Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set Review

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Today we are going to be discussing the Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set.

This set can drastically improve the security of your home with just a bit of drilling, with the entire installation process being straightforward and taking only about half an hour of your time.

Included in this set: 1 jamb shield, 2 door shields, and 2 hinge shields  

So what do these various door shields do for you exactly?

Added Door Protection

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To full explain, we have to talk about the idea of a potential break-in to your home – not a fun topic.

Have a look at this picture to the left.  Here you can see a break-in caused by a security failure of involving a wooden door. 

One swift kick and a robber can be in your home, doing as they please, if either the door, the lock, or the frame is weak enough.

What happened here in this situation could have easily been prevented by the Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set. 

This is a product which is available to buy in many home stores or online, and its definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Your Front Door – The Weakest Link

If you’ve ever seen a front (or any) exterior door kicked in or bludgeoned by brute force, it is always a violent scene.

But, if you look closely, you might be able to figure out exactly what part was the weakest link.  

It had to be something, and, generally speaking, you probably won’t see a great big boot-shaped hole in the door itself.  The cause is more often a hinge, or the door jamb.

Sometimes its your deadbolt.

Some deadbolts don’t extend far enough into the door jamb, and that makes it easy for a burglar to simple give the door a swift kick, cause a little damage, and they’re in.  

Watch this video which shows how easy it can be for a criminal to gain access to your home.

Now, this kind of thing can easily be prevented, although it is also understandable why it happens.

With a small lock and tiny screws holding things together, there isn’t much in the way of reinforcements.

Door Armour MAX Combo Set

…And this is where the Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set comes into play.  

This set of reinforced steel shields, plus the accompanying 3.5 inch screws is something which is really saving some people from some serious problems.

Once you install the Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set, which is easy enough to do because there isn’t much to the installation process, your exterior door will have all the fortification it needs to withstand any brute force attack.

door jamb armour review

EZ Door Armour offers you a total of 5 x 18-gauge powdered galvanized steel shields – 1 for the jamb, 2 for hinges, and 2 for the deadbolt and lock. 

And so, Door EZ Armour MAX covers all of the most common weak points on your door, allowing you to rest assured that the unthinkable will never happen.

Upgraded Armour

Door Armour MAX Combo Set

There have been a few changes with this set in recent years, as they’ve been redesigned for even better security and some aesthetic changes. 

You now get a choice of colours here: from white, to satin nickel, to aged bronze. This helps you coordinate with the colour of your door and your home. 

You also have the advantage here of not having to take your door apart in order to install these reinforcement shields. 

Door EZ Armour MAX simply requires you to use a drill and take some time to do the job right, and your home (or at least that particular door) now has increased its overall security by a large margin.

The Bottom Line

Once again, we know this product isn’t much to look at, but that doesn’t particularly matter – its what this product does that counts.  

With just 5 simple steel plates, its easy to overlook the potential benefits of the Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set, but this product could literally save you some heartache.

That said, not everyone needs this product.  Some people have strong doors, strong deadbolts, and everything is in order.  

If that is you, you may not need this product.  

But if you can’t afford to replace your door or your deadbolt, or you have some weak link in the chain, the Door EZ Armour MAX Combo Set can be a great way to bump up your security without replacing major parts of your home. – 4.5 STARS

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