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In the world of indoor / outdoor security cameras of the domed variety, there’s a fairly distinct line between good and bad, and a fine line between good and great.

In our experience, it’s the little things that either makes or breaks these types cameras.  It basically comes down to whether the company that made them really actually cares to make a quality product, or they just build an “ok” product and let you deal with the inevitable crapping out of that product after a few months or worse, weeks.

Which brings us to this specimen – the Jennov CCTV Security Camera.

This is a dome-shaped surveillance camera that provides high quality (Jennov says 1200 Tvl) colour video output during the day, and similarly HD black and white output during night time, in order to catch all the necessary details of a potential burglar’s face or their license plate, should a break-in be attempted.

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This Jennov CCTV surveillance camera does advertise itself as having many of features essential for effective surveillance of your entire premises, and it is said to be ideal to use as an indoor or outdoor security system equally.

The camera is an excellent choice to use with any standard analog security system, and is built to be what we’d consider a fairly all-purpose unit.

When it comes to this camera’s many features, there are many things to discuss, such as whether Jennov managed to stick to their word and provide us (and you) with a good camera, a so-so camera, or a very bad camera.

All the details, one way or another, are coming up right here in this review!

Jennov CCTV Camera Features

In order to be a truly effective security measure, any home or business owner needs a camera that can be used in the roughest of weather conditions, especially if your sole purpose is to mount it outside, to keep an wary eye on your backyard, parking lot, driveway, porch, or even your door itself.  

A lot of outdoor “weatherproof” and “night vision” cameras fail to meet outdoor requirements in one way or another, whether the cold / wetter weather gets them, or they offer poor clarity pictures under certain light conditions. 

So, yes, the Jennov camera here purports to be both totally weatherproof and fully equipped for night vision.

Another feature that you need to protect yourself these days that Jennov says it provides is HD images.  

Those are the 3 main features will be talking about, plus a couple other things, in order to see how the Jennov CCTV camera stacks up.

HD Output

With this particular camera, we have found that the HD video is crisp and clear as advertised, lucky for you, us, and Jennov.

Also, the videos are quite stable (no shaky cam syndrome), as they should be since it is screwed to your wall. 

This camera has great picture quality, by all accounts, and so the Jennov camera here manages to check that feature off its list as being successful.

It works as it should.  HD videos straight to your DVR.

We did hear a few minor gripes that maybe this camera isn’t 1200 TvL, as Jennov says.  This is a CCTV term meaning TV Lines, and refers to the more TVL’s you have, the more resolution you get. 

This is a point of debate, but our response here is that this camera has one of the clearest pictures we’ve seen, so it’s not worth complaining about if there are 1199 TvL’s or 1200.  It’s a good image.


While some security cameras do lack in providing a fully waterproof body or casing, the Jennov CCTV stands out in this way, with an IP66 rating for being fully waterproof. 

This is something we look for every time we hear the term “waterproof” thrown around.  If a camera doesn’t hae an IP66 rating, don’t get it if you expect to use it outdoors.

This rating is much needed, as any camera that’s not 100% waterproof can easily be ruined by rain, sleet, or snow. 

Not to mention, we’ve heard of thieves that like to pour water on security cameras in order to deactivate it before the device could record their face.

That won’t work here, although it’s hard to imagine too many burglars would think of this.

Even during the rainiest of days and nights, this camera has been found to work smoothly and record high definition videos, regardless of weather. 

Cold is another thing this camera can stand up to, which means that it has been tested by Jennov and the purpose for which you probably bought it – to put outside – is A-ok.


Any good surveillance camera must have a metal housing covering the camera, not just to protect it from the weather, but the odd angry criminal that might try to disable it.

The Jennov HD 1200Tvl security camera has a tough outer body that, while it probably can’t take too many hits with a baseball bat, is heavy duty enough to take a few knuckledusters. Or, you could just screw it in out of reach so the burglars can’t reach it.

Many users have referred to the exterior construction of this camera as “sturdy”, but, that said, this is a fairly light camera that anyone could pick up and attach anywhere they want it.

To touch upon the weather aspect for another moment, the metal housing does help to protect water from getting inside its inner workings.

Even if you don’t decide to get this particular camera, we like to see type of construction in any outdoor camera. 

48 LEDS & Night Vision

The Jennov CCTV camera has 48 LEDs built in, in order to supply enough backup light to capture crystal clear night vision, and provide detail to surroundings.

It also has an IR cut filter which means that this camera is especially good at adjusting to low light settings.  Read more about IR cut filters here.

