How To Burglar Proof Your Windows

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Responsible homeowners have always tried to protect their homes and family as best as they could, using the methods that are available to them that are within their means and budget.  2018 has seen many “smart” home security innovations arrive on the technology market.

Smart home security systems can solve some of our home security issues, but not all of them. Fancy gadgets, no matter how convenient or innovative, are no substitute for strong and durable materials.  

This is especially true with windows, which are often one of our home’s weaker points, for a number of reasons. 

Preventing Break-Ins

As homeowners, we can install strong exterior doors, buy the latest and greatest deadbolt locks for those doors, mount indoor and outdoor security cameras, and a whole lot more.  These things, of course, do help.

open window security breach

However, all it really takes is one point of unguarded access and a burglar can gain entry. 

Windows are usually the last thing people secure in their home, which is the reason why the number of home intrusions via unlocked or open windows is among the highest types of intrusions.  

Maybe its because people put so much focus on their doors, that windows are slightly ignored.

This situation is easily remedied!  

Fortify your home windows with the following ideas of how to burglar proof windows, and if any burglar tries to break in through them, s/he will give up the idea very quickly.

How to Secure Windows from Burglars – Install Locks

Screenshot_3Door locks are often the first thing people install to strengthen the security of their home.  

Fair enough, but we can’t forget that window locks are just as important as door locks, since they play the same important role in protecting one’s home. 

According to experts, the best window lock is the one visible from outside.  

The assumption here is that once intruders see this type of lock installed on their target window, they will most likely give up the idea of dealing with this security item and trying to break in that home, or even if they do give it a shot, they’ll have less chances to succeed.  

One thing that is true about burglars is they have limited time to do their breaking and entering, so anything that they see as a complication will most likely deter them.

Window Lock Recommendations

Prime-Line Products U 9809 Vinyl Window LockPrime-Line Products U 10551 Window Lock, and 4 Pcs Sliding Window Lock are among the highest rated vinyl window locks on Amazon that we offer as our suggestions.

window lock designs

Another simpler, but equally safe, option is to choose a window pin lock, like the Window Guard Pin Lock Set.

You can even install not just one but several locks on your first-floor windows, if you feel there is a need for more than one depending on the size and style of your window.

As for your second-floor windows, you can go with window sash locks such as Ives by Schlage 07A15 or Prime-Line F 2588 Window Sash Lock. 

In general, window locks are quite cheap and affordable, so getting one won’t cost you a whole lot of money, but will improve your windows and home safety and may even prevent something really unwanted from happening.

Install Window Alarms

door window sensor alarm Another thing to do to burglar proof windows is to install window alarms. Currently, there are few types of window alarms available on the market that we recommend.

The simplest type sounds an alarm if the window is open or broken, thus alerting everyone in the home for the possible danger, and at the same time scaring the burglar away.

Such window alarms that are simple but effective include the X10 Home Control Door/Window Sensor DS10A and the GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm

Another type of window alarm is that which detects movement in the specific area around the window.  

This means that your window doesn’t need to be opened or broken for you to be informed that there’s someone moving in that area.  

burglar proofing your windows

Since this type of window alarm is more sophisticated and offers motion detection, it is slightly more expensive than your $5 model of window alarm.  We like the GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System or the ZOpid 2-in-1 Motion Detector.

Get To Know Z-Wave

Probably the best window sensors nowadays are z-wave sensors which allow remotely monitoring of your both, door and window area from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  

They will keep you informed of the movement in and around your home , and through open windows by sending you text message or e-mail. Learn more about Z-Wave technology here. 

Among the best such sensors are the Ecolink Door/Window Sensor and the Schlage Door/Window Sensor.

For complete protection of your entire home, you can get fully-equipped wireless home security system such as the 8 piece Simplisafe2  or the Fortress Security Store wireless home security systems. 

These products are pricier still, but we think that having a complete security system that will protect your entire home is worth every penny.

Impact-Resistant Or Insulated Glass

insulated glass

Another reasonable way to burglar-proof your windows is by choosing tougher glass.  Logically, if you have strong window glass, burglars will find it next to impossible to break.  

You may only want this for select windows on your home, because of its price and also because not every window needs to be impact resistant.

Glass that is resistant to such impacts include Plexiglass windows which although thick as the regular glass, are, in fact, 10 times stronger. 

And 10 times stronger than the plexiglass windows are Polycarbonate windows.  

You may spend a bit more on this type of glass for your windows, but it’ll be one of your smartest investments for the security of your home and family.

Install Window Grills/Bars

barsIn a scenario where a burglar succeeds to break a window, with or without a window lock and alarm, he can still be prevented to enter inside the home IF there are window bars installed on the windows.

No matter how jail-like this might look to you aesthetically speaking, it’s physically one of the stronger options to protect your windows.  If you have a business, it makes even more sense.

Iron bars with small spaces in their designs are the ones most recommended by experts, since they prevent hands and weapon passage.

We recommend this pack of 6 metal security window bars which are quite affordable, but you can also try to find decorative grill patterns that will give both security and stylish look to your home to give it a less prison-like feel. 

Another tip is just to be strategic about adding burglar proof window bars. 

No one wants their home to look like the local pawn shop, covered in bars, but maybe you just need bars to protect that one back window that is the least fortified.

Other Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Reflective Silver 35% Window Film

Another one is to grow shrubs or bushes right below your windows, to hinder anyone from climbing over it.  

Just make sure its the kind of bush that actually makes it harder to climb the wall or access the window, as opposed to giving them a handy ladder to make it easier!

You can also use reflective window film to make it so you can see out your windows, but people can’t see in!

We highly recommend considering some of these security measures as an effective way to obtain window protection from burglars!

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