Kwikset Kevo 925 Review

Kwikset 925 Kevo Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

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The Kwikset Kevo 925 is a smart Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt lock with built-in bump proof technology which provides you with a wide variety of smart security features including touch entry, transferrable e-keys, and programmable access, not to mention old-fashioned keyed entry if you so desire.

The name Kevo comes from a combination of “key” and “evolve” to get “Kevo”, as in an evolved key / lock.

As Kwikset says of this particular lock, “Life just got a little easier…”  This is a pleasant enough thought, but does this motto hold true under scrutiny?

Kevo 925 calibration

Kwikset, as you may know, is quite simply one of the biggest names in locks, and they are also known for their innovative smart lock designs and the Kevo here (model 925) is part of this family of smart or “evolved” locks that promises some amazing things for the home user.

Momentarily, we will get into the nitty gritty of this lock, but, to begin, take a look at this video for the Kevo which will give you a good idea of exactly what it offers home and / or business owners. 

Family-Friendly Lock

Kevo app

From the above video, you’ll notice a few things about the Kwikset Kevo model 925.

Foremost, anyone can see from this advertisement that this lock has been designed with family in mind, with a big emphasis on making life easier through a variety of smart features, including your smart lock being aware of where its users are, who has the proper access (and who doesn’t), and when access has been granted (or denied).  

Once you’ve set this lock up, you just need to have your E-key (smartphone) on your person somewhere and it doesn’t even have to be “active” in the sense that the Kevo app just needs to be running in the background for the one-touch feature to work.

As well, these smart features, such as the one touch entry, as well as all your comings and goings are accompanied by some cool little light displays.  

While looking cool doesn’t have anything to do with how secure the lock actually is, its hard to deny that this is a very aesthetically-pleasing lock.  

kevo inside latch

The design is quite simple, and it comes in three different colours, including satin nickel, venetian bronze, and polished brass.  

The colour selection is typical of many deadbolts, but it does include the three most popular choices, and they do tend to match most homes because they are your standard choices with most locks.

We must admit, the latch on the inside of your door is rather large, compared to the Kevo lock on the outside.  

This latch area is where you can remove the cover and do your calibrating of this lock.  Again, we just think its a big overly-large.

kwikset kevo 925 evolved lock

Its worth noting that these little flourishes of different coloured lights aren’t just some razzle dazzle gimmick-y thing, in that they aren’t simply for show.  

For instance, when the lock displays a full circle in green, it indicates that you’ve gained access, and when you leave, the lock displays an amber light.

One-Touch Access

kevo mobile app

With the help of your Kevo app, the one-touch access feature of the Kwikset Kevo 925 here does make this lock very convenient for users who don’t like to fumble around with keys when they get home. 

Provided you have the right access, via your smart phone, an E-key, or the fob that comes with the Kevo here, one touch is all it takes to gain access which adds both convenience and value to this lock.  

As we said, just having your phone on you does the trick.  E-keys can be shared with family or friends who have a smart phone, and their access can be removed just as quickly as you give it out.  So be sure and keep track!

As it is a smart lock and operates via mobile device, the Kevo 925 here can be considered to be a keyless lock, because you don’t need a key to open your door anymore, although you can use a key the old fashioned way to gain access if you so choose.  

kevo the key evolved

If you do use a key, this lock has the benefit of it being totally pick and bump-proof, which is a big deal if you know anything about lock-bumping (read about it here).  

This feature, we think, score the Kevo 925 some huge points in the security department, because it means they actually took some time to develop a lock that will not be easy for any burglar to breach.  

These multiple methods of entry do make the Kevo 925 a very appealing lock (fob, E-key, transferrable E-key, real key), although you might wonder if this could be a security concern, since there are a number of different ways to gain access to a home. 

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kevo lock history

The Kwikset Kevo app has a history feature which shows you who has locked or unlocked your door and when, and this is one component of the Kevo app which makes the Kevo lock light years ahead of your typical deadbolt.  

In fact, the app is designed to keep track of everything that goes on when it comes to your home’s security, and so your home’s security does rest in the hands of how well the app works with the lock.  

Out Of The Box

The Kwikset Kevo 925 package includes the following:

Kevo Package

In addition to what you see above, you get a latch, strike, screws and bolts, as well as mounting hardware, the smart key learn tool, the adapter ring, plus a user & installation guide.  

For the record, Kwikset estimates the lifespan of their 4 double A batteries to be about a year, not to mention that you’ll get notified by the lock when they’re running low.

For the installation, there are instructions…but if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, yes, there’s always YouTube.  Speaking of which…

Kevo Installation Instructions

This video direct from Kwikset should provide you with the instructions you need to install this lock, if you’ve never replaced a deadbolt before.

Check price of the Kwikset Kevo 925 on Amazon

The above video shows how easily this lock can be installed.  Of course, how “easy” it is depends on your level of experience, not to mention how handy you are.  If you are not very handy, that’s ok, you’re not alone.  

On the upside, installing this lock is really about as easy as installing a deadbolt gets.  Things are clearly labeled and there is an adapter ring in case your bore hole isn’t the right size.  

Keep in mind, the Kevo 925 is meant for standard sized doors so most folks won’t have any issues with installing it.

With the above video and the instructions that come with the lock at your disposal, installation should be doable for just about anyone.  

It may take more time if your level of handiness is extremely low, but we do feel the task of installing this lock is quite doable.  

Kevo Calibration

kwikset kevo calibration

Assuming you get the lock installed without incident, there is the matter of calibration to take care of next.  

The process of calibrating your Kwikset Kevo 925 is an important one, as it sets up the security functionality of this lock.  

This functionality is what you will be depending on going forward, so it is important to get this step right.  

For instance, once your lock is properly calibrated, your Kevo lock will now be able to keep track of the whereabouts of its authorized users, and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your home. 

Here is another video from Kwikset to walk us through the calibration of the Kwikset Kevo.


The Kwikset Kevo 925 offers a whole lot of great features, and the vision behind the lock is truly great.  

Being able to transfer E-keys, keep track of entries via the app, and gain access to your home with a simple tap is really quite extraordinary.  

On top of all this, Kwikset has made the Kevo 925 into a lock with added security features such as pick and bump-proofing, which is not only admirable but much appreciated by anyone who has had issues with these kinds of issues in the past.  

In addition, Kwikset does have great customer service as well.  And so, we’d love to simply give this smart deadbolt lock top marks and be done with it.  

However, there are simply too many gripes being brought up by users on sites like Amazon in regards to this lock to turn a blind eye to them.  

Kwikset certainly must be commended for trying to address as many of these concerns as they could on Amazon, and yet there are simply too many low-star reviews for them to field.  

We would jump to the defence of this lock if we could, but that would require us to write an entirely new article just to add our 2 cents to some of these unfortunate situations ourselves.  

That said, many buyers still love the lock.

Based on customer response alone to this lock, we must deduct a mark or two to give the Kwikset Kevo a rating of 3.5 on average.  

Check price of the Kwikset Kevo 925 on Amazon

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