Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain Review

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If you are attacked you need every advantage you can get. Hand guns and knives may be the traditional weapons most people think of but, few people are comfortable using them.

Pepper spray and stun guns are good options for self-defense weapons, but your choices don’t stop there. There is another option that comes with multiple names: self-defense keychain, Kubotan, or persuader keychain.

Whichever name you prefer, a Kubotan can give you the edge you need when you are in a bad situation. Today we are going to take a look at one Kubotan option, the Fury Tactical SDK.

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Fury Tactical Sdk2 Self Defense Keychain With Pressure Tip, Red, 55-Inch

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What is a Kubotan?

You can read our full review on what a Kubotan is and how to use it in our complete review here. But, here is the reader’s digest version: a Kubotan is a small metal stick, just under 6 inches long.

Through different stances and grip holds you can use a Kubotan to fight off an attacker. It does not come with lots of bells and whistles, it is a simple stick that you can be trained to use to assist you in a fight.

About the Fury Tactical SDK

The Fury is about as fancy as it gets when you look at Kubotans. It has some standard features and a few that make it stand out from the other options in the industry:

  • Manufactured from strong but lightweight aircraft aluminum.
  • Designed in the USA.
  • Only weighs 2 ounces. This makes it extremely light and easy to carry on your keychain so you have it easily accessible if you need it.
  • 5.75 inches long
  • Designed with finger grooves to help improve your grip when using the self-defense keychain.

What Makes it so Great?

The grooves are one of the things that really make this Kubotan stand out from the rest. It only works as a self-defense weapon if it is in your hand.

If it slips or you lose your grip, then it could be used against you, which is the last thing you want. So, the finger grooves help you keep it confidently in your hand.

People also like the size of the Fury Tactical SDK. It is lightweight enough to be able to carry with you easily, but still strong enough to get you out of a rough situation.

It is slightly longer than some of the other options on the market, which is an advantage if you have a longer hand, or if you are skilled in martial arts.

What Do People Not Like About It?

Honestly, there aren’t many people that have purchased the Fury Tactical SDK and didn’t like it.

The majority of the people that have complaints about the product had issues with things they should have known about before purchasing it. For example, there are some complaints about the size of it being too long.

The description clearly indicates the size of the Kubotan, so find a ruler and see if that is the size you want before purchasing it.

That isn’t a problem with the product, just a preference. The other complaint that is noticed is how lightweight it is. Again, this is indicated in the description.

If you want a heavy Kubotan than this is not the one for you, but even though it is lightweight it is still effective.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Kubotan

There are a few things that you should be aware of when you buy the Fury Tactical SDK or any other Kubotan. For starters, know that this is not a self-defense weapon you can just figure out how to use correctly on your own.

While you can hit someone with this metal stick, or jab at them with it, you should take the time to watch training videos and familiarize yourself with how to use the weapon. From stances and grips to knowing the areas of your attacker to target you need to be prepared.

The more you practice with your Kubotan the more effective you will be able to use it when you need it. There are plenty of free training videos that you can take advantage of online.

Another thing you should know is that you should not attempt to take this onto an airplane with you. There is a slight chance you could get away with it.

But, there is a much better chance that it will be confiscated and you could have some conversations you would like to avoid with airport security.

When you are in a hurry and just want to board your flight smoothly it isn’t worth attempting to carry on a Kubotan.

Bottom Line

If you want to have an extra means to protect yourself if you are attacked, a Kubotan is a good way to go. The Fury Tactical SDK is one of the top Kubotan’s on the market. The design and size make it easy for the majority of people to use.

Take the time to make sure you are comfortable with the size before ordering. If you would like to try a different one, there are a few other recommendations here. Once you purchase a Kubotan, take some time to practice using it.