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Dogtek Eyenimal Digital Videocam For Pets,4 Gb Memory

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Well, this different type of pet camera will allow you to learn all that and more.  

What’s more, if you ever wanted to view the world from your pet’s perspective, the Eyenimal Digital Pet Cam from Dogtek, you attach to your pet’s collar finally gives you a chance to see what they see.

Yes, this pet camera is designed to attach to your dog or cat’s collar, so you can see where your pet is headed, what is it doing, where is it hiding, or simply all of its daily activities when you are not near it.  

Cool, right?  Yes, it definitely is an interesting idea, but it is not without its drawbacks.

Keeping Track of “Kitty”

In the “pros” column, the Eyenimal camera offers recording and reviewing of your pet’s daily experiences for a price that might surprise you.

It depends on what value you place on this information.  

For some people, especially cat owners who have wayward pets that go on little journeys and are gone for days at a time, this Eyenimal camera could be quite handy if you aren’t sure whether you’ll see your cat again once you open that screen door.  

For dog lovers, if you have to leave your pup at home and might like to keep track of his adventures, this camera can work for that too.

eyenimal pet cam for cats and dogs review

Moreover, this camera can inform you where and what was your pet eating or drinking in case you notice strange behaviour that might indicate Fluffy was drinking out of the aqueduct again.  

In this way, the Eyenimal camera can be like a pet research tool. Noticing your dog or cat (more likely your cat) is getting in mysterious scraps, just clip on the camera and see who the culprit is.

What’s in the Box?

pet cam review eyenimal

  • 1 Eyenimal camera
  • 1 USB cable
  • A little sticker with a pad for your pet, to put your name and address if you like
  • A manual


Eyenimal Pet Camera Review bothThe dimensions of the Eyenimal digital pet cam are 2.4×1.8x.6 inches, with a decidedly light weight of about 1.15 ounces.  

For some pets, they won’t even notice that it has a camera around its neck.  

Of course, other pets who don’t like collar to begin with with definitely know something’s up, and this can definitely pose a problem unless you find a way to fasten your camera securely to their collar.

As it is, there’s a specific plastic clip designed to attach the camera to the pet’s collar, keeping the lens at a parallel level to the ground.  

But if your pet is overly frisky or just hates collars or things being attached to them, you’d best beware, because there’s nothing stopping Mr. Big from knocking it loose.  

Of course, if you’re watching at the time, there’s a slim chance you will know exactly where the camera was ditched.


This is a feature that is quite welcome for any outdoor camera, and, since the Eyenimal is mostly used outside, being water-resistant is certainly a positive thing.

However, it is not designed to be soaked into water, so if your dog swims in a pool or goes into a nearby river wearing the cam around its neck, you shouldn’t expect nothing but the worst for this pet cam.

Easy To Use

Dogtek Eyenimal Digital Pet Camera reviewTo start using the Eyenimal Digital Pet Cam, all you need to do is attach it to your pet’s collar with the help of the clip mechanism which is at the back of the camera, and press the side button 2 times.

cat gps cam

The first time you press it should light up with a blue light, indicating that the power is on. The second pressing should make the light flashes, indicating that the camera is recording.  

To stop the recording, press the same button once, and to turn the power off, press it once again but hold it for a few seconds.

Checking the Recorded Material & Storage

Dogtek Eyenimal ReviewOne recording of Dogtek Eyenimal camera can last up to 2 ½ hours.

So, you can hit “Record”, and let your dog or cat goes wherever it desires, knowing that for a period of two and a half hours all of its activities will be recorded.

To see the recorded material, just connect the camera with your computer (Windows, Linux, or MacOS) using the included USB cable on the USB port located at the bottom of the camera (as shown on the image).

This pet camera has 4 Gigs of built in memory.  

Video and Audio Quality

This Dogtek Eyenimal Digital Pet Camera offers 600 x 400 resolution, with 29 frames per second, providing a nice and clear image.  

You shouldn’t have any problems concerning the quality of the video, as you will be able to see everything your pet sees.  

However, if your pet is running too fast, or spinning around in circles, the image is expected to be blurry.

This digital camera doesn’t include night vision, which is a flaw if you need to monitor your pet’s activity during the night.  

There is a model of the Dogtek Eyenimal cam that does include night vision, and offers 736 x 480 resolution with motion detection, but it comes in a bit higher price.

The audio quality might not be one of the best features of this Eyenimal model, but you will still be able to hear if your dog barks at your neighbours.


Eyenimal Pet Camera Review 1

All in all, depending on the temperament of your pet, and your own reasoning for wanting to use this camera, you might love this camera!  

It has the ability to almost live vicariously through your dog or cat.  

On the downside, there’s no way to keep this footage from being shaky. When your cat goes after a bird or squirrel, expecting the video to be smooth is a bit much to ask.

Eyenimal Pet Camera Review box

It may lack in the night vision or audio departments, but we think that overall, it does its job well and is a step forward in pet spy technology.  

Has its faults, but overall we are going to give this product 4 STARS for being such a clever little device.  

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