Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door Review

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Nowadays, you can find many pet doors on the market. Some are designed for patio doors, others for panel doors, and thirdly for walls.

They come in various sizes and flap-systems, different material and strength, as well as different degrees of weather-resistance.    

We believe there are 3 main things to look at when choosing a pet door for your home and pet:

  • Simple installation, via a manual or point-by-point instructions that do not resemble a complex math equation
  • Weather-resistance, because no one wants a pet door that will allow drafts, wind, rain, and bugs from getting into your home
  • A quality product made from quality materials that serves its purpose

If your new pet door covers these 3 features, you can consider it to be a purchase that you probably won’t regret

In this post, we will provide you with information about these 3 basic elements apply to the Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door, so that by the end of the review, you whether or not this product will suit your needs.

Installation of Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door

Since this pet door is designed specifically for your patio, or sliding doors, the installation takes not more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door

Besides being a very quick job, it is also very simple to do install.  

The top section of the pet door is completely adjustable to make installation easier, and you can unlock it by turning the locking adjustment knobs together slowly.  

Then, just insert the pet door.  Its really that easy.

You can install it on whatever side of the sliding door you like, either right or left, provided that the side with the top knobs is faced towards the inside of your home.

After installing it, lock the knobs for a secure fit. Your pet will be able to use the new pet door after 10 minutes of unpacking this product.

That said, the Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door successfully passes the first of our criteria for what constitutes a quality pet doors – quick and simple installation.

For more detailed information about the installation process, check out the video below.


Ideal Pet Products Fast Fit Patio Door for Pets Review

The window portion of this pet door is high quality tempered safety glass (much stronger than the normal glass), rather than plastic or acrylic. The item consists of an aluminum frame that contains the pet door with a plastic frame.

The flap closes well after being used, as it has a magnetic seal, so you won’t have problems with bugs or wind entering through it every time your pet comes in or goes out.  

For added security and weather-resistance, the package includes bumper seal where the function is to create weather seal between the slider and the pet door.

Ideal Pet Products Fast Fit Patio Door for Pets Review

The package also includes draft seal that comes in two pieces. You can see how to place them properly in the installation video above.

As with any other patio pet door, this one too is not able to be locked, but the package includes an optional track lock for added security.

You can install it with the help of the instructions that are included in the package.

This pet door also comes with a sliding panel, so you can cover the pet door entrance from the inside, preventing your pet going outside, or coming inside.  

This sliding panel further adds to the weather-resistance and security of the product.

We can say that Ideal Pet Products have really taken care that their product is as weather-proof as possible for a patio pet door.


Ideal Pet Products Fast Fit Patio Door for Pets Review

The Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and extra large.

There’s an additional one designed for cats called the “cat flap”, although the small one can be easily used for cats.

The flap is flexible and non-toxic so it very easy to use by animals. They can just push the flap with their head, and they will gain entrance to your/their home.

The flap is made of clear vinyl so your pet can see through the opening.  The cat flap is made of lexan. The wide range of sizes enables choosing the right fit for your pet.

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door Review

Overall, your pet shouldn’t have any problem using this pet door, and this meets our last criteria when choosing a convenient pet door.


Our research shows that the majority of customers who have purchased the Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Fast Fit Pet Patio Door are very pleased with their purchase.

For our part, we have thoroughly analyzed the three basic features that any quality pet door should possess as they apply to this door, and the Ideal Pet Products Pet Door manages to jump through all the hoops with ease.

We highly recommend it!

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