Dogs My Love Adjustable Muzzle Review

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Dog muzzles are essential accessories for anyone who owns or works with dogs. They are intended to protect people, other animals, and the dog itself.

The “Dogs My Love” adjustable dog muzzle, subject of our review today, is a vet-recommended high-quality muzzle, soft and padded, designed for use by dog owners and handlers in almost any situation.

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Adjustable Dog Muzzle 6 Sizes Gray (Xxs: 45″-65″ Snout Circumf)

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Durable and light, it’s comfortable to wear, while providing maximum safety for the dog, the owner (and their friends & family), trainers, handlers, veterinarians, and groomers.

The Importance of a Good Dog Muzzle

If you are in the services industry – a vet or vet tech, trainer, groomer, or dog handler – then you know that having the ‘right’ muzzle isn’t just crucial to your job; it can also impact public safety. Your job can depend on the muzzle you use.

Every dog has the potential to bite, not just aggressive dogs or “aggressive breeds.” Being scared or fearful, insecure, being injured or in pain, or feeling threatened can all move a dog to bite.

I should also point out that in the case of a dog bite, the injury itself isn’t the only concern; additional consequences can include quarantine and even euthanasia of the dog, and possible legal action.

dogs my love adjustable dog muzzle review

Fortunately, any dog, regardless of size or breed, can learn to wear a muzzle, but care must be taken to ensure it’s the right one for the dog, and for the situation.

As someone who has been around dogs my entire life, I’ve seen or used virtually every type of muzzle out there: basket or cage muzzles, sleeve or tube muzzles, and strap muzzles.

While they are all simple enough in theory – a cup, sleeve, or strap placed on a dog’s snout to prevent biting – they shouldn’t be thought of as “essentially all the same.” They aren’t, and it’s imperative to use the right muzzle for a given situation.

A poorly-fitted or poorly constructed muzzle, or one that is too big, might convey a false sense of security without actually preventing a dog from biting – something that may not become apparent until it is too late.

Further, the ‘wrong’ muzzle doesn’t just compromise safety for people; using the wrong type, size, or fit can also harm the dog who wears it.

With any muzzle, you want to ensure the fit is loose enough not to hurt the dog or make them uncomfortable.

You also want to ensure it doesn’t interfere with their breathing.

For working dogs, they also must be able to open their mouths far enough to pant and cool their body temperature.

Along with the various types and shapes, different muzzles are the manufactured using different materials and construction. They vary depending on purpose: sleeve, strap, and tube muzzles are often made with leather, cloth, mesh, or other soft material; basket muzzles typically use plastic or metal wire mesh, and some use a combination.

dogs my love muzzle size chart

Dogs My Love Muzzle

The Adjustable Dog Muzzle from Dogs My Love is a proven, best-in-class muzzle, recommended by breeders and veterinary experts. It’s made from top-quality soft materials, and lined with soft padding, making it very comfortable for the dog to wear.

The smart muzzle construction includes a high-quality, cold-resistant and flexible snap buckle, plus an additional snout strap to prevent any accidental opening, ensuring both safeties, and the dog’s comfort.

It’s also very easily adjustable – something I’ve learned to appreciate.

Because proper fit is so important, I also appreciate that the company produces the muzzle in 6 sizes, based on snout circumference, and provides a sizing chart.

Since the hardest part of muzzle training is the initial period of getting a dog used to, and comfortable with a particular muzzle, having that wide range of sizes also means a much more straightforward, less stressful transition is going from puppyhood to adult.

With that, I’m able to have an excellent ‘growth path’ from puppyhood to adult, letting me move to larger sizes as my dog grows, without having to force my dog to get used to a new muzzle with a different fit and feeling.

There are a lot of muzzles on the market: different types & sizes, various materials, and of course, plenty of different colors.

But even after taking into account my particular situation and needs – what type of muzzle I needed, what kind of dog I was buying a muzzle for – the number of choices was almost overwhelming.

After spending quite a bit of time & effort looking through the market, considering my options, reading reviews, and talking to people I trusted, I was, in the end, able to feel very comfortable with this company and their products.

When I considered the quality of the muzzle itself, how well it’s made, how well it fits my dog, how easy it is to adjust, the price point. I did it knowing knowing recommended by people in the industry – choosing the Dogs My Love padded dog muzzle was an easy decision for me.

After all, I’m not just a responsible dog owner; I’m a life-long dog lover!

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