Dakota Alert 1000 Wireless Doorbell Review

Do you constantly miss hearing people knock on the door of your home or business? While a doorbell can easily fix that problem many people do not want to worry about running wires through their house. Luckily, there are now wireless doorbells that make DIY installation a piece of cake. Before you purchase one for your home or business, you want to make sure you buy the right one Here are the pros and cons of the Dakota Alert 1000 Wireless Doorbell.

dakota alert 1000 wireless doorbell review

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About Dakota Alert

Dakota Alert was founded back in 1993 in South Dakota. The company began by manufacturing driveway alarms. The founder was interested in being alerted when someone drove up their lane. This simple need for their own property turned into a solution for others as well. They have since branched out into many other alert systems and cameras, including doorbells.

The website states, “Being raised in farm country has also taught us to respect our neighbors and treat them fairly.  This lesson also applies to our customers.  We intend to keep our customers satisfied by offering quality products at reasonable prices and backing it up with top notch customer service.”

Features of the Dakota Alert 1000 Wireless Doorbell

  • Range – This unit can work at up to 1000 feet between the push button and the base.
  • Multiple buttons – The base can work with up to 4 different push buttons. Lights on the base give a visual display of which button was pushed.
  • Programmable Sounds – The base has 16 different sounds to choose from. You are able to program each push button to work with a different sound. This is an easy way to identify which bell was rung.
  • Battery Operated – The push button comes with a battery to operate it. The base unit requires 3 “C” batteries (they are not included). This is a great feature that allows your base to work during power outages, unlike the bases that require being plugged in to an electrical outlet.
  • Easy Installation – With no wires the doorbell is quick and easy to install.

dakota alert review

What People Love

The most common thing that people rave over in the reviews is the long distance at which this doorbell works. There are not many on the market that work at this type of range. The easy of install is also something that consumers enjoy. One reviewer compared it to installing a picture frame on the wall.

Reviewers also enjoy how loud the base unit is. People use these doorbells for many purposes, including waking up their children on the other side of the house or alerting people from the car that they are home to come out and assist with bringing in the groceries.


While there are many great features for the doorbell, there are a few things that consumers have complained about. Many consumers have found that the sound quality is not what they anticipated. There can be a buzzing sound along with the chimes. Others have a hard time keeping the base working and find that it requires constant changing of the batteries. There are a few complaints about customer service, but my call was answered after the second ring by a very polite woman.

Overall Thoughts

While the majority of consumers are satisfied with the Dakota Alert 1000 Wireless Doorbell, there is somewhat of a split. If you look at Amazon reviews 59% of people rated it a 4 or 5 star, while 35% rated it a 1 or 2 star. You really need to consider your needs when purchasing this product. If you are looking for a long range wireless doorbell, where the base can work with multiple buttons, this product is worth a try. If those two things do not matter to you, take a look at our review of the SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell.

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