Cal-Royal Panic Bar Exit Device Review

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When it comes to installing a panic bar on your commercial building there are a few things it needs to do well. First, it needs to easily open to provide people an escape during an emergency situation.

Secondly, it needs to be able to lock to stop people entering into your emergency exit. To top it off everyone wants a quality product that is going to work well long-term.

With many choices on the market it can be tough to find the panic bar that is right for you. Today we are looking at a Cal-Royal panic bar that includes an exterior lever.

What You Need to Know About Cal-Royal

When purchasing security devices it helps to buy them from a company that you can trust. Cal-Royal has been in the industry for over 30 years.

The company pledges to, “establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our professional team.”

They work to constantly improve their products to keep providing the value that their customers are looking for.

Products from Cal-Royal are being used in the Pentagon, several IRS buildings, the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, and other hotels, hospitals, and courthouses around the country.

The company works hard to deliver quality products at an affordable price.

Push Bar Panic Exit Device review

Features of the Cal-Royal Panic Bar Exit Device with Exterior Lever

  • Fits doors that are 30″ – 36″
  • Non-handed panic bar
  • Includes a locking exterior lever (it is possible to have multiple levers keyed the same when you speak with the company direct)
  • Dogging feature
  • Includes a limited lifetime factory warranty
  • Aluminum finish
  • Schlage Keyway
  • 3 hour fire door
  • Meets ADA regulations

What Comes in the Box

When you purchase the Cal-Royal COMBO5000EO36AL Push Bar Panic Exit Device your package will come with the following items:

  • Cal-Royal panic bar
  • Roller latch
  • Dogging key
  • Keyed exterior lever
  • Directions for install

What People Like about the Cal-Royal Panic Bar

There are many things that consumers like about this panic bar. For starters the installation directions are easy to follow. This is not true of many panic bars, so this is a nice bonus from Cal-Royal.

Consumers using this panic bar are also very pleased with the quality of the product. The metal bar is solid and well constructed, which allows it to hold up well even after heavy use.

The main thing that people love about the Cal-Royal panic bar is the price.

There are many panic bar exit devices on the market, but there are few choices that are this affordable while still maintaining a high quality.

What People Don’t Like about the Cal-Royal Panic Bar

To be honest there is not much that people don’t like about this panic bar.

The few complaints that were made about this product include that the exterior lever stopped working effectively after several days and that it was harder to install on a steel door.

While both of these could be viewed as legitimate concerns, the scarcity of complaints lead me to believe that these are single incidents and not an issue with the product itself.

Installing any product on a steel door will be harder than installing on other materials.

There are also enough people that are extremely happy with the quality and durability of the product that the complaint with the lever should be treated as an isolated issue.

Final Thoughts

The Cal-Royal panic bar is a solid product. The product delivers on its promises and leaves little to be desired.

If you are looking for an affordable reliable product you can rest assured that this panic bar will meet your needs. If you are interested in an exit device with an alarm, check out our review of a different panic bar.

But, if a basic product that delivers is what you need, this is a great option.

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