproof/waterproof?
  2. How much outside space do you want the camera to view?  You might want to buy more than one.
  3. What degree of clarity or resolution do you want the camera to have?  We suggest 1080 p or higher.
  4. Do you want the camera to be high density HD compatible?  You might want to connect it to your computer.
  5. What range or distance do you need?  The infrared technology IF will keep your pictures clear no matter how dark it is or how far from the camera your property line extends.
  6. What style of camera do you prefer?  There are basically two styles – bullet or dome shaped.  Most intruders will recognize that you have surveillance cameras, which could be a good thing, but the dome shaped camera might confuse the “bad guys”, which could prevent the crime from happening.
  7. Do you want to watch a playback of what was recorded?  If so, make sure the camera has onboard SD or microSD slots for recording devices.
  8. Do you want a camera that can send messages, images, and recordings to your mobile device? i.e. phone  If so, buy the camera that can do this and be certain the camera is compatible with your phone or tablet.
  9. Do you want a camera that has the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom?  Some cameras are static which means they point in one direction.  A camera that can pan, can move from side to side.  Tilting means the camera can look up and down.  Zooming is having the power to move closer or far away.
  10. Is saving energy important to you?  Surveillance cameras can use a lot of energy to perform all the tasks that you paid for.  You could purchase a camera that only comes on when motion is detected.  Some “smart” surveillance cameras, we inform you about the motion, before getting down to business.  You can make the decision whether to turn it on or not. 

Note: Wireless cameras are easy to install and reposition.  They are battery powered so they have to be checked regularly.  Wired cameras usually require a professional installer and there needs to be access to a power outlet.  Wired cameras provide clearer images and are more dependable.

The 7 Best Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Of 2016

Given the suggestions above and the many choices on the market today for home security cameras, here are these 7 suggestions for you to consider …

Hikvision DS-2CD3132

Hikvision DS-2CD3132 review

  • Dome style
  • 1080 HD video feed    
  • 90 feet night vision range

Swann – SWPRO-760CAM

Swann – SWPRO-760CAM – PRO-760 review
Check price on Amazon











  • Bullet style but with a professional wide angled lens    
  • day and night settings     
  • weatherproof casting and power cord    
  • 98 feet night vision range    
  • 75 degree viewing angle

Foscam FI9828P

Foscam FI9828P review
Check price on Amazon










  • fully waterproof enclosure 
  • 1.3MP lens that provides HD images
  • pans, tilts, and zooms remotely  
  • images can be recorded to the Foscam Cloud and your computer 
  • 25 feet night vision range with built – in audio jack

Sensormatic Adt Oc810adt Oc810

Sensormatic Adt Oc810adt Oc810 Indoor Outdoor Wifi Camera review
Check price on Amazon














  • compatible with ADT Pulse System
  • WiFi enabled 
  • stand alone home system with a built-in microcomputer with high quality digital image sensor for crystal clear pictures   
  • built-in speaker and microphone 
  • used wirelessly or wired 
  • built-in motion detector

Fake Dummy Security Camera

Fake Dummy Security Camera review

  • Black metal look with realistic CCTV and simulated LEDs 
  • blinking red light for night 
  • waterproof 
  • lifetime warranty 
  • comes with a free screw driver to install in seconds 
  • add several to your “real” system to make it look like you have everything covered

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Security CCTV Dome Camera review

  • high quality and durable material
  • fake surveillance camera that is very easy to install
  • two AA batteries not included
  • both indoor and outdoor usage

Amcrest 720P HD

Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog review

  • 4 dome cameras and 4 bullet cameras
  • HD crystal clear images
  • compatible with your phones and computers
  • closed circuit information for more security
  • plug and play setup for fast and easy installation
  • weather proof
  • back up system
  • great night vision
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