Foscam FI8910W Indoor Security Camera Review

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If you’re up to getting an indoor security camera, then this Foscam FI8910W security camera might be an excellent choice for you. This portable digital video camera allows streaming live video and audio on almost any mobile device via a secure internet connection, so that you can have a complete control on what’s going on inside your home or your office no matter how far you are away from it.

With this security camera you can easily check in on your babysitter, your pet, or your kids while you’re not at home. You can even use it like a baby monitor, which has proved to be a really helpful technique for some parents.

In this review, we’re going to analyze its functions and features to make a complete review on it, so that you can decide if this security camera is the right one for your home.

 Qfoscam backuick and Easy Setup

What Foscam says is all you need to have to setup this security camera is an Internet connection and the camera itself.

Actually, what you get when purchasing this product is the camera, Wifi antenna, user manual, installation CD, mounting bracket, network cable, and DC power supply 5v. Basically, you can connect your security camera with Internet in 2 methods: either by wired setup, by connecting the network cable with the router, or by wireless setup. 

This is done by attaching the wifi antenna to the back of the camera so that the camera can connect wirelessly to the router using WPS.  However, there are some customers who found the setup of this home security camera not to be much of quick and easy process, which is why Foscam made tons of video tutorials and instructions on this setup process and a lot more on their website.  One such video is the video below, which although made for another Foscam security camera model, it can be very helpful for this one too.

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Wifi Remote Monitoring Security Camera with Built-in Mic and Speaker

baby monitoring with foscam Since this is a portable wireless security camera, you can practically put it wherever you want inside your home or maybe an office. You can place it in your hall next to your residential door to see who’s coming in right away. You can also choose to put it in places where you don’t know what’s happening although you’re at home, such as your garage or say your basement.

You can place it in the room where your baby sleeps so that you can always keep an eye on him/her via your smart phone, tablet or PC. This can be really relaxing for parents who might want some moment for themselves like drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen or yard. And who doesn’t like this? They will have their time, and their job around house done, at the same time knowing if their baby sleeps or cries thanks to the improved audio quality. In case you have a new babysitter, you can always check in her/his behavior while your kid is with her/him.

Since it has built-in mic and speaker, it’s a two way audio security camera, which you can use to even talk to someone while watching them, like your kids while you’re away, or maybe your elderly parents whom you might want to check in occasionally to make sure everything’s all right. Overall, having a Wifi security camera like this one can really ease your everyday life as well as piece your mind whenever you feel a bit worried.

Good Quality Night Vision41nFgpPXX6L._SL1600_

Having a security camera doesn’t mean just having a camera that’s able to give a good quality footage during daytime. What you should also keep in mind when purchasing one is whether it offers a good picture in darkness as well.

After all, you will be using that camera all the time, and some will even find their cameras more useful in darkness or at night, rather than during the day. Thanks to the 11 infrareds LEDs, this Foscam security camera can record videos in night vision with a clear and good quality picture up to 26 feet away. However, during daytime this home security camera gives true and accurate colors since it uses an IR-cut off filter.

Watch Live Video and Audio Stream on iPhone, PC, or Android

21uQq6SCpSLThis is the best part of this Foscam camera model, since it allows you to get a glimpse of your home whenever you feel up to checking in. You can do this while you’re sitting in another room in your house or in your yard, while at work, or even if you are in another state.  All you need to have to be informed of what’s going on in your home, is an Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and of course an internet connection via Wifi, 4G, or LTE.

You will also need to install one of the following apps: IP Cam Viewer, Foscam Surveillance Pro, or LiveCams IOS app. It has great range of motion, almost 360 degrees in each direction, and it can be moved around quite easily with the Foscam Viewer app. You’ll be able to set angles as well as adjusting it at any time.

Not for Outdoor Use61PIYGGATxL._SL1600_

We’ve already mentioned that this Foscam model is an indoor  home security camera, and the reason is because it’s not weather proof. However, some customers on Amazon say you can actually use it as an outside security camera as well, as long as you put it on a place such as a covered porch, where it won’t be exposed to a direct rain.

They even say that some of their Foscam cameras of this model placed outside their homes, have actually withstood extreme high and low temperatures. After all, we can’t say for sure if this security camera will function the same way when used outside and when used inside your home, and neither can you, which is why we advise to be used as designed-as an indoor security camera.

Other Useful Information

white foscam

  • WPA2 Encryption Supported
  • Light Frequency 50 / 60 Hz or outdoor
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Get the Blue Iris software for many additional features
  • The resolution can be downscaled to 320×240
  • Available in 2 colors: black and white

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