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Security has always and will always be important to individuals and businesses. We are concerned about making sure our family is safe, our home is safe, and our money is safe.

When it comes to safety and security the company that you choose is very important. You want a company that you can trust and that has been proven over the test of time. Brinks has done just that.

Brinks is the largest cash management company in the world. They have over 62,000 employees, customers in over 100 countries, and more than 150 years of experience. If that doesn’t prove to you how great this company is I don’t know what will.

What services does Brinks offer?

Most people recognize the name Brinks. However, if you are like most people what comes to mind when you hear it is armored trucks. While it’s true there are plenty of Brinks trucks on the road each day the company has a lot more to offer.

The list of Brinks services includes:

Security: Brinks employees are handling the security in many airports taking care of everything from document control and bag examination to passenger inspection. The company also provides surveillance services at industrial sites.

Logistics: As most people know Brinks is behind much of the armored car deliveries that take place. They work with banks and retail centers to move cash and work with other industries to transport everything from diamonds and jewelry to precious metals.

Payments: Brinks offers a Debit Mastercard® that allows employers to control the access that employees have to company funds for business expenses. They also offer a payroll solution in the form of the Brinks’ Money card.

Cash Management: The cash management services offered by Brinks include ATM services, device management, and cash, coin & check processing. They also offer a Brink’s Prepaid Mastercard for consumer use.

As you can see Brinks is a lot more than just armored trucks.

The History of Brinks

The company was started by Perry Brink back in 1859. It all began with one horse-drawn wagon. The company was originally called Brink’s City Express.

Mr. Brink used his wagon to transport people’s luggage from the railroad to their hotels. It wasn’t until 32 years later when the railroad companies were suffering that the company made its first bank delivery.

One of the first big events that Brinks took part in was in 1860, and that was the Republican National Convention.  Brinks was in charge of luggage delivery for this event, and this was the occasion where a man named Abraham Lincoln surprised onlookers and won his nomination in front of 50,000 delegates, beating out the competition and going on to become president.

When the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 came to pass and levelled up to 18000 buildings, one such building was Brink’s City Express’ headquarters.  For most businesses, this might prove a fatal blow, however Brinks managed to save their horses and wagons and bounced back within a week.

As Chicago itself recovered from the fires, Brinks too grew in strength, with wagons canvasing the city by 1972 and reaching new people daily.  One ad that Brinks ran around this time was that they could deliver someone’s belongings from the train station to anywhere in the entire city for just 25 cents.

Sadly, Perry Brink died in 1974 of encephalitis at the relatively young age of 43, leaving behind his company to his oldest son, Arthur, who inherited the company at age 19.

Arthur took the company to new heights, and Brinks took on new responsibilities.  For instance, they worked for Home National Bank to move six bags of silver dollars. As the business continued to develop, they were chosen to be the 1893 Chicago World Fair’s official money transporter.

When the 1900s rolled around, Brinks made a smooth transition into using motorized vehicles. This allowed them to replace horses and wagons, and add crew members.

The company also continued to expand from its headquarters in Chicago. Brinks opened branches in New York and Pennsylvania. Not long after they also expanded into Canada.

In 1925, Brinks developed an “unbreakable two-key safe”. They became known for high security and their tagline “Only Brink’s Can Open This Safe” was well known.

During the Great Depression Brinks was one of few companies that continued to turn a profit. As organized crime continued to increase it created a growing demand for the products that they offered.

However, once the World War II came, the company had a difficult time keeping up with day to day activities since there was a shortage of workers in the country. However, they managed to keep the doors open.

When WWII ended, Brinks began to see rapid growth expanding to 2,000 employees from 100. They were the first company in the industry that armed their vehicles.

They used 12 gauge shotguns, .44 caliber repeating rifles, .38 caliber revolvers, sub-machine guns, and gas riot guns. Brinks took security seriously, and they still do.

Brink experienced global growth

In 1961, Brinks opened a branch in France and brought their presence into the European market. Throughout the next several decades they continued to expand around the world.

They opened branches in South America, Hong Kong, Australia, and South Africa. During this time they also formed a deal with United Airlines and began providing armed transportation on their airplanes. This launched Brink’s Air Courier.

In more recent years Brinks has expanded into the cash management game.

Brinks Home Security

The Brinks Home Security division not only offers home security services but also has a full line of security products. Some of the products on their line include:

  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • HD video doorbells
  • Security systems
  • Sensors and motion detectors
  • Keychain remotes
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector
  • Home automation products
  • and more

If you are looking for products or services to protect your family, home, business, or cash, Brinks has you covered.

A company that has managed to not only remain open, but continue to adapt and prosper through the changes of over 150 years is one that you can trust.

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