Gatehouse Lock Reviews – Deadbolts, Doorknobs, and More!

Anyone who is familiar with the lock business is probably familiar with the company name Gatehouse.

gatehouse locks doorknob reviews

Today we will be reviewing some of our favourite products by Gatehouse, including deadbolt locks, door hinges, and doorknobs.

“Who makes Gatehouse locks?” is a question we often get asked. And, the answer is simple—Lowes.  

As with many larger companies, Lowes is divided up into various divisions to handle certain types of products, and Gatehouse is Lowes’ division that handles a lot of security hardware, and a multitude of other pieces of equipment for the home.

What this means is if you’re trying to search for a Gatehouse locks website to purchase products from, you aren’t going to find one. 

You’ll have to pop over to Lowes to get the widest selection of Gatehouse products, many of which we here at YHSW are big fans of, as they are well built and affordable to the average homeowner.

In terms of locks in particular, Gatehouse locks provide consumers with an alternative to some of the biggest home security companies that usually tend to dominate the market.

These companies, such as Schlage and Kwikset, demand top dollar. 

It’s hard to argue with premium prices considering what the products do for you – ie. the security of your home depends on these products, so we believe that you don’t want to skimp.

That said, price is always a factor no matter what, and Gatehouse deadbolts, door knobs, and hinges provide a great option for consumers that are looking for a luxury design and same rough build, but for less.

In other words, in a battle of Gatehouse vs. Kwikset vs. Schlage, it’s a close call in terms of quality and it’s on a product by product basis. 

Gatehouse isn’t taking any of this lying down, either.  Their hardware is solid, they offer a range of styles and colours just like any other company worth its salt.

And, one big plus is that Gatehouse customer service is Lowes customer service, which, in a way, makes it better than the competition because you know you’re going to be able to get someone at Lowes any time. 

Lesser companies are much harder to get a hold of, which is a sign of a weaker company.

What type of products does Gatehouse make?

When it comes to locks Gatehouse has a variety of options for you to choose from.

  • Gatehouse door handles Some consumers prefer to have a door handle with a lever as opposed to a round knob. 

  • Gatehouse deadbolt locks – You have your choice between single and double cylinder deadbolts.
  • Single cylinder locks require a key to open from the exterior but have a thumb turn on the interior.
  • Double cylinder locks require you to unlock and lock the deadbolt with a key from both sides of the door.
  • Single cylinders are the most common but double cylinder are starting to grow in popularity as well. The right choice is up to you and your preference. 

  • Electronic deadbolts – While there are many Gatehouse keyed entry locks to choose from some people like to have the option of keyless entry.
  • These deadbolts allow you to set codes to enter as opposed to always having a key.
  • This can make it easy to grant access to people like dog walkers or house sitters.
  • And, you never have to experience that fear of accidentally locking yourself out again.  

Other Gatehouse products

The Gatehouse logo is not just found on single and double cylinder deadbolts, although they do specialize in making them.

You can also find Gatehouse door hardware for homes and items like cabinet hardware, fasteners, mailbox hardware, bathroom hardware, and window hardware.

In this article, we will review and discuss the features of some of the best Gatehouse door locks along with other popular Gatehouse products.

If you’ve been wondering how these products compare to their competitors, and why you may or may not want to purchase these products, keep reading. 

Gatehouse Single-Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt

Gatehouse Satin Nickel Single-Cylinder Motorized Electronic Entry Door Deadbolt With Keypad

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This keypad Gatehouse deadbolt has a modern look and a classic finish.

Add to that the fact that the throw-bolt is made of hardened steel ensures protection from sawing and any other brute force attempt to break or cut through the lock.

The installation process for this single-cylinder electronic deadbolt is simple and easy so that even people with no handyman skills can do the installation in a short time – around 15 minutes give or take.

This Gatehouse lock will fit in any standard door size and comes with a backup key in case you want keyed access to your home or establishment. 

Locks can be keyed alike to match up with any other KW1 keyway.

Read our full review here

Gatehouse Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

Double Cylinder Satin Nickel Finish Deadbolt Lock W/ Keys – Fits All Doors

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This double cylinder deadbolt by Gatehouse will provide you with an extra layer of security for your home or commercial establishment.

Its satin nickel finish provides a classy touch. And, its heavy duty appearance will surely deter any potential intruders.  

Because this is a heavy duty deadbolt, potential intruders will find trying to cut it or break it next to impossible.

Above, we touched a little on the difference between single and double cylinders. But, let’s dive a little further into why you might like a double-cylinder deadbolt?  

The answer is this: If you have glass in or around your deadbolt and you have a single-cylinder deadbolt, a thief can break the glass and easily unlock the thumb turn.

So, even though you have a deadbolt the thief is able to gain access to your house.

That means it doesn’t matter how difficult it is to pick, bump, or cut through the lock. Not so with this type of deadbolt!

