Hallomall Outdoor Solar Light and Motion Detector Review

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Today we are going to review the Hallomall Outdoor Solar Light and Motion Detector 3 pack.

Most homeowners have an area outside of their house that they would like additional lighting. It could be the sidewalk leading to their door or the area outside of their garage.

Wherever your area is, there is a simple and easy solution to address the problem: motion detection solar LED lights.

Feature Pick

Bright Outdoor Solar Lights Motion Sensor Detector – No Battery Required

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  • Solar – There are no batteries required with these lights. They have a solar panel on the top of the light that provides up to 12 hours of use when it is fully charged. It takes approximately 8 hours for a full charge.
  • IP64 Weatherproofing – This rating indicates how protected the unit is from the elements. The 6 indicates that the unit is completely protected from dust getting inside. The 4 indicates that the unit is safe from splashing water. This second rating can go all the way to 8, but IP64 should withstand what an average house will face from the weather.
  • Easy installation
  • Once activated it remains lit for 30 seconds with motion.
  • The motion detector can find movement from 20 feet away.

Included in the Box

  • The large box has three smaller boxes inside with the individual lights.
  • Instruction booklet
  • Hardware for mounting

motion sensor lights


Installing these lights is quick and easy. The lights come packaged wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in individual boxes. These are solar lights so you do not need to install batteries. They are ready to use out of the box. There is a protective covering that needs to be pulled off of the solar panel and LED light.

  • Insert the small metal pin into the power button to the left of the solar panel. When you push it in you can hear it click on or off.
  • Find a location to install light where the solar panel can be in full sun.
  • Installation is with a single screw on the top of the unit.

What We Like About Them

One of the best things about using solar lights outdoors is that they are green and will save you money.

When you place these lights where they have proper exposure to the sun they will provide you with the light you need in the areas that you need it.

There are even people who are using these lights indoors. It has helped them to lower their energy bill by reducing the amount of time they need to flick on their lights if they are only entering a room for a minute, or passing through.

They leave the lights in a sunny window for the day when they need to be charged.

People also like how simple these are to install. The hardest part is making sure you place them where the sun will be able to reach the solar panel.

With the 6 LED lights they provide a decent amount of light.

What We Don’t Like About Them

The lights have a blue tint to them. Some people think that the blue tint makes it more difficult to see when compared to a white light. That is one of the main complaints about the light.

If you are looking to install these on your house, they are not the most stylish lighting units on the market. The box is black, which stands out from most home exteriors.

There are several reports on Amazon of people receiving the 3 pack and finding that not all of the lights work. Or, that they work great at first and after a few days or weeks they either stop working altogether or do not give off the same amount of light.

hallomall outdoor solar wall lights

Final Thoughts

After looking over the pros and cons of these lights I think that it is a good example of you get what you pay for.

These lights are affordable, easy to install, and provide a good amount of light when working properly. If you are looking for a high end, stylish designed light, this is not the product for you.

If you are looking for a basic solar light that comes on with motion detection, this is a good one to try.