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  1. What Is Z-Wave Technology
  2. 7 Home Security Weak Points
  3. 8 Burglary & Home Invasion Stats That Every Homeowner Should Know
  4. WebRTC For Home Security Applications – The Future Is Now
  5. Oculus Rift To BaDoink – VR The Next Big Home Security Risk
  6. Crime Forecasting And How It Can Prevent Burglaries
  7. Smart Hub Most Common Complaints 2015
  8. Allegion Dedication To Innovation The Cause of Schlage Upswing
  9. What Is A Mortise Lock?
  10. Smart Homes In 2016
  11. What Is An IR Cut Filter?

graphicWhat Is Z-Wave Technology?

You have probably heard of Z-Wave technology by now, since it has been some time since it took the world by storm.  In a nutshell, Z-Wave is one of the main kinds of connection, or frequency range, which many home automation products operate on.  But how exactly does it work and is it secure?

In this article, we give you a quick breakdown of exactly what Z-Wave technology does, some of the science behind it, and some popular home security devices and products that use it.

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house7 Home Security Weak Points

In this article, we talk about 7 common weak points that people often share when it comes to home security, and try to offer some proven solutions for each one.

As a homeowner, we often don’t have the time or energy to sit down and do some sort of broad assessment of our home’s weak points when it comes to home security.  Also, it isn’t exactly fun to think about burglars and how they might get into our home if they were to try.

All the same, with home invasions being relatively common, this is something we need to consider from time to time in order to keep our homes secure against intruders.

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burglar8 Burglary & Home Invasion Stats That Every Homeowner Should Know

In this article, we talk about 8 important burglary stats that will make every homeowner hopefully think more about how secure their home is.

Burglaries in the United States are unfortunately all too common, so what can we as home owners do about it?  It turns out that if we examine each of these statistics carefully, we can hopefully make better decisions about how we can fortify the potential weak points in our homes’ security or lack thereof.

Many people, sadly, consider home invasions to be something that won’t happen to them, but unfortunately, one of the most surprising statistics about burglaries is that during a given year in the United States, you have a 1 in 1000 chance of experiencing a robbery, or an attempt at one.  What we want to do in this article is to make homeowners more aware of some of these statistics, in order that there are less robberies where a thief can trespass onto your property and potentially gain access to your home.  Because robberies are much more preventable than people think, it raises our blood pressure, so we hope people read this and take heed.

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how does webrtc work?

WebRTC For Home Security Applications – The Future Is Now

In this article, we discuss the importance of a relatively new technology called WebRTC, and what it means for the future of home security.

WebRTC is a slightly involved concept, but basically it is an open source technology, and a peer-to-peer secure method of communication between two browsers which allows for real-time communication between two callers.

How does it differ from other applications that do roughly the same thing, and are currently more popular such as Skype?  Here in this article we try to convey some of the advantages of this ground-breaking technology, as well as some of the reasons why WebRTC will be something that will likely become more and more usable as time goes on.

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oculus riftOculus Rift To BaDoink – VR The Next Big Home Security Risk

In this article we explore some new and upcoming virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift and some of its counterparts, as well as a little something called “BaDoink”.  These things are designed to entertain and amaze, putting us into new and exciting virtual reality worlds, while at the same time taking away our five important senses.

Here we will look at how virtual reality devices could impact home security in general, with some of the risk factors involved.

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24 7 watchdogCrime Forecasting And How It Can Prevent Burglaries

Those of us who have been burglarized know that it is an awful situation in so many ways, and, sadly, it always seems to unpredictable.  No one ever expects their home to be the target of a burglary, and many of us feel that the best we can do is to make our home as secure as possible in order to prevent such a bad situation from happening to us.

On the other hand, there are crime experts out there who are blazing trails in fields like offender profiling, and crime forecasting.  These are relatively new fields which involve studying crime data in order to learn more about the individuals committing these crimes, with the end goal being to better understand the nature of the criminal mind and, ultimately, prevent crimes from happening.

This article talks about how crime forecasting figures into home security, and looks to the future where this type of data is more readily available in an effort to work together and prevent more crimes such as burglaries from happening.

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smart hub woesSmart Hub Most Common Complaints 2015

Smart hubs, AKA home controllers, AKA intelligence bridges, have recently taken the home security world by storm as they offer the homeowner unprecedented control of their home environment by giving you control of any compatible device, integrating as many devices as possible into your home network.

While these hubs do some amazing things, its true, the technology behind them is by no means perfect and this has lead to some of these products being released too early perhaps, or simply having flaws.  There are many customers, in fact, who have experienced some of these flaws first hand and it has nearly driven some people crazy.

This is why we want to examine some of the more popular brands of smart hubs, in regards to what is the biggest complaint that buyers have about each of them.  In this article, we look at customers’ #1 complaints for the following smart hubs: The Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge, the Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller, the VeraEdge Home Controller, the Logitech Harmony Hub, and the Samsung SmartThings Hub.

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stocks a-climbinDedication To Innovation The Cause Of Schlage Upswing

Understanding the global market economy is not the easiest thing to do, with a lot of things changing all of the time.  For a company like Schlage to forge a path and stay on that path for any length of time is a testament to the brand.  Brands like Schlage lead the industry for a reason, and much of that has to do with the vision of those who run the company.

In the case of Schlage, that company is called Allegion, who controls a wide variety of different subsidiary companies, but all of which reside in the same niche; that being home security.  Being a forerunner in the home security niche is a feat that not just any company could handle.

In this article we take a look at Schlage, and why we think it is the innovation behind their parent company that is responsible for their recent growth, successes, and popularity with consumers.

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what is a mortise lock?One question we are commonly asked is “What is a mortise lock?”

Read this article, which lays out the details of what defines a proper mortise lock, and provides some helpful videos as well which help to answer this question as well.

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smart homeSmart Homes In 2016

Its 2016, and you might think that by now everyone has heard of “Smart Homes”, but that is just not the case.  Sure, many of us are aware that smart homes are becoming more commonplace, especially as new forms of smart technology arrive all the time, but some people perhaps aren’t as tech-savvy.  

This article talks about where smart homes are at in 2016, and its a good introduction if you’re not not exactly familiar with smart technology, or what it can do. 

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ir-cut-filterWhat Is An IR Cut Filter?

This article explains the purpose of an IR cut filter when it comes to home security cameras.

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