Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Security Camera Review

Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Security Camera Review
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In this review of the Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Security Camera, we are going to discuss its main features, as well as some pros and cons reported by users about this product, which we found to be quite reasonably priced.

Quick Features of Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Security Camera

  • 1280 x 720 HD resolution
  • Plug&Play function
  • Wireless
  • IR cut filter
  • Night vision of up to 65 feet
  • Wide field of view of 70 degrees
  • Motion detection notifications
  • Remote storage to cloud
  • Remote viewing & recording
  • Supports smart devices and standard browsers
  • Weather/Waterproof

To begin our Foscam FI9803P review, here is an introductory video to this outdoor security camera, so you can see what this camera can do in real time, and get an idea how its features actually work.

What’s Inside the Foscam FI9803P Package


  • The smart camera itself
  • Mounting hardware
  • Ethernet cable for set up
  • Power cable
  • Wifi anntena
  • Installation CD
  • Instructions
  • Code for remote installation assistance

In terms of what is included with this package, the Foscam F19803P Outdoor Home Security Camera comes with all you need to get started with monitoring your home. 

While there is nothing too mind-blowing about what you get out of the box, there are a few things that come with it that make it a little more convenient, such as mounting hardware, as well as a sufficient amount of instructional material, including the code to get you even more assistance if you happen to get stuck. 

Between all of this instructional material and the internet, you should have no problem getting set up in no time.  In fact…

Installation Of The Foscam FI9803P Is A Breeze

foscam FI9803P smart camera indoor outdoor model

Sometimes when we say that installation of a wireless outdoor security camera is simple, we mean that it is simple relative to how much experience you have installing security cameras. 

Depending on how many times you’ve been through this process, its going to be a little different for everyone, but in this case, we must say that the instructions this time around are very easy to follow and the whole process is something that you’ll be able to set up in no time. 

In fact, if you visit the Amazon product page for the Foscam FI9803P, you will see that there are a large number of users who agree that this is a simple package to set up.

When we say “install” here, please note that we are talking about both the physical mounting and also the software component too, which is made easier with the help of the Foscam free app. 

Several customers swap out the app for a different app like Live Cam Pro or according to their preference, or they simply set things up via their laptop or smart phone.

For the physical mounting of things, you’ll be needing an Allen wrench and that’s about it.  This part is also mercifully easy as well. 

Wide Field Of View


Keep in mind, this is not a “pan & tilt” type of camera, but rather a fixed position model, so if you’re hoping to make use of any kind of pan/tilt functionality, this won’t be the camera for you.

Here are some other options for outdoor security cameras you can use that may appeal to you over the Foscam FI9803P here, which do offer pan and tilt.

While it does lack this feature, its saving grace here for some may be that this Foscam has a very nice, wide field of view of about 70 degrees, allowing you to see everything you need to see without the pan and tilt functionality.  This, of course, is for you to decide.

That said, the wide field of view is generally enough to cover the entirety of most front of back yards (of a certain size, of course). 

The picture above, for instance, shows the field of view for an entire parking lot.  As you can see, this camera would be appropriate for commercial use as well, whether you are a landlord who needs to keep an eye on an apartment complex or the owner of a warehouse, etc. 

What we suggest if you buy this camera is to simply take some extra time to position it correctly, and, by achieving the correct angle, this can make all the difference.  Picking a bad angle with this camera can be a huge problem, so you’ll need to get that right in order to maximize this camera’s value as a home security measure.

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Plug & Play Home Security Camera


This particular Foscam model is a “plug and play”, which means that your Smartphone itself is able to scan the QR code on the camera, to get you up and running even faster.

This adds to the simplicity of this camera’s installation, which, as we said, is pretty simple to start with.  Once you scan the QR code, the next thing to do is to enter your wifi password, in order to access the camera online, and thus being able to see the video live feed.

