GW 32 Channel 1080p Security Camera System Review

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In this article, we are going to review a video security camera system which comes with 32 cameras, from the well-respected brand for video surveillance solutions called GW Security.

Currently, this product has a high rating among users, which is all well and good, but we wanted to see what is it that makes the users appreciate this system in particular, as well as to discover any potential drawbacks that the system might have.

Generally, all customers praise the outstanding GW security customer service which answered all of their questions and solved potential problems extremely fast, so that’s a good thing right off the bat.

We can’t say we’re surprised, either.  GW Security is a company dedicated to creating high-quality video surveillance solutions for prices that are reasonable and affordable for their customer base.

Their main goal is to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the product with a professional in-house support staff, and all the products pass a thorough quality control.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the system itself and see what we’re dealing with.

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Main Features of GW 32 Channel 1080p Security Camera System

  • 32 Indoor / Outdoor POE IP Cameras
  • Remote view in HD resolution via your smartphone with Andriod, WinCE, Blackberry, iPhone, and Symbian, HDMI & VGA
  • All cameras providing full HD 1920P image
  • 8-12mm varifocal Lens to adjust the angle of view
  • 32 channel network video recording (NVR) and Power over Ethernet setup
  • Night vision up to 80 feet
  • Real-time recording
  • A single network cable connects each IP camera directly to the NVR
  • Quick QR-Code Scan, built-in P2P Cloud service
  • Record Mode: Time Scheduled, manual, motion detect, alarm triggered
  • Waterproof and vandal-proof cameras
  • Pre-installed 8TB Hard Drive

A Customizable Security System

This security system comes with 32 cameras, which means it can monitor your entire property no matter how large it is. But, you can also choose a system of 4, 6, 8, 12,16, or 24 dome cameras.

GW Security has enabled it to be customizable for the customer, so you can choose the number of cameras you need.

We think this system is actually more suitable for a business scenario, such as a warehouse or factory, as there are plenty of cameras to go around.

Your average home might not need the 32 camera option, so a lesser amount would then be in order.

Installation & Setup

If this is the first time you’re installing a security system, you might need help.

Customers have mentioned this time and again. It is worth noting that most of them had a problem with the location they wanted to install the cameras and not the product itself.

We would say that if you’re new to installing a camera system in your home or business, you should probably be prepared to take some serious time to hook it up, as this is a major addition to any business with so many cameras.

But, the good part is that you can contact the tech support who will respond and explain how to install the cameras and set up the system in no time. Most of the customers praise the amazing tech support, as do we.

This particular package we’re discussing here includes the 32 dome cameras, one 32 Channel NVR, 2 x 16 Ports 10/100 Mbps PoE Switch, a year warranty and free lifetime tech support.

You’ll need to get one network cable to connect each camera to the NVR, as it doesn’t come with the package. So just plug one cable for each camera.

Varifocal Dome Cameras

The cameras of this system are varifocal, which makes it different from many other security systems in the market. Being varifocal allows you to zoom in and out (2.8~12mm), as well as adjust the level of zoom, focal length, and angle of view.

This means a better-quality image at a larger distance which can be crucial for identifying a suspect as well as a license plate.

High-Resolution Video

One of the major reasons why this security system is getting so many positive comments is because all cameras offer great video quality.

They provide full HD 1920P@15fqs resolution, with each delivering 5.0 megapixel at 2592 x 1920 pixels. The image and video they provide is larger and sharper than that of 720P security cameras.

Great Night Vision

Besides the great daytime image, the 30pcs Infrared lights provide a clear image even in total darkness up to 80 feet distance.

In fact, this is one of the most important things a security system should offer since many burglaries do occur at night.


The cameras of this GW security system are water and vandal proof, which means you can use them both, indoors and outdoors.

Remote and Live View

You can find the Mobile App and download it from your App store to check what’s going on around your property anytime and anywhere via your phone.

The Life View feature allows you to check multiple cameras at the same time. You’ll get the same video quality when viewing remotely or locally.

Easy to Use NVR

First of all, let’s explain what’s NVR for those not quite familiar with it. An NVR or network video recorder records digitalized video IP streams.

It’s better than a digital video recorder (DVR) as it’s more reliable and superior by giving more detailed images, as well as being more flexible in its application, reduced time to repair, higher availability, and cheaper.

This NVR is easy to use and has a friendly interface. It allows viewing multiple cameras at the same time. The Web version of the NVR Interface, the Web view, offers all the features and added flexibility.

What’s more, you can add a user account with access-levels for your family members, as well as provide a remote access to your company.

Motion Detection

This feature is part of every modern security camera system. It detects motion in view of your cameras and then informs you about it by sending you notifications on your phone.

In that way, you’ll know everyone who passed in view of your cameras, even when you’re sleeping or away from home.

User Gripes

The most common complaint among this GW security system users is the problem around the installation. However, they have all received quick and top notch help from GW tech support, so it’s good to know you’ll get the needed help when you ask for it.

One more thing you can see as a disadvantage is the fact that the package doesn’t come with cables, so you’ll have to supply them additionally.

Other than that, users are satisfied with the quality of the GW 32 Channel 1080p Security Camera System.

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