Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell Review

Many homeowners and businesses are finding their life made easier by using a wireless doorbell. Homes that are not pre-wired for a doorbell can now easily offer the same conveniences of those that are. Businesses can use wireless doorbells to ensure they don’t miss a customer or delivery. In today’s world people want to always be in reach, and a wireless doorbell helps them to do just that. There are many options on the market, but today we are going to look at the Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell.

The Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell : Door Chime and Push Button

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Honeywell is a brand that people have known and trusted for over 120 years. Their products and technologies are in millions of homes and businesses around the world. With that being said, here are the features of the Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell:


  • Distance – The distance between the push button and chime receiver ranges up to 450 feet. This is further than many others on the  market.
  • Easy Installation – Since this is a wireless doorbell the installation is simple. Both the push button and receiver work with batteries, meaning there are no wires to run. The push button attaches with double sided tape or screws. You can also attach the receiver chime to the wall or set it on a table.
  • Chime options – There are six chimes to choose from. You can listen to the choices here. You can program each different device to use a different sound to easily distinguish which one is being triggered.
  • Volume Controls – The volume on the chimes can be easily adjusted. This is a great feature for those with infants or children that nap during the day.
  • Expandable – The Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell can be expanded to work with up to 6 different push buttons, motion detectors, or contact sensors. Not only will it alert you when someone wants you attention at the door, but it can let you know when someone is walking up to your steps or opening/closing a door or window in your house.
  • Lights – there are lights on the unit that indicate which push button, motion detector, or sensor is being used. This helps make it easy to see where you attention is needed, especially when the volume is turned down on the chime.
  • Portable – The chime unit is portable. You can take it with you into different rooms or floors of your house so you don’t miss the person at your door.

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What’s Included

When you order this product you will receive a pre-programmed push button, door chime, CR2032 coin cell battery to use in the push button, mounting hardware and instructions.

Consumer Complaints

While the majority of consumers love the Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell, there are several consumer complaints.

  • Range issues – A common problem found with the doorbell is that the range does not come close to 450 feet. When inquiring about the range, Honeywell’s response is that the product was tested in an open field. Due to this reason many users have found that when put on a house with the doors closed the range is not close to 450 feet. The maximum range for many is 150 feet, and there were some doorbells that didn’t work at that range either.
  • Volume – Many consumers wish that the volume was louder. There are also complaints that while the receiver is portable, if you attach it to the wall the speakers face the wall, which obviously makes it quieter.
  • Chimes with contact sensors – There are 6 chimes available, however there is only one that works with contact sensors for doors and windows. Consumers describe it as a quiet buzzer. The overall consensus is that consumers wish this could be programmed to one of the other chime options.
  • Temperatures – The packaging indicates that the unit will not work at temperatures below 14°. Since this unit works  on batteries there is not a real way to avoid this issue, but it can be a problem for homes that are in northern climates that experience cold winters.

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Final Thoughts on Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell

The overall consumer reviews on this product show that it is a favorite of many people. The overall consumer rating online for the Honeywell is usually about 4.5 or higher, so you know that the majority of people are extremely satisfied with this product. However, carefully consider the cons that are listed above. If the main reason that you want to purchase this is for the 450 ft. range, I would recommend considering another product, like the Dakota Alert 1000. On the other hand, for people that are not concerned about the distance, and don’t have steel door, then this is a solid wireless doorbell to use.


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