Foscam FI8919W Review

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Foscam Fi8919W Outdoor Pan And Tilt Wireless Ip Camera (White)

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Quick Stats of Foscam FI8919W

  • Weatherproof
  • Wireless
  • Night vision
  • Auto-iris function
  • 640×480 Resolution
  • 355° Pan, 80° Tilt
  • Remote viewing via Internet (Smart cam)
  • Motion detection
  • Supports smartphones and standard browsers
  • Wifi compliant

Design Aesthetics

Foscam FI8919W

Let’s begin this Foscam FI8919W review with the design aesthetics.

While some security cameras are made to appear either very old-school-camera-like (bullet cams), or go relatively unnoticed (regular dome cams), the Foscam FI8919W pan & tilt wireless IP camera here distinguishes itself by having an appealing look that is all its own – part dome cam, part…lamp?  

Whatever you call this design, we personally do like it, but its all up to your preference.  

We’d say if you’re going for a more “lean and mean” looking camera where there’s no mistaking what it is, there are other models. 

That said, it’s definitely a camera that someone will notice, although whether they immediately think “camera” when they see it is anyone’s guess.

For those would would prefer their home or business to have something a little more “friendly” or having more of a fancy design, then the Foscam FI8919W might be the camera for you.  

We would say that from aesthetic standpoint, this camera is definitely more appealing to look at than your standard bullet camera, and it still has all the same great features of some of the top of the line outdoor smart cameras being sold today.

foscam outdoor pan and tilt

Weather Proof

One of those features that it possesses which makes it appropriate for outdoor use is that it’s also completely weatherproof.  

This, of course, is a must for any outdoor camera. Having an IP66 hardened outdoor waterproof enclosure helps in this regard, so you won’t ever have to worry if it’s raining or snowing outside.

This camera has very secure housing and that means it can survive any outdoor conditions. Customers in general do not have any qualms about the build of the camera (more on complaints in a bit).

Video and Image Quality

Foscam FI8919W outdoor image

The Foscam FI8919W has an image a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels with an IR cut filter for truer and more vivid color.

Generally speaking, we would say that in terms of image quality, what this camera provides is pretty good.  

The IR filter definitely helps with night vision as well. For the price of this camera, you’re not going to be blown away by super high definitely video quality here, but it is adequate and it will get the job done so far as keeping an eye on things around the home or business.  

For instance, it can easily capture details like license plates from a distance as well as faces.  

Motion Detection

Motion detection is certainly an asset for an outdoor camera to have, and this Foscam model has it.  

If anyone or anything trips the motion detector, you can have the camera send you an email notification, which is handy.

foscam outdoor wireless camera review

However, we ought to mention that some reviewers of this camera on Amazon have differing opinions on the convenience of this feature with this camera.  

Some say the feature works great, others say it isn’t so reliable, or even overcompensating a bit much.

One user said to beware of your inbox flooding with email notifications if wind rustles a tree branch.  To read some of these reviews, you can check this product’s Amazon page here.

Pan & Tilt

Definitely one of the things people like about this camera is the panning & tilting.  Some outdoor cameras do not offer this feature, and this one does, and it seems to work quite well.  

Here’s a quick daytime video which shows some of the pan & tilt features of this camera.

Night Vision

night vision foscam camera ip wirelessAs we mentioned earlier, the IR cut filter does help with the night vision functions of this camera.  

Specifically, the Foscam FI8919W offers a night vision range of 50 feet / 16 meters, thanks to its 22 IR LEDs.  Its IR cut filter assists with the color, so that green is actually green and not grey.

Yet, there have been some buyers on Amazon that stated that they had problems concerning precisely this feature – the night vision and the IR. 

These complaints seem to be centered around a halo effect forming around the image, due to a reflection of the IR LEDs onto the lens which can create a sort of “foggy” look. 

Although this has come up, still other buyers have no issues with it.

Here’s a quick night time video using this camera so you can be the judge of its abilities.

Auto-Iris Function

Foscam FI8919W Outdoor Pan and Tilt Wireless IP Camera

As we listed at the top of this review, this camera has an auto-iris function.  

This feature functions in such a way that it automatically adjusts the camera’s lens according to the outdoor light in order to provide super clear images which don’t require any manual brightness adjustment, so it won’t appear washed out in any way as with certain cameras. 

This is a handy feature, and we feel it is something that adds to the overall quality of the image and to the camera itself.

Remote Viewing / Recording

smart cam foscam

Technically, this camera is a smart camera, meaning that it is designed to work by remote control.  

Smart camera in general are very popular nowadays, and are a great asset to have in a smart home, along with automatic locks, lights, fans, and pretty much anything that is electrical can now be operated via smartphone app (Android, iPhone, or Blackberry)

With this camera, as long as you have an internet connection and something to view it on, whether it be your laptop or through an app on your phone, you can basically keep an eye on things from just about anywhere because this camera is WIFI compatible.

Also, this camera is capable of recording as well, so if you want, you can record security footage and then have it backed up to a server or cloud for future viewing.

This Foscam outdoor security camera is compatible with your standard internet browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. 


While we can’t say this is a flawless camera, we can say this camera is decent and basically delivers the goods.  

However, we recommend you read up on some of user qualms before purchasing, as you might find some of what they say about this camera to be a deal breaker.  

That said, the majority of customers find that the Foscam FI8919W does the job just fine and that it does provide added security to your home or business.