Cypress Digital WiFi Peephole Door Viewer Review

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Wifi Digital Peephole Door Viewer – Willful 37″ Lcd Touch Screen Front

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  • WiFi device
  • Connect it on Your Android / iOS smartphone/tablet via free app
  • Remote Control
  • Receive video calls, images, SMS, MMS on your smartphone
  • Music doorbell
  • Night vision
  • Motion sensor
  • Wide View Angle
  • Speaker & Microphone
  • SOS calling
  • Photo and Video Recording
  • Visitors can leave video message to owners
  • Intercom
  • Battery operated

Cypress Digital WiFi Peephole Door Viewer – The Basics

By purchasing this product you get several devices in one: a peephole, doorbell, indoor viewer, door camera, and intercom.

That said, you may come across a device that has some or most of the above functions, but this item is rare in that it is designed to perform all of these functions in one handy device.

Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review

The iHome3 digital WiFi door viewer comes at a decent price (under $200) considering the number of functions it performs, but it pays for itself quickly in the amount of convenience it offers.  

We are here to give you a thorough analysis of this peephole WiFi device, so you can easily decide if you want it installed on your front door or not.

Design Aesthetics

Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review 7

This digital peephole viewer has a stylish design that will give a modern touch to both your home’s outdoor and indoor appearance.

The package includes: a doorbell, an indoor viewer (LCD screen), charger, 4GB SD card, 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, steel bracket, FPC cable, 3m USB cable, 4 screws, user manual,  and a warranty card.

As you can see, you get quite a few things here, and indeed it is everything you need to install this device on your front door on one package with no little parts lacking.  

Having this as an all-in-one device we feel raises the value of this device somewhat.


Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review 6

If you follow these instructions closely, the average time for installation
of this product will take not more than 5 minutes (ok, maybe 10):

  • Download and install the free Rollup APP on your Android/iOS smartphone, and register a user account
  • Connect the device with your existing WIFI network
  • Keep the device under user binding window
  • The last step is to connect the device to the Rollup APP

Video Chat with Visitors

Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review 9Ok, just ignore that the image to our left shows what appears to be driving while chatting with someone who’s at your door.  This digital peephole WiFi device enables you to see and hear everything that happens in front of your door.  

A really smart feature of this digital device is the ability to video chat with the visitors of your home, through your Android/iOs smartphone, or tablet, regardless of your location.

So if you are somewhere in the vicinity of your home, or you are returning from work and some close friend is in front of your home ringing your doorbell, the unit will instantly inform you through the free Rollup App installed on your phone, and you can tell him/her to wait for you as you will be home shortly.

In this way, you will always know who wanted to pay a visit to your house, even when you are at work, or outside of town.

Two-Way Audio System

Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review 8This feature is really rare when it comes to both, peephole viewers and cameras. So this is definitely a plus.

Thanks to the microphone and speaker in the outside unit, you will be able to hear the visitor speaking to you, and you can also speak to him/her too.

This is a really up-to-date feature of peephole viewers and doorbells, so the traditional ones look really simple now that we know what a modern updated item like this one is able to do.  

Night Vision & Wide Lens

iHome3 review

The camera includes an IR night vision lens that give clear images even at night. You won’t have problems recognizing the person standing outside your door during late evenings or nights on the 3.7″ LCD screen, so this surely increases the security of your home and family.

You will no longer have to risk opening your door at someone who falsely presents himself/herself during the day time, as the 130 degree wide angle view will provide you with a clear image to see if this a close person to you, or someone totally unknown, carrying maybe a weapon with himself/herself.

 Solicitors, as many of us know, can be quite irritating, and its no fun taking that chance to open your door for someone if it will prove to be a waste of your time.  Also, you don’t have to even be near your door to check who it is, which is a plus.

Motion Detection

Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer Review 10

With the motion detection ability, iHome 3 smart video doorbell can automatically detect the visitor and capture his image even if s/he doesn’t press the doorbell.  

So besides taking an image of the person who presses your doorbell, the unit will record anyone standing in front of your front door for a while.

The indoor monitor alarm will be triggered, to inform you by sending you a notification on your smartphone immediately.  

Another option is to pre-set the alarm time in accordance with your current situation.

SOS Calling

sos callingIt seems that the manufacturers of this device thought about every aspect of the home and family security when creating this product.

You have the option of entering an SOS number, like Police, Fire Department, or even the phone number of some close friend, and in case of an emergency, you will be able to call the chosen number by just pressing the SOS button on the indoor unit.

In this way you help for getting a quick reaction in case of an emergency in your home, thereby reducing the possibilities of bigger damage.

Overall Conclusion

This really is one of the best products of its kind, as it offers multiple features that increase the security of both, your home and your family members.

You will have a brand new doorbell, a peephole, a wide LCD screen that will give you a clear image of the person standing in front of your door, a motion detection system, an intercom, and the ability to video chat with your visitors

The high image quality, two-way audio system, included 2G SD card, and many other features, truly justify the price of this Cypress Digital WiFi Digital Peephole Door Viewer.