LaView 1080P Camera Review

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There are many plusses to having a surveillance system in your home or business.

When using a surveillance system to protect your home or business you want to know you are using a camera you can trust, that will get the job done. 

Home security cameras have come a long way and now consumers expect crystal clear images and they want the access to view the camera feed remotely. 

Whether you are installing a new system or updating the cameras in your existing system, the LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution Security Camera could be just what you are looking for.

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Laview 1080P 2Mp Ip High Resolution, Day And Night, Indoor/Outdoor, White Dome Security Camera, Lv-Pd50208

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This security camera is a white bullet style camera. It is good for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for use during day and night.

While LaView offers a wide variety of security systems, this product only includes the actual camera.

Features of the LaView 1080P Camera

  • 1080P HD resolution that provides you with crystal clear pictures – This is one thing that consumers love about this product. The images are clear and they can easily see what is on the feed. One reviewer who was a store owner loved the fact that these cameras allowed them to be able to see everything from customers’ facial features to what they were wearing and what products they were looking at.
  • Wide angle view – these cameras are setup with a wide angled view that allows a camera to cover a larger area
  • Infrared LED technology – A great benefit of this camera is the use of night vision to show you clear images of everything happening on your property even in the dark. Those that have purchased the cameras are happy with the clarity that they receive at night and that the cameras will provide images up to 100 feet away.
  • 3DNR technology to eliminate unclear specs
  • Plug and Play Set up – installation has never been as easy as it is with the simple Plug and Play Set Up. Reviewers love the ease of installation with only needing to plug one cable into their NVR.
  • LaView NVR compatibility
  • Indoor/Outdoor compatible with IP66 weatherproofing keeps these cameras running in temperatures as low as -22°F and as hot as 140°F – This weatherproofing allows these cameras to be the perfect fit in any climate.
  • See more clearly with contrasting lights due to DWDR feature

laview-1080p-camera review


When purchasing the LaView 1080P IP 2MP High Resolution  security camera you will gain the many benefits of the LaView security systems:

  • 24/7 Access – The LaView mobile app gives you access 24/7 to view live feed from your cameras. Consumers can use this app to view their home and property while they are on vacation or to check in on the babysitter with their children. Being able to have eyes on your home or business at any time can let you rest assured that your property and family are safe.
  • Smart Search – You no longer need to watch through hours of no activity on your camera. With the smart search feature you are able to select a location on the video feed and fast forward until there is motion in that exact area.
  • Receive email alerts when there is motion on your cameras feed. You will receive information including the date, time  and what camera caught the activity.


The biggest complaint that users have with this security camera is the lack of documentation that comes with it.

Many people were impressed with all the capabilities that this camera had, but were frustrated by the lack of information on how to use it.

However, LaView has full documentation as well as YouTube videos online for your use.  

The other complaint was the clarity on the camera when using night vision, however, when the users took the time to contact customer support they were able to make adjustments to the settings to clear this up.

Final Thoughts

With the main complaint by users being the lack of instruction booklets coming with the camera, you can’t lose on purchasing this product.

The camera is reliable, easy to install and provides a picture with crystal clear resolution.

With remote access and email alerts, this camera is an easy way to know your home or business is secure at all times.