Hy-Ko 10 x 14 Beware Of The Dog Sign Review

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Today, we take a look at something which you can use for home security purposes whether you own a dog or do not, and that is this 10″ x 14″ Beware Of The Dog sign by Hy-Ko.  It seems a little silly to be reviewing a sign like this. After all, what is there to talk about when it comes to a Beware Of Dog sign?  Well, you’d be surprised…

The Pros


Yup, at 10″ x 14″, there’s really no missing this clearly marked sign, unless of course you put it behind a bush or in a place where no one will ever see it.  If it was any bigger, it would attract too much attention and dominate whatever area you place it on.  No one wants their “Beware Of Dog” sign to be enormous.   This size is perfect, and will be noticeable to any burglar or thief.  


As silly as it might sound, this sign is actually the “classic” Beware Of Dog design and color scheme (florescent orange on black with a white box around it), as well as the typical size, and even lettering of all of those signs that you see on tv and in movies.  “Iconic” might be playing it up a bit, but its definitely recognizable the way a stop sign is.

If this sign looked too outside of the expected look of a “Beware Of Dog” sign, a burglar might think you made it yourself or just doubt its legitimacy in some way, but in this case, any burglar will see the “official” sign.  Yeah, the one that means there is a dog, and if you come in its waiting to bite your face off.  

No Dog?  No Problem!

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One of the main benefits of this sign is that it doesn’t actually require you to own a dog in order to put it up!

Just having the sign up is going to be a big deterrent to most burglars, who probably aren’t going to risk it breaking in just to find out if you do have a dog or not. 

If you want to make it seem like you do have a dog, some customers have gone with this barking dog alarm system called “Guard Dogs”, which gives you something to throw on when you’re going away and which will show burglars your fake dog means business.  For about $15 overall, its like having a fake angry guard dog to deter thieves, but which doesn’t cost the same as having an actual dog.

On the other hand, maybe you actually do have a dog!  Great  This sign will let burglars know he / she / “the dog” is in there, and that’s going to make them think twice before breaking in just to have to deal with that.


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Many buyers of this sign were impressed that no matter what kind of weather they were facing, it didn’t really effect the sign at all.  

And, as time passed, the sign seemed to stand up to all sorts of extreme weather conditions and still appear to be in good shape.

Black Background, Bright Florescent Lettering

In addition to being the sign that everyone recognizes, the orange on black background is eye-catching enough so that if you put it in the right spot, no one is going to miss it. 

In fact, it has been reported that at times this sign is a bit too effective, in that some delivery people see the sign and won’t come near the house.  I guess sometimes these signs can work a little too well.

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Pre-Punched Mounting Holes

The sign comes ready to hang up on your door or fence with pre-punched holes.

The Price Is Right

For less than five bucks, you can probably afford to get even a second sign as a back-up. 

For a fairly durable, authentic looking “Beware Of The Dog” sign, that’s not a bad price it all and it saves you having to get all crafty and make your own, which likely won’t look nearly this good.

Potential Drawbacks

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Beware Of “The” Dog?

Maybe you noticed this too, but we always thought it was “Beware Of Dog”.  This is a really minor and practically insignificant point, but for all of you english majors out there, maybe this is actually better than “Beware Of Dog”, which is grammatically incorrect.  

Barcode Blues

Some customers have complained about the barcode.

The barcode is a b*tch to get off (no pun intended), so some people just leave it alone.  Overall, we don’t think it really affects the effectiveness of the sign itself.


Some customers seem to have gotten the impression that maybe they’re getting a twelve pack of “Beware Of The Dog” signs, when in fact you just get one.  Luckily its a good quality sign, and one is all you really need.


Well, there was definitely more to talk about with regards to this sign than even we expected.  Overall, its a good sign for a good price, and there’s really not much to complain about when you’re spending about $5 to possibly prevent a break-in.  Nice job, Hy-Ko!

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