Alon Hidden Spy Camera Clock Review

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Hidden spy cameras are more and more popular nowadays, mostly because the increased reports on various shady activities in both home and business – abusive nannies, stealing employees, unfaithful spouses, teens being bad – you name it, it’s not unheard of in this day and age.

Spy cameras are not just great for watching out for shady things happening, but they also happen to be decent cameras in their own rite.

There are many valid reasons you might want to purchase one.

That said, regardless of the motivation you have, having a hidden camera can calm a person’s troubled mind by keeping things in check.

They are discreet and no one will know about them, depending on what kind you buy.  Hence, today we look at the Alon Hidden Spy Camera Clock, an alarm that’s basically a clock.

In this article, you’ll read our detailed review about one of today’s most popular hidden cameras that comes in the form of a digital clock – Alon Hidden Spy Camera Clock!


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【Upgraded Version】1080P Hd Wifi Hidden Spy Camera Clock Wireless Covert Nanny Cam Remotely View Video Via Android/Ios Phone Monitor Recording For Home Security Motion Detection Night Vision

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The Alon hidden camera might be even smaller than you think with its 5” length and about 1.2” thickness, but it still shouldn’t draw attention to itself for being “too small”.  It’s a clock, and not a bad one at that.

However, the small size of this clock / camera enables it to fit in almost any area, and the fact that you have to look very closely to notice it’s a spy camera means it’s discreet – something that any spy camera should provide.

Also, it has a rather sophisticated appearance, so it’ll fit in with most modern home or office surroundings.

Setting Up

Once purchased, the package here includes the clock itself, a power adapter, a charging cable, a backup battery, and a user manual.

This gives you everything you need to use the device. The set-up, we must say, is fairly simple and takes about 5 minutes for your average person to set up.

The camera has a slot for a micro SD memory card for external storage of image and video feeds, but the memory card itself is not included in the package.

Live Video Feed on Your Phone

Now, to pair the camera with your android/iOS phone or tablet, you have to download the free camwf app. Just follow the simple instructions to connect your device to the WIFI of your hidden camera to gain access.

And, once connected, you can view live video, take snapshots, playback the video from micro SD, set time recording, auto circulate record, and activate the motion detect alarm, as well as the ability to change your username and password.

This is really convenient for parents who leave their kid with a nanny when going to work. Instead of wondering how the nanny takes care of their kid when alone, they can always check them on their phone.

If you have any trouble at your business, you can simply set up this clock and see what happens.

With the ability to view live video, as well as activate motion detect alarm (only for Android users), anyone will be sure their property is safe.

Note – you have to use the original cable to get WIFI to show.

High Definition

The Alon hidden camera provides great HD quality of 1080p. It has an 8-layer glass lens which makes the image clearer and more delicate.

What’s more, it covers a broad view of the room or office you are watching over thanks to its 168-degree wide angle lens. That’s why a lot of users say Alon hidden camera has clear images even in low light.

Night Vision

This is another important feature of any security camera, including spy cameras such as this one.

You should be able to rely on it day and night, and see what happens in your kid’s room at night without having to get out of bed. Luckily, Alon hidden spy camera clock is praised for its superior quality night vision.

With its 12pcs invisible infrared lights, you’ll get a clear image in the dark without anyone noticing the LEDs.

So, the next time you hear some noise downstairs, just check what happens on your phone.


Some users say the motion detection system is not as good as they expected.

Others say the camera often loses connection, but you should know that it only supports 2.4G WIFI network, and not 5G or public WIFI network which require a phone number to register and get access.


Overall, Alon hidden spy camera clock provides most of the things you look in a spy camera – discreet appearance, good quality day and night vision, LEDs that you can’t notice in the dark, and remote viewing on your phone.

It comes at an affordable price in most retail stores, so it’s a good choice when it comes to monitoring your home or office without anyone noticing.