Bell And Howell TacLight PS 550 Review

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It has been a long day and I finally got to bed.  I’ve checked the house and all the doors and windows were secure. 

The lights were out. My cat was asleep in her cozy nest and the kids were all snug in their rooms for another day.  It didn’t take me long to get into a deep sleep. Peace at last. 

bell and howell taclight review

Around 3 a.m., I awoke with a start!  I heard a noise down in the basement.  It sounded like a broken window. 

No one woke but me, thank goodness, and I knew what I had to do.  I reached for my newly purchased flashlight that I decided to keep close by my bed. 

This wasn’t just any ordinary flashlight.  This was the famous Bell and Howell Tac Light that I purchased from for less that $50.

They had a variety of models ranging from around $10 to over $100. 

bell and howell long distance flashlight

The Bell and Howell tac light is a high powered light, made from air craft grade aluminium. 

It can withstand extreme temperatures and is shock and water proof.  It sounded perfect for me. 

It had a high brightness, medium brightness, and low brightness mode, and what I really liked was the strobe flashing mode feature. 

I thought that if I ever needed a light for a home security situation, I would use the strobe component, with its power of 22 times brightness. 

I knew that an ordinary flashlight couldn’t do that.  I thought I might even use a panic button, but I wanted something even more hands on, and this fairly inexpensive light made me feel safer. 

That was important to me.  I could probably use this light for lots of house hold jobs, and I would probably take it camping as well.

bell and howell pro series ps 550 LED flashlight review

Even though I didn’t think I would need the 2 nautical mile distant feature, I was prepared! 

This tac light was small, compact, and easy to handle at a little more than 5 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 5 ounces in weight.   

What really impressed me as I did my research on flashlights was the fact that it was environmentally friendly. 

It had a life time warranty and it was advertised as indestructible.  The low cost bulbs even lasted over 100,000 hours. 

That was super impressive.  It didn’t come with the AAA batteries but I always had those on hand.

high powered flashlights

I was ready for any intruder as I approached the basement steps. The ad on TV said that this tac light’s blinding strobe would stun the intruder, and scare him off. 

Slowly and quietly, I approached the broken window with my 600 strobing lumens turned off. 

As soon as I hit the basement floor, I raised the light weight flashlight up and pointed it directly at the window. 

It was easy to push the “on” button and strobe feature.  I adjusted the light head to zoom in quickly, ready for the uninvited I was about to encounter.

bell and howell tacklight long distance flashlight

My cat was trapped by the light!  Twyla Mae turned her head and she locked her eyes with my military-like beam pulsing at high speeds toward her. 

In an instant, she flew by me up the stairs and back to her night perch.  I felt success in knowing that my home was secure once again.  

I highly recommend this taclight by the always dependable reliable Bell and Howell company. 

I am now ready and armed for the next criminal!