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Having a security system installed in your home or business is growing in popularity. With reasons like these it is not hard to see why:

  • Your house is 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a robber if you do not have some form of a security system.
  • It’s an easy way to monitor children whether they are just playing out front, with a babysitter, or home alone.
  • Having cameras at home is an easy way to monitor your property while you are away.
  • Offices experience less employee theft and higher levels of productivity when cameras are present.

However, using a security company can be expensive so many homeowners look for a good DIY option.

If you are one of those people looking to keep your home or business safe at an affordable costs, look no further than LaView.

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Who is LaView?

LaView is a company based in California that manufacturers DIY security cameras that make it easy for you to install and monitor your home yourself, at an affordable cost.

Since their start in 2013 the company’s success and brand has grown and they are now a company that is recognized  globally in the security world.

They offer surveillance options for both home and business. They want to provide options to keep your home, business, family and pets safe. 

LaView uses the words “Reliable, Respect, and Compassion” as their corporate values, which helps consumers know that the company has their best interest in mind.


Homeowner Products

Every homeowner has different needs and LaView has solutions to meet them all. Whether you want to purchase a few cameras or an entire system, LaView has high quality products to meet your needs.

  • Choice in camera resolution – with LaView, you can choose the camera resolution that you desire. They offer options of 720p, 1080p, 3MP and 4MP
  • Choice in camera design – Whether you just want to focus on a fixed location or monitor an entire room, you can choose the camera type that fits your needs. LaView offers Turret, PTZ, Dome and Bullet cameras.
  • Choose the number of cameras – You can choose systems from 2 cameras up to 16 cameras.
  • DVR Channel – Options of 4, 8 or 16 channels
  • HDD Capacity storage of 1, 2 or 3 TB.

If you are a business owner you know just how important it is to keep your building safe and secure. LaView offers easy DIY surveillance options to secure your building.

  • Choices between 4 and 16 cameras
  • DVR options of 8 or 16 channels
  • HDD capacity of 1-3 TB
  • Camera resolution of 1080P
  • Choose the camera style that fits your needs

Extra Features

  • Remote Access – You can view real time live feed from your cameras anytime and from anywhere. LaView remote viewing capabilities allow you to check in on your home while you are away. You can use a tablet, pc, or smartphone and it works with both MAC and Windows
  • Audio – Do you want to hear what is going on in your home? You can with camera options from LaView. Do you want to be heard when you are away? LaView offers cameras with speakers that allow you to be heard.
  • Email Alerts – If you want to be alerted when there is motion on one of your cameras, LaView offers systems that allow you to setup email alerts. You can rest assured that you don’t need to keep checking on your remote access because you will know if anything happens. Your notification will include the date and time, as well as what NVR and camera the motion was detected on.
  • Night Vision options – If your business is closed for the night but you need to be able to see what  is going on, don’t worry, LaView offers night vision options so you will always have eyes in your building.


LaView is a highly recommended and reviewed provider of security and surveillance equipment online.

For the most part, consumers are thrilled with the quality  of products they are receiving and with the ease of installation, which can always be a concern with DIY systems.

One common complaint found online is that the systems do not come with very much documentation, however, youtube is loaded with videos assisting with installation and documentation.

With all of the surveillance package options and customization possibilities, LaView is a great affordable DIY system for anyone in the market.

They promise a 30-day money back guarantee, 2 year warranty and lifetime technical support, so you can’t go wrong in giving them a try.


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