Discourage Burglars With The Cold Steel Warrior Katana

Not everyone is prepared to use a weapon if someone actually breaks into their home. 

However, if you’re the type of person who keeps a gun handy just in case of home invasions, then you might want to consider this weapon – the Cold Steel Warrior Katana – as it will definitely make your average home invader rethink things when they see you holding this baby wearing nothing but a bathrobe and that “Try me…” look on your face.

  • Target Audience: Sword Enthusiasts
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Durability: High
  • Handle Length: 11.25”
  • Handle Material: Samé (ray skin) black braid cord with brass Menuki
  • Overall Length: 40.5”
  • Weight: 41.4-ounce weight
  • Scabbard: Black Lacquered Wood
  • Blade Thickness: 5/16″
  • Comes with limited manufacturer’s warranty, details included with purchase

*Not for sale in some regions

warrior katana cold steel

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Indeed, the Cold Steel Warrior Series Katana is not the first thing that springs to mind as an anti-theft device, such as heavy duty locks for example, but it might just do the trick, right? 

Just look at it – its the opposite of modern, since katanas have been used in warfare for literally millennia, but if you are familiar at all with swords and the like, then you’ll know that this particular katana blade has been “updated” somewhat for the modern world.  

In fact, the majority of people who would truly appreciate this weapon are those who are specifically into beautiful swords, and particularly ancient swords.  

katana blade reviews

No, this katana blade is not something that your average family is going to have on hand as a burglar deterrent

Devices like tasers, or even guns would be far more common in residential homes across the country than a collectors piece like this.

On the other hand, many people do use these kinds of blades as ornaments in their homes and you’ll see swords like this, if not this very sword, hanging on many a wall. 

So, if you’re the kind of person who might buy this anyway, why not put it to some use by having it within arm’s reach when you hear someone trying to pick your locks

Having a blade like this at the ready is really not any different than having a guard dog, when you think about it.  

warrior best katana bladeOf course, we do not endorse the idea that you should actually use this weapon to hurt a person, but the harsh reality is that criminals these days can be very bold, not to mention stupid as they come barging in looking for things to take to sell at pawn shops or home entertainment units that they can hawk from their suspicious looking white van later on. 

I think most of us would agree that in the event of a burglary, we would want to defend our homes in whatever way we could. 

And, really, there’s no more awesome way to scare someone away than by having one of these imported Cold Steel Warrior katana blades.

At the very least, if you ever had to come face to face with a criminal inside of your home, there aren’t too many things that is really going to make them take a step back. 

Being desperate for loot, and probably a little bit dumb, burglars are dangerous mainly because of their lack of ability to understand social cues. 

Hence, they have chosen the profession of stealing other people’s stuff for a living.  You can’t really “talk” to a lot of these guys, you know?   

But burglars do understand certain things. 

A gun, of course, is a sure bet in terms of intimidating nearly anyone (except for certain action movie stars), and a well-made katana blade like this Cold Steel model here is not far behind. 

In fact, the last thing a burglar is going to expect is someone with one of these imported blades rushing towards them in their bathrobe.

Let us set aside the happy topic about baring down on a burglar with ancient war weapon for a moment and look at the blade itself.

cold steel best katana bladeAs it turns out, this is an extremely popular blade and there are many reasons this is the case. 

Behind the production of this blade, Cold Steel wanted to present to the public a blade of the highest quality craftsmanship, for an affordable price. 

This katana is part of the Warrior Series that Cold Steel has developed, and it is much more cost effective for the average collector than their Emperor series. 

Keep in mind, although this blade is affordable, it is definitely high quality as well.  Many people have wondered, in fact, how they could be sold so cheaply.

The reviews do prove that this blade is the real deal.  This Warrior katana does indeed have the same exact steel in it that Cold Steel uses for their Emperor series of katanas – 1055 carbon steel. 

This blade can truly cut through anything, as this video will show you.

This blade is sharp as can be and rarely needs sharpening, unless you plan on taking it to an actual war.

If you are generally a fan of blades and weaponry such as this, then you can probably see that this looks to be the real deal when it comes to finely crafted ancient weaponry.

You can purchase this katana for somewhere between $300-$700, depending where you buy. 

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