You can see this code scanning as well as some other features in the video below

720P HD Outstanding Image Quality

Foscam FI9803P The Foscam FI9803P provides high quality image and video thanks to the 1280 x 720 HD resolution that is built-in here. In some situations, the image quality appears more like 1080p rather than 720p.

It provides clear, crisp, and bright colors thanks to the IR-cut filter (what is an IR cut filter? – Read this article), as well as well defined outlines of all objects, enabling you to see and recognize faces, license plates, etc.

This is one of the most important features, we believe, for any outdoor security camera, since the purpose of having one is detecting and recognizing possible intruders, whether that’s their face, or their license plate.

With this detailed footage, you’ll be able to contact the police in the unfortunate event that there is a robbery.  On the other hand, you may simply be capturing some critter in the night in your garbage, or you’ll see what time the delivery guy came by with your package.  

The image quality, with this camera, is something that many Amazon buyers are raving about on this product’s review pages, and for good reason – it is top notch!

Night Vision – Like Daytime

Foscam FI9803P night vision Foscam say that the night vision you get from this camera model is of high-quality up to 20m/65 feet. On the upside, many users report that the night vision is extremely well lit, providing surprisingly brightly lit night time images.  Again, this is partly because of the IR Cut Filter that this camera employs.

night vision of Foscam FI9803PHowever, we must mention that some users said the night vision of this Foscam outdoor camera can be compromised if you have a light that is positioned too close to the camera. 

This may seem like common sense to not install a light anywhere near your night vision camera, but say you have a motion detecting light that comes on and it is near this camera – this will cause problems with the night vision so just make sure you don’t have any bright lights installed near your camera so that this Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Security Camera with its IR cut filter can do its proper job.

Check out the night time footage of one Foscam FI9803P user in the video below

Remote Viewing and Recording

Foscam FI9803P reviewYou can keep checking in on your home, property, parking lot, or whatever you point this Foscam outdoor camera at, even if you’re nowhere near them.

This smart wireless camera offers remote viewing as well as recording on smart devices, such as Android mobile and iPhones, not to mention desktop computers with your standard browsers, eg. Chrome and the rest.

To start remotely keeping watch over your property from your device, you’ll have to install the free Foscam Viewer App, or another app called Live Cams Pro.  As is the way with apps, you’ll want to find an app that works well with this camera, and has the interface you want and enjoy using.

The installation is overall quick and in a matter of minutes you’ll be able to see your home from practically anywhere in the world.

Motion Detection, Alarm Notifications, & Audio

motion detection of Foscam FI9803P

As with most modern security cameras, this one too offers a motion detection feature with alarm which will provide you with first-hand surveillance information about the situation around your property at any given time.

As soon as some motion is detected in the range of the camera’s field of view, you’ll get an email, snapshot, or some audio which will then be sent immediately on your smartphone. 

Foscam FI9803P

Speaking of which, yes, this camera does come with built-in audio, which isn’t the case with some smart cameras.  We should note that the audio here isn’t amazing quality, but since most people don’t generally get these cameras for their audio abilities (being outdoor cameras in this case), you might say it is forgivable that the audio isn’t great.

With regards to notifications, this security camera is well-designed for this, so you’ll be able to stay informed about the movement happening around your home.

Moreover, if you have any worries about invading your neighbors’ privacy, you have the option to set private zones which won’t be seen by the camera. In this way, you can monitor specific areas without involving yourself in some privacy concerns. This is a particularly handy feature not offered by all cameras.

Overall Impressions Of The Foscam FI9803P

Foscam FI9803P review

Having said all this, Foscam FI9803P is a great outdoor camera which can be used for indoor security purposes as well. w

With a simple set up, great image quality, easy to use software, and several other strong points which make it worth for the reasonable price Foscam is asking on sites like Amazon. 

It has a wide field of view, and more importantly an IP66 waterproof grading, so it’s perfect for outdoor usage.

Overall, we highly recommend this Foscam camera as it performs well and has a few features that other outdoor security cameras do not.

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