During the daytime, the camera captures bright, vibrant, and true colours of what is happening.  This is all very nice, but when it comes down to the wire, you don’t want to see a purple car that is actually a blue car coming up your driveway, and then leaving.  

This camera is detail oriented and the night vision is good, although we must say we’ve heard the odd complaint that out of maybe 10 of these cameras, you might get one that fogs up within months of buying it.

The Jennov here is generally well regarded, but doesn’t have a perfect record.  The good news, if you can call it that, is that it seems like it’s just the odd random defective camera that has some night vision defects from time to time.

Another thing to mention here is that there is some reflective metal on the camera which has been known to cause impairment in the camera’s vision, due to the shiny-ness of the metal. One trick is to put black marker over that shiny metal, and that can fix this problem, if you encounter it.

This is one of the few cons of this camera, but luckily this camera managed to hold a fairly high user rating as it stands.

Wide Lens

This Jennov camera has a 3.6mm pre-installed fixed lens to provide a wide-angle vision and capture videos that show off that feature.  

According to the company, the 3.6mm lens can cover at a 72° view angle.  This works great for indoors and outdoors equally.  You can basically capture a whole front yard with this camera, or a good portion of a small parking lot.  

For interior purposes, if you have installed Jennov CCTV camera in your living room, then it can clearly record anything located within a distance of about eight to thirty feet.  Capturing a whole living room is no problem for this camera.

Even during the night time, the lens illuminates any black interior setting and lets you see the objects potentially lurking, even if it’s just your cat.

Easy to Install

Unlike other security cameras which come with confusing instructions or lots of bits and pieces, the Jennov HD Color 1200Tvl is easy to install, according to most users.

The big rounded ring base sits perfectly over the three provided screws.

Also, you can adjust the view as per your need and then tighten up the camera to see things from any needed angle. 

It is a fixed lens camera, so don’t expect any remote panning and tilting.  Select your desired angle, and let the wide angle lens do the rest.

Some users have tried to use other mounts they have lying around, but reports are that this doesn’t usually work.  In terms of hardware, this isn’t exactly a camera that’s made to mix and match, particularly with the mounts.  Screws are another story.

If you have some tiny screws lying around, you can most likely use them to mount this camera.

Wireless Connectivity

Although this Jennov security camera lacks a direct to WI-FI feature, still you can make use of a online connectivity and access the camera through an internet friendly DVR, and so forth to your mobile phone, laptop or desktop.

Again, you can do this by plugging the camera to your DVR, and connect that with an Ethernet cord to the router.

In this way, the signal gets sent over Wi-Fi and can be accessed by any device that has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some users prefer to keep this camera as a CCTV camera, and not mess with the internet at all, and that’s fine.  The internet opens you up to certain types of hacking, and, to be honest, the whole idea of CCTV is defeated by Wi-Fi.

So, if you’re paranoid that your Wi-Fi could be hackable in some way, don’t link that to your security camera. Also, make sure to keep your password protected.


  • Day Night vision
  • Fix lens, no zoom features
  • Outdoor and Indoor Setup
  • Wide Angle
  • IR Cut Filter
  • Waterproof
  • High Definition Output
  • Metal Body
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity


  • One in ten cameras might lose night vision functionality after a relatively short time span of several months
  • No cloud storage


Despite the few flaws that we are aware of, we would have no problem recommending this Jennov CCTV camera to anyone, as it can definitely do the job required – protecting what matters to you most.

You’ll probably need more than a few if you have a business, but one or two of these cameras can also help you secure your residence and avoid any unwanted visitors from doing the unthinkable.

We feel that this camera does offer good value for the money, overall.

Final Word

To recap quickly, the Jennov CCTV Security Camera is an affordable surveillance system that can meet your basic requirements by offering a high level of security for home and / or business. 

We appreciate that it has online connectivity via a router, but if you want to avoid dealing with the internet and leave it as a CCTV camera, you can do that also.  

With IR cut features, it can intelligently shift between low and high light conditions and enable to provide best quality surveillance images essential for a security camera system. 

Supported with a one year warranty and excellent customer support, we feel this camera overall offers value for the money.

Visit the official Jennov website here for more info

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  1. The bulbs are specifically designed to retrofit fluorescent fixtures (T8 in particular, not T12), and specify on the box that no ballast removal is required. I have no safety concerns—especially as they’re in the garage and will only ever be on when someone is in the garage.From a comment on Amazon, if you install them in a T12 fixture, the light will shut off (thermal protection mode) when left on for some length of time. However, someone else commented they’re working fine in their T12 fixture.-rob.


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