Fortress S02-B Wireless Security System Review

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Did you know that a home burglary occurs on average every 13 seconds? With a stat like that it is hard to understand why only 17% of homes in the United States have a security system.

Home security has become easier and more affordable than ever with the development of DIY security systems, like the Fortress S02-B Wireless System.

Today we are going to give you an overview and review of this wireless system.

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About the Company

Fortress Security Store started back in 2005. They provide DIY security system options that can be used for both home and business.

The systems they offer allow homeowners and business owners to protect what is important to them without needing to pay for heavy installation fees and recurring monthly fees.

Fortress Security Store keeps their focus on customer service for new and existing customers. Their website provides easy access to installation and user manuals. They provide a three year warranty on their products.

What is Included?

When you receive your Fortress Security Store S02-B Wireless Alarm System, it will come all packaged safely into one box. You will be able to see all of the alarm parts easily.

Once you remove the main control panel you will be able to see all of the necessary cords, bracket and screws, making it a truly DIY system to install.

  • 1 Main control panel
  • 10 Door/Window contacts
  • 3 Passive motion detectors
  • 1 Panic button
  • 1 130dB alarm
  • 1 Outdoor siren
  • 3 Keyfobs
  • 4 Warning stickers

Features of the Fortress Security Store S02-B System

  • Auto Dialer – You can program up to 6 numbers into this system. The main control panel will than alert these numbers anytime an alarm is triggered.
  • Ability to Listen – If you think there is a problem at your house, you can actually call into your system and listen to what is happening at your house.
  • Expandable – While this kit has some sensors included, it is easily expandable. The system can handle up to 99 sensors, so you can decide to add-on to the system at any time.
  • Battery Backup – The Fortress Security Store S02-B system comes complete with a 72-hour battery backup so you can rest assured that your home is protected even during a power failure.
  • Keyfob – Homeowners and business owners are able to control the system with use of a keyfob. You can arm, disarm and press the panic button without the need to be at the control panel.
  • Remote Access  You can arm and disarm your system remotely by calling in.
  • Coverage – Motion sensors are able to cover horizontally 110 degrees and 90 degrees vertically. They have a 25 foot range detection.
  • Outdoor Siren – The outdoor siren that is included in this package is loud – 130dB. It helps to scare away intruders and to alert your neighbors that there is a problem.
  • Easy Installation – more details on this below
  • Audible Keypad – The keypad provides both physical and audible feedback when in use.
  • 2 Arming Modes – The system has separate modes for you to use when you are home and when you are away.

fortress s02-B


The Fortress S02-B DIY system is easy to install and use. The main panel simply needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet, a telephone jack (whether using a VoIP system or your home phone), and mounted on the wall.

The system comes complete with a simple mounting bracket that you install with the included screws. The sensors are easily installed with double sided tape.

There are also screws included in the kit if you prefer to security your sensors with screws instead of tape.

If you previously had a system in place with wired sensors, the main control panel has an optional piece included that will allow you to plug in your existing sensors.

What’s Not to Like

While the majority of users love this security system, there are some that have negative comments to say about it.

The majority of the negative reviews out there revolve around false alarms or the alarms not triggering when they should be.

It was also noted that you need to make sure you are really keeping an eye on the batteries in all of the sensors to make sure they are still working. Some users thought the batteries drained faster than they expected.

With that begin said, by far the majority of people are thrilled with their purchase of this alarm system.

S02-B Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm System DIY Kit

What’s the Difference Between S02-A and S02-B?

Earlier this month we reviewed the Fortress Security Store S02-A Wireless Security System. You can read that review here .

Many people are curious as to what the difference is between the two systems, and the truth is — not much. The systems essentially work exactly the same.

Both systems are highly reviewed, with few negative comments.

The only difference is the S02-B includes the Outdoor Siren, 5 additional door/window contacts, 1 additional motion detector and 1 additional remote fob.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great DIY system. If you are looking for an affordable way to protect your home, this is a good option.

The auto-dial feature is a nice option that places this system a step above when compared with similar systems on the market.

Fortress Security Store strives to maintain good customer service for all consumers and the three year warranty is a nice benefit.

Watch this video review of the Fortress S02-B for more info.