What Is An IR Cut Filter?

Beware of Porch Pirates! Ways To Prevent Theft From Your Doorstep

Types of Rapist – Recognizing The Signs And Methods Of Self-Defence



This page is dedicated to the articles we have written that explore a variety of home security topics, in order to provide you, the home or business owner with valuable tips and ideas that you may not have thought of in order to make things more secure.  

Some of these articles go in depth on a topic to provide information, while others review specific products. Overall, we hope you find something here that interests you!





3 Of The Best Long Range Wireless Doorbell Systems

Ring Video Doorbell

5 Of The Best Door And Window Sensors

Door and Window Sensors

26 Of 2016’s Best Lawn And Garden Sprinklers That Can Also Deter Burglars And Pests

Long Range Impulse Sprinkler System

Best Hidden Nanny Cameras – Our Top 5 in 2016

best hidden nanny cams 2016

Beware Of The Dog Sign Review

beware of the dog sign

Burglar Proof Windows


Discourage Burglars With The Cold Steel Warrior Katana

cold steel warrior katana review

FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System Review

Flir C2 review thermal imaging camera

Lifetime 15 x 8′ Storage & Garden Shed Review

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights, 8 by 15 Feet

National Hardware V805 Door Viewer Peephole Review

National Hardware V805 Door Viewer in Chrome

The 5 Coolest Looking Home Security Products

August Smart Lock front

Top 5 Best Remote Control Electrical Outlets

Belkin Conserve Socket Energy-Saving Outlet with Timer, F7C009

Top 5 Garage Door Openers

The Top 5 Garage Door Openers

UniquExceptional Fake Security Camera Review

UniquExceptional UDC4silver Fake Security Camera

UTG Law Enforcement Tactical Vest Review

best tactical vests reviews

VideoSecu Power Supply Box for Security Cameras Review

VideoSecu 18 Channel Port Output 12V DC CCTV PTC Fuse Distributed Power Supply Box for Security Cameras WK3

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Review

typhoon quadcopter review


7 Home Security Weak Points


8 Burglary & Home Invasion Stats Every Homeowner Should Know

burglar caught on camera

17 Common Sense Ways To Avoid Burning Down Your Home

lightbulb wattage

Allegion Dedication To Innovation The Cause Of Schlage Upswing


Best Location for Home Security Cameras

Trivision NC-335PW 3 Megapixel HD 1080P Waterproof Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera System for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, PC and Mac

Convert Your Old Smart Phone Into A Working Home Security System With Presence

presence 360 degree camera

Crime Forecasting & How It Can Prevent Burglaries


The Dangers Of Playing Pokemon Go

pokemon go accidents dangers

Getting Inside The Mind Of A Burglar To Prevent Burglaries

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System 6

Hiring A Home Watch Company

home watch companies

How Does A Three-Pronged Plug Actually Work?

typical three pronged plug for dryer

Oculus Rift To BaDoink – VR The Next Big Home Security Risk?

badoink virtual reality for adults

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Laminated Glass Windows

the advantages and disadvantages of laminated glass windows

The 10 Best Ways To Secure Your Home When You’re On Vacation

how to secure your home when going on vacation

The Price Orwell Paid – The Rise And Fall Of CCTV In Europe

cctv security camera

Top 10 Blogs And Websites For Keeping Your House Safe In 2015

lifehacker home security blog

Top 10 Most Expensive Home Security Systems In The World, Part 1

most expensive home security systems in the world

Types of Rapist – Recognizing The Signs And Methods Of Self-Defense


WebRTC For Home Security Applications – The Future Is Now

how does webrtc work?

What Is An IR Cut Filter?

ir cut filter

What Is Z-Wave Technology?

z-wave gateway