The installation of this double-cylinder Gatehouse deadbolt should be no problem.

When you purchase this lock, a detailed instruction sheet comes with it as well that guides you through all of the steps.  

*This lock can be re-keyed to any other KW1 keyway

Gatehouse Re-Key Polished Brass Electronic Deadbolt

Gatehouse Deadbolt Polished Brass ~ Easy Installation

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This polished brass single-cylinder deadbolt meets requirements to receive an ANSI Grade 2 certification. That means it is extremely secure.

This Gatehouse deadbolt has an auto-locking feature wherein the deadbolt re-locks just 10 seconds after you’ve unlocked it. It’s an added security measure for your peace of mind.  

This Gatehouse deadbolt fits most standard door sizes. And, as usual with Gatehouse locks, installation is not difficult.

Once installed, your deadbolt offers great residential security with a throw bolt that has a core made of hardened steel. This should do the trick against any kind of intruder attack on the lock itself.

It offers up to 10 custom user codes, which means all your family members can have their own codes.

It also makes it easy for you to provide a code to others that would need access to your house, like a dog walker, house sitter, or maid service. They can enter your house at the scheduled time.

Then, if in the future you don’t want to have access all you have to do is delete their code. You don’t have to worry about tracking down their key or changing your locks. 

The keypad is even illuminated making it easy to enter your code.

Gatehouse – Much More Than Just Deadbolts

Those are reviews on what we believe are three of the best Gatehouse locks.

But, as we mentioned above the company also makes other products as well. Here are several of the other popular Gatehouse products:

4 Inch Antique Brass Entry Door Hinges

4-In Antique Brass Entry Door Hinges S849-414

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While many people don’t find the topic of door hinges extremely enthralling, it’s definitely something that you should think about. Hinges are a necessary and even crucial part of your overall home security efforts.

With this particular Gatehouse package, you get 6 of these 4-inch entry door hinges. 

They have an antique brass finish for a clean, classy look that will set your door off nicely.  

The installation process shouldn’t be any problem at all because of the removable pin that comes with them.

These Gatehouse hinges are quite affordable, and yet they are made by heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel which only adds to the security they provide.

These hinges come with square corners and countersunk screw holes. Definitely a bargain!

 Gatehouse Aged Brass Mushroom Cabinet Knob

(Set Of 2) Gatehouse (0231735) 125″ Mushroom Cabinet Knob – Polished Brass

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At 1 and 1/4″, this Gatehouse aged brass mushroom-style cabinet knob is a great-looking addition to any type of cabinet.

This Gatehouse door knob comes complete with the essentials. It includes the knob itself, and screws so you can immediately install your cabinet knob in no time at all.

You can get this model (code: Z772B-31-LABM-D / 226705) for under $10.

Here is a quick video with some information on installing cabinet door knobs.

Gatehouse Double Clothes Hook

Gatehouse Lot Of 2, 2-Pack Mountable Double Clothes & Garment Hook, Brass 45786

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This double clothes hook by Gatehouse is fairly self-explanatory. However, it comes at a very affordable price of under $10.

This model by Gatehouse is small but strong. It can come in very handy, as it does have a double hook.

When it does not have clothes hanging from it, you can see the polished brass finish which looks very attractive on your wall or in your closet.

With some woods screws, these double clothes hooks take just about a minute to install. If you’re hanging the hook from drywall, you will need some drywall screws instead. 

Below you can see a video for how to do this quickly and easily.

Gatehouse Oil-Rubbed Bronze Spring Door Stop

Gatehouse 3-In Broad Base Flexible Spring Door Stop, Oil-Rubbed Bronze 0308846 (10)

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Next, we have Gatehouse’s very own door stop.  It is a 3″ oil-rubbed bronze spring doorstop, which prevents your door from banging into the wall and incurring damage. 

Although door stops are even less of a popular topic at the dinner table than discussing hinges, you do not want to underestimate the humble door stop.

You would be better off to take our word for it then to forgo the doorstops and end up with a hole in your drywall from the doorknob. 

The package comes with non-marking rubber tip, and it’s suitable for home wall or baseboard installation.

Pack of 10 Satin Nickel Self-Closing Door Flush Hinges

Pack Of 10 Satin Nickel Surface Self Closing Cabinet Door Flush Hinges By Gatehouse

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This is a package of 10 self-closing cabinet door hinges, screws, and pads. It retails for under $20. 

This is a popular item so you always want to check availability for these items as they are often sold out.

However, if they are, just be sure to check back once a new shipment comes in.

The satin nickel finish adds to the smooth appearance of these hinges.


As you can see Gatehouse offers a lot more products than just locks.

However, their deadbolts are a great alternative to more expensive brands offered by the big names in the market.

If you want a quality product at a more affordable price, this is a brand that you want to look at.