GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Review

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Are you looking to add a layer of security to your house? There are many great security companies that you can use, but they can be expensive.

If you are looking to ramp up the security without breaking the budget there are many DIY products on the market.

From easy to install wireless cameras to door alarms there are a lot of choices to help you stay safe.

Today we are reviewing the GE Personal Security Alarm Kit.

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How the GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Works

The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit comes with three window alarms and one deluxe door alarm.

All of the pieces are battery operated and do not require any wiring so it is easy for a beginner DIYer.

These alarms are installed on your door and windows.

Then when the alarm is on and the door or window opens the alarm will sound.

Features of the kit

120 decibel alarm

When you purchase an alarm you want it to be loud. That seems obvious, but this can actually be a difficult thing to accomplish.

Many alarms on the market are not truly loud enough to wake you up out of a deep sleep or scare away a burglar. The GE Personal Security Alarm is 120 decibels and is more than loud enough.

The sound is sure to startle anyone that is opening your door or window when they aren’t supposed to. Or, loud enough to startle you if you forget the alarm is on the window when you open it.

The alarms all feature three settings: off, alarm, and chime.

When set on the chime the door will not make a continual alarm but will make one chime whenever someone opens the door.

This is a great option for parents with small children that like to escape.


The alarm that goes on the door includes a keypad for a four-digit code. This allows you to easily alarm and disarm the kit when leaving home or arriving. The alarm can be set to home or away.

When it is set to “away” it allows you 45 seconds to exit the door and 30 seconds to enter the door before the alarm sounds. However, when you are in the “home” mode the alarm will sound instantly if triggered.

Easy Installation

This wireless home security kit makes installation a breeze. Step 1 is to double check the batteries to make sure they are in working condition.

There is even a light to indicate low battery to make tracking your batteries easy. The alarms can be installed with screws that come with the kit, BUT they don’t need to be.

They can simply be installed on your window or door with double-sided tape. It really is that easy. Don’t forget to turn the alarms on and you are ready to rock.

The mounting hardware and window batteries come with the GE Personal Security Alarm kit. The door kit needs 3 AAA batteries.

What people love

People love that this alarm is loud. It provides many with the peace of mind that they were looking for.It is a simple product but does what they expected it to do.

Many people that use this product comment that it was much louder than they thought possible, and it’s loud enough to hurt their ears if they failed to turn it off fast enough. But, it works exactly like they want it to.

What could be better

Some people that purchase this product find that it stops working properly after the first week or two. Many of these people experience the same problem, the keypad buttons on the door stop working properly.

Even when entering the correct code the alarm does not stop ringing until they take the batteries out. Which brings us to the second thing that to consider before purchasing.

The alarm is not hard wired. The window alarms are installed with double-sided tape. The door alarm can be installed with screws, but the majority of people using it install it with the tape as well.

While the tape will hold the alarms up there the major drawback is that it can be removed easily if someone tries. So, if a burglar comes in and finds the alarm they can rip it off quickly.

On top of that, they don’t even need to rip it off if they simply remove the batteries, which is also easy to do.

Final Thoughts

Know what you are looking for before you purchase this product. The GE Personal Security Alarm kit is a simple product, it is not an extensive alarm system.

The window alarms and door alarm do not work together, they simply come together.

If you are looking for a DIY alarm system that works and is still easy to install check out our review here of the best DIY Wireless Home Security Systems.

But, if you simply want peace of mind that you will be alerted if someone attempts to come through a door or window when you are sleeping at night, or to deter a burglar when you aren’t home, this kit could be what you are looking for.

Additional window and door alarms can be purchased separately and the kit is inexpensive, to begin with. It is a simple DIY option that give many homeowners the peace of mind they are after.

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