Keter Oakland Storage Shed Review

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When it comes to outdoor security one area that you don’t want to forget is your storage shed. This is an area that is easy to overlook, but if you are like most people you are keeping items in your shed that you want protected.

Many sheds have things like lawn mowers, chainsaws, tools, and other equipment that would be expensive to replace. That means you need a shed that will keep out the elements and the wrong people.

The Keter Oakland Shed is a highly rated option on the market.

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Keter Oakland 75 X 7 Outdoor Duotech Storage Shed, Paintable With Window And Skylight, Brown

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About Keter

The Keter Oakland Shed is a product of Keter Plastic which a part of the global enterprise Keter Group. The company has been around for over 60 years. They have factories in nine different countries and sell around the world. The company is known as the leading manufacturer of resin-based products, such as the outdoor storage sheds.

Keter works hard to find the proper balance of durability, design, and functionality. Due to their commitment and focus on “enhancing the daily lives of consumers,” they have found great success. The name has stood the test of time in the market which makes it easier to choose to buy from.

Features of the Keter Oakland Shed

The Keter Oakland Shed has just about everything you could ask for in a storage shed for your yard.

  • It’s durable – The shed has steel reinforcement. That means it can stand up against time and weather. The floor is also heavy duty which is important when you are storing heavy items
  • Easy to assemble – The Keter Oakland shed arrives to your house in tongue and groove panels that are precut. This makes it easy to assemble and start using.
  • Easy to access – The front of the shed has a double door entry making it easy to get in and out of the shed with any equipment that you need without scraping the edges of the doorway. This also helps allow for additional light to come in when you are looking for a specific item inside.
  • Low maintenance – The shed is made from resin which is incredibly easy to maintain. You don’t need to continue staining, scraping, or maintaining it in other ways. But, the walls are paintable if you want to customize the exterior to match your house.
  • Allows light in– Dark sheds make it hard to find what you need. This shed features a skylight and Victorian window allowing for more natural lighting to come in.
  • Roof support – The roof is designed to hold up to 100 kg/sqm of snow so it’s a solid roof even in northern climates.
  • Locking system – Tools and outdoor equipment are expensive and you don’t want it stolen. There is a steel locking system on the front of the shed, but you do need to purchase a lock separately.

What’s to like about this shed

There is honestly a lot to like about the shed. It’s aesthetically pleasing and if you don’t like the color then you have the option of painting it. If you don’t paint it the shed is basically maintenance free. People hate having to maintain their wood sheds with scraping and repainting or staining over and over again. The Keter Oakland shed removes that issue. The ceilings are tall enough for adults to walk in and out of and there is plenty of lights between the double doors, window, and skylight.

What’s not to like about the shed

If you don’t know what you are doing you may want a hand when you are putting it together. The instructions are relatively easy to understand, but having an extra person can help speed the process along. You also want to make sure that you purchase a strong lock to put on the front. The hardware is there for the lock to attach to, but the shed does not come with a lock itself.

Should you buy it?

There isn’t a lot not to like about the Keter Oakland Shed. Before purchasing make sure that you have the right amount of space for it and that’s it’s big enough for what you are looking to store in it. The shed is 7.5 feet by 11 feet. It takes the best of both plastic sheds and wood sheds to give you an easy to maintain, durable product. With great online reviews, this looks to be a shed that gets the job done.

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