Convert Your Old Smart Phone Into A Working Home Security System With Presence

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turn old smartphones into security camerasIf you’re like most people, you’ve got an old smartphone or smart device that maybe you don’t know what to do with. 

Well, don’t grab that hammer and bring it down on your phone just yet.  What if you could put it back to work by protecting one of the biggest investments you’ve made – your home.

Turn Your Old Smartphone Into A Home Security Camera

Everyone wants to feel safer, more secure, and in control of their homes. 

With Presence, spare smartphones and tablets become powerful remote internet security cameras with motion detection alerts the live two way streaming.  It’s incredibly easy to install and takes less than five minutes to get up and running.

presence 360 degree camera

Not only that, but you can save money on buying an expensive home security camera system if you’re willing to accept the audio and video from your old smartphone. 

Yes, this is a very innovative idea and Presence has thought of it.  No monthly fees, no crazy contracts, just an app, a smartphone, and a dream!

Here’s a quick review video of the Presence interface.  As you will see, this is a very handy system that you might want to investigate for yourself.

But Presence does even more than basic home video security, but for this you will need to explore some of the other accessories that Presence offers the home security user.  Yes indeed, you can convert your spare smartphone or device with power of their app, but you can also expand the Presence system to manage a variety of intelligent home sensors.

presence app uses old smart phones as cameras

Presence Security Packs Can Offer More

presence security pack

If you decide you want to take the next step, one of Presence’s premium security packs delivers smart sensors, with remote smartphone access, and instantly alerts you when something important happens in your home, to keep you connected with what matters most.  They are available for purchase on the Presence website in the “store” section.

Yes, if this all sounds very familiar it is because many home security devices are offering these types of services already, but none are quite as on the ball as Presence because not only is this idea environmentally friendly (saves phones from the landfill), but it is also economical and overall just one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” type of ideas.

presence home security app

With your Presence app, the major innovation is using your old phone or tablet as a camera, but you can turn the it into a full-fledged home security system with the help of the app and some of the security pack accessories. 

presence water sensor
The Presence water sensor

For instance, their entry sensors alert you whenever a door or window opens.  The water sensor lets you know when water is detected.  The motion detector sees movement even in the dark and can trigger a siren and send you an alert, the touch sensor takes vibrations and movement, and the temperature sensors will inform you of any heating or cooling issues.

The Presence mobile rules engine allows you to customize and coordinate actions and share alerts and easily expands if you add new devices.  

Unlike those expensive security systems that require a monthly subscription fee and a call center to protect your home, Presence security offers something smarter.  Invite your trusted circle of family and friends to the app.  Choose what you like to share with them, and when, and if Presence takes care of the rest.

presence motion sensor
The Presence Motion Sensor

Presence security works on Apple and Android device and can be viewed and controlled from your computer. No subscription fee is required.  You can add unlimited sensors, cameras, and mobile rules that alert you of important events.

Presence security is tailored to your lifestyle and makes home protection accessible to everyone, so put your extra smartphones and tablets back to work. Stick on the sensors. Share alerts with trusted friends, and make the people of things you really care about safer and more secure.

Head over here to the Presence website or visit the app store to get a hold of that app and find out more about the company and what it has to offer.