Best 24 Hour Mobile Locksmiths 2015 – The Complete U.S. Guide

Best 24 Hour Mobile Locksmiths 2015 – The Complete U.S. Guide


At one point or another, getting locked out happens to everyone. Whether its from our home or our car, this can be one of the most frustrating situations we can get ourselves in.  Luckily, that’s what 24 hour mobile locksmiths are for.  24 hour mobile locksmiths are undoubtedly one of the premiere achievements of the 21st century.

That’s why we felt it was about time there was an online resource which covers the ENTIRE UNITED STATES in terms of finding an anytime locksmith.  If you’ve been locked out, this quick and easy-to-use complete resource will help you find the locksmith you need.

We have listed 24 hour mobile locksmiths for all the major cities in every state in the U.S., plus surrounding regions of that city.  Below is a list you can click to find who you’re looking for.  This list is current as of 2015.

Search by state

Alabama – AL

Alaska – AK

Arizona – AZ

Arkansas – AR

California – CA

Colorado – CO

Connecticut – CT

Delaware – DE

Florida – FL

Georgia – GA

Hawaii – HI

Idaho – ID

Illinois – IL

Indiana – IN

Iowa – IA

Kansas – KS

Kentucky – KY

Louisiana – LA

Maine – ME

Maryland – MD

Massachusetts – MA

Michigan – MI

Minnesota – MN

Mississippi – MS

Missouri – MO

Montana – MT

Nebraska – NE

Nevada – NV

New Hampshire – NH

New Jersey – NJ

New Mexico – NM

New York – NY

North Carolina – NC

North Dakota – ND

Ohio – OH

Oklahoma – OK

Oregon – OR

Pennsylvania – PA

Rhode Island – RI

South Carolina – SC

South Dakota – SD

Tennessee – TN

Texas – TX

Utah – UT

Vermont – VT

Virginia – VA

Washington – WA

West Virginia – WV

Wisconsin – WI

Wyoming – WY

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