How to Burglar Proof Your Car

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Did you know that every 44 seconds a vehicle is stolen in the United States? And, you may think your car is not a possible target for car thieves just because it’s not expensive or new, but think again. They can steal your car just to strip it of its parts and metal components, or to get away from another crime.

Don’t let this happen and be one of the many who thinks about car theft prevention when it’s already too late.


Here are few things you can do to burglar proof your car and prevent it from being stolen:

How to Burglar Proof Your Car – 10 Tips

1. Do You Have All the Keys?

Many people have the habit of hiding their spare key somewhere under their car, like under the wheel-well. But, that’s not really a smart idea, since car thieves have caught on to this trick.

In fact, it’s like hiding your key under your front door mat. Also, think if you have given a spare key to someone who don’t use it or no longer needs it. Keeping track on all of your keys is important when it comes to your car’s safety.

hiding car key

2. Park in a Safe Area

When parking your car, always choose an area with a low crime rate, neighbor watch, and a good lighting. On the contrary, avoid parking it in an area with a high concentration of criminals and high crime rate.

Criminals avoid cars parked in a well-lit area, or near building entrances. For an extra layer of protection, park as close to a security camera as possible.

3. Lock Your Doors and Windows!

A lot of people forget to lock their doors or leave some of their car windows slightly opened, thus helping thieves to complete their job more easily. This means avoiding to leave your windows cracked when parked even in summer.

4. Don’t Leave Valuable Items in Sight

A parked car with an iPhone or purse left inside is surely a better option for a thief than a car with no valuable item. They might smash the windows and steal only the valuables, leaving your car damaged, or, they might go all the way and steal your car.

So, the next time you park, even when going to the supermarket, make sure you don’t leave any valuable item inside your car. But, if you have to leave something, it’s safest to put it in the trunk.

5. Don’t Leave Your Car Running

Turn your car off when not using it. This includes even cold winter mornings when you start your car and get back inside to finish your coffee.

Besides being illegal in some states, leaving your car running is also an open invitation to criminals. So, always turn your car off when not behind the wheel!

6. Get an Alarm Sticker/LED

Even if you don’t have a car alarm, having a clearly visible sign blinking LED indicating one, reducing the chances of thieves choosing it as their target.

Getting an actual car alarm system is still the better option as it prevents thieves do their job without being noticed, but a fake alarm sign may still do the work.

7. Kill Switch

After breaking in your car, the next step for a car thief would be to get it started without a key. But, if you have a well-hidden kill switch installed in your car, the thief won’t be able to take your car anywhere.

A kill switch disables the fuel pump or disrupts the flow of electricity in your car, preventing it from being stolen. The criminal will quickly become frustrated and see your car is not an easy target, which is exactly what you want. An ignition kill switch is a good option.

8. Tracking Device

Another way to burglar proof your car is installing a tracking device. Besides enabling you to track your stolen car to its exact location, a sticker on your car indicating the tracking device will deter possible thieves from their intention.

They won’t risk taking a car that can be tracked down by the police, or spending time to deactivate it. Even though tracking devices are not cheap, they are a good investment to your car’s safety.

car tracking device

9. Get an Engine Immobilizer

This is a great anti-theft device that doesn’t allow starting the engine without using the right ignition key. Of course, they come at a high price, but provide maximum security for your car.

10. Keep Your Car in a Good Shape

A car that’s taken good care of is a car that has more chances of having an alarm or another anti-theft system. So, make sure you take a good care of it to deter possible thieves.


As you can see, burglar proofing your car includes doing simple things like locking your car doors and windows and keeping it in good shape, as well as investing in some anti-theft devices. Protect your car from thieves before it’s too late!

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