Evertech Indoor Outdoor CCTV Security Camera Review

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Evertech Upgraded Hd 1080P 4-In-1 Tvi/Ahd/Cvi/Analog ( 960H / Cvbs ) Day Night Vision Outdoor Indoor Weatherproof Wide Angle Cctv Security Surveillance Camera (White Metal Casing)

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We are presenting you our full and detailed review of the Evertech Indoor / Outdoor CCTV security camera, which is a 700 TVL, day/night, dome-style, wide-angle smart device typically used for both residential and business purposes.  

This camera is very popular with buyers looking for a quality home security camera, but we are here to look closer at this little camera.

The goal of this review is to talk about the main features of this hi-tech camera, as well as the pros and cons in order to see if this is a quality security device that will suit your needs.


evertech cameras

This version 7 of the Evertech CCTV security camera made of durable metal and is vandal-proof, meaning it can take a licking and keep on…err.. recording.

It comes in 3 colors: white, black, and grey, as opposed to version 8 and 10 which come only in white.

It can be used as an indoor security camera, but since it’s weather-proof it can be used as an outdoor security camera as well.

Actually, judging from the customer reviews, people use it more as an outdoor rather than an indoor security camera.  

That said, because this is a dome camera, it makes a fairly unobtrusive indoor camera as well, not drawing much attention to itself if you wanted to use it as a babysitter for your babysitter.

Differences Between Various Models Of Evertech Cameras

We have received the odd question about the difference between some of the different, yet similar models of Evertech camera.  

If you’re interested to know about these specific differences between Evertech cameras version 7, 8, and 10, take a look at the video below, which breaks it down.

Out of the Box

evertech security camera cctv

What you get when you purchase this security camera is the following:

  • A manual with all instruction needed for its proper usage
  • 4 screws
  • One tightly wrapped camera measuring 4.4 x 4.4 x 3.5 inches weighing 12.8 ounces
  • FYI there is no power adapter with this camera, so you’re going to have to purchase a 12 volt DC power supply

Mounting The Camera

evertech camera mountingBesides placing this security camera on a flat surface, you can also place it on a wall, up on a ceiling, or on whatever flat surface you like.

You’ll first need to disassemble the camera and then to use those 4 screws to mount it on the desired surface, a wall, ceiling or similar, and here we’ll briefly tell you how to do this mounting if you need a few pointers

In order to disassemble the camera, you won’t need a wrench. 

You only need to hold the 4 gaps on the bottom of the camera against any surface and start twisting it left, which looses the bottom part of the camera.

Once that part comes out, you’ll have 4 parts of the camera.

buttom bracket part

You can put the bottom bracket part which has the 4 holes for screws on the desired surface, and once you get that situated, re-connect the 4 parts, but don’t forget to angle the camera in the direction you want it to point, since once you tighten the screws and connect all parts, you won’t be able to move it.

As for the cable, you have a female bnc connection, and a standard DC-12 connection, which is actually standard for all Evertech cameras.

High Color Resolution

day visionThis Evertech V7 security camera gives high quality at the same time clear picture with high resolution and true colors, with 811(H) x 508(V) effective pixels and built-in 3.6mm lens. 

The quality refers to both day and night time, and it gives 80 degrees wide field of view with 700 TV lines resolution.

This camera identifies faces up to 25 feet, which isn’t bad at all, considering the cost of the camera.  It also comes with high resolution Sony CCD camera, and Sony Chipset.


We know that there are a few customers who aren’t that totally happy with the night vision that this camera provides.

Some of them say they don’t quite like the image quality in pitch dark.  Below you can see an image showing you what this security camera can capture at night, which we find to be quite adequate – along with many other buyers.  

When you’re buying a home security camera for under $40, you can’t expect the night vision to be crystal clear, however, this camera does do a stand up job for the price we think.

Night Vision Capabilities

night vision of evertech v7Having 24 Infrared LED lights should speak a lot when it comes to the night vision that this security camera offers.

Moreover, its photo sensor enables switching the camera to B/W in low light as well as pitch black.

It offers around 45 feet infrared outdoor distance, which is we think is fairly impressive for the cost of the camera.

Overall Impressions

evertech cameraGetting a home security camera is a good thing for your home and your family’s safety.

If you don’t have a big budget you’ll be on the lookout for some more cost effective security cameras, and this one is priced right.

It will give you decent results with its high quality resolution and all the other features we’ve mentioned in this review.  

Another great thing about this security camera, is that you can use it indoor as well as outdoor being a weather-proof metal camera.  Overall, we think this is great value for the money.

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