Kwikset Smartcode 99160-002 Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

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Kwikset 99160-002 Touchscreen Deadbolt

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If you’re looking for a secure electronic deadbolt that has the added convenience of a capacitive touch screen, along with innovative Z-Wave technology which allows for remote access via smart phone or tablet, please have a look at the Kwikset Smartcode 99160-002.  

With this particular model, Kwikset has taken all of the best features of its popular 914 deadbolt series, and created a sleek new look with the 916.

Why Choose A Kwikset Deadbolt?

It’s probably no secret by now that we are a fan of Kwikset deadbolts, as they have consistently been among the top deadbolts on the market for residential security, electronic or otherwise.

The company’s history goes back about 70 years, since 1946, when Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe founded Kwikset, who, at the time, were developing an innovative and tubular type of lock which was designed to be quick and easy to use. 

In 1992, Kwikset delivered their popular Titan line of high security locks, which eventually turned into their Signature Series in 2005.  

Point being that Kwikset has time and experience on their side, and when they develop a new deadbolt, people take notice.  Such is the case once again with the 99160-002, AKA the ‘916’.

Loaded With Features

Let us start with the Smartcode 916’s highly responsive keypad, which is very easy to operate with a one-touch “wake up” touchscreen. 

It also has superior illumination with easy-to-read LED illumination.  

Here’s a look at the 916 being shown at a trade show, courtesy of the staff of Kwikset themselves.

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Easy to Install

The installation of this electronic deadbolt is a simple and quick process, as our research shows. For instance, here is one customer’s take on the Kwikset 916:

kwikset 914 vs 916

Z-Wave In A Nutshell

If you’re not familiar with Z-Wave technology, it allows us to use a frequency similar to a radio signal, though it doesn’t share the same band as your WIFI.  

Z-Wave unlocks a number of home security possibilities by providing a secure signal to control smart devices.  

Using your smart phone, you can personally and remotely control any of your home’s automated device that operate using Z-Wave, and the Kwikset 916 is one such lock.  

As we say, this is a very convenient and easy to use deadbolt.  Another reviewer puts it thusly:

kwikset smartcode 916 review

More About the Kwikset 916

kwikset 916 touchscreen review

Although there is a keyhole, the Kwikset Smartcode 916 is a keyless model which can be opened without the need of a key using either the touchscreen, or with the click of a button using your smart phone using Z-Wave.  

That said, there is stilled keyed entry if you feel like using it, as you can see from the close-up image on the right.  

Although this lock is solid and the hardware is tough, we can’t claim this lock is bump-proof, which is a minor drawback if you are concerned with that.  

To read about bump-proof locks, click here.  

In brief, any deadbolt that has a keyhole is not going to be completely pick or bump proof, and the majority of users don’t fault the Kwikset 916 for lacking this feature – in fact, a number of newer deadbolts are not bump proof.

Secure Access

By entering your personally programmed access code onto the 12–button touchscreen keypad, you can quickly and easily gain access to your home.  

When you purchase the lock and install it, its simple enough to program in your own code, and this code is secure and belongs to you and you alone (unless you share it with someone).

Up to 30 user codes can be programmed into this lock, and so that makes this lock quite convenient for purposes other than residential use, such as apartment buildings with 30 or less units, or organizations with 30 or less employees.  

Since the codes are easy enough for the owner of the lock to create and delete, this makes the Kwikset 916 quite useful for multiple uses, although it is quite appropriate for residential use as well, based on its appealing aesthetics.  

Vera Compatible

Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller, White and Green 1

While this deadbolt is compatible with any home controller or hub which uses Z-Wave technology, we recommend the Mi Casa Verde VeraLite Home Controller, as it also uses Z-Wave and it is a dependable home controller which works well with the Kwikset 916.

When you use a hub like the VeraLite (pictured right) to control your Kwikset 916, everything should go smoothly and easily.

It is quite convenient to unlock your door from a remote location using your smart phone, if you need to let someone in and you aren’t home.

Plus, you can use the VeraLite to control any other Z-wave devices you might own, including indoor or outdoor home security cameras.  It is a highly versatile hub, but it is also one of many smart home controllers you can consider to use with this deadbolt.

Kwikset titan deadbolt

The Kwikset 916 has other advantages as well.  Instant notifications are sent to your phone when someone unlocks or re-locks your door, and you will know exactly who that person is.  

This adds a layer of security to your home or business which many will appreciate.  

Our overall opinion of the Kwikset 916 is that it is a solid lock in terms of both hardware, but also quite aesthetically appealing.  

Our research shows that customer appreciation for this particular lock is high, and it is a great addition to any smart home security system.  Kwikset has done it again!  – 4 STARS

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