Abode Home Security Kit Review

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Meet the Abode home security system, the world’s first security solution that is built on your terms. 

It can be installed in minutes and uses enterprise-grade encryption to keep all your data safe.

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Abode is beautifully designed for your home or apartment and it’s simple to install.  It’s also easy to take with you when you move, as there aren’t very many parts to it. 

The main purpose of the Abode is that it allows you to monitor your home and alert you to movement or unauthorized entry. 

If you’re after something that’s simple to use and doesn’t lock you into any long-term contracts, the Abode system might be for you. 

Before starting this Abode security review, here is a video from Abode talking about why they made the system itself.

But Abode is far more than an easy-to-use security system. 

Abode gives you complete access to your entire home from anywhere, by using a secure and encrypted link to your smart phone computer or tablet with built-in alerts and notification.

abode home security system kit review You can see what’s happening at home wherever you are you decide whether or not you’ll need to call for assistance. So say goodbye to false alarms. 

If Abode can’t reach you, the Abode professional monitoring team can alert the police for you. 

With Abode’s elegantly designed applications, you can also control your lights, locks, thermostats and other connected devices.  

You can also see streaming video or check a timeline of events.  You can easily add components to cover your entire home.  

abode system review
Abode even works with devices you already own. In addition to familiar timer and scheduling features, with the Abode’s geo fence feature, you can set up actions to occur automatically.

Based on your current location, Abode can turn on your lights as you were driving home from work, open your garage door as you pull into the driveway, or turn the thermostat up when you land at the airport. 

Oh, and if you forget to lock your door, you can quickly lock it automatically when you leave your house.  It’s all completely up to you.

The Abode kit comes with everything you need to get started and is completely self installable including: powerful gateway to door or window contacts sensors, one key five, one motion sensing camera with an easy to install magnetic plate, and an optional live streaming camera and doesn’t require monthly fees or long term contracts.

Here is the Abode system straight out of the box.  As you can see, its a very attractive looking system.

As the video shows, the Abode kit comes shrink-wrapped with the following:

abode logo

  • Starter Card
  • Gateway w/ protective wrap
  • Door – window contacts
  • Motion camera
  • Key Fob
  • Power Brick
  • Ethernet Cord
  • Window sticker

abode interface

Abode was built from the ground up with a professional grade security foundation, and has fully encrypted wireless communication between the gateway and all of its components. 

We love the interface, and, like we said, everything is sleek and easy to use. 

Cellular and battery backup are also built in to keep you connected at all times.  The system also includes a camera that uses infrared for reliable motion detection.

The system works great whether it’s day or night.  Abode is an intuitive personal home assistant for security, but designed for your lifestyle.

Highly Recommended – 4 STARS!

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