Lockey 2210-AB Mechanical Digital Deadbolt Review

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2210Sc Mechanical, Keyless Deadbolt

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Lockey’s Keyless Digital Mechanical Deadbolt

Right off the bat, don’t let the word “digital” mislead you. 

What Lockey has developed here is a keyless combo lock which is completely mechanical, solid metal with no plastic involved at all, and requires no electronic parts or battery needed to function.  

Calling this deadbolt “digital” simply comes from the fact that the keypad has a numerical push-button keypad which you use to punch in your code.

“Keyless” is a word that gets used a lot lately as well, particularly with regards to smart locks, in order to convey the fact that you never need to worry about losing your keys again. 

However, you can’t call “keyless” locks a trend – they’re here to stay.

This Lockey 2210-AB is a lock where you can basically say goodbye to your keys. However, unlike a smart lock, you don’t get to access your home via smart phone, laptop, or tablet.  

The 2210-AB is NOT a smart lock, in that sense, however perhaps that isn’t what you want to begin with.  

If you are looking for a lock which is built to last and has no electronic parts, then this is your lock right here. 

Aside from the durable hardware presented here by Lockey, the main argument to get this deadbolt is that it lacks what the other smart locks have, which is electronics.

If you are not a fan of electronics, batteries, smart phones, and the like, then it make sense to have a look at a deadbolt such as the Lockey 2210-AB, because it almost feels old-fashioned in 2019.  

Comes In A Variety Of Colors

At the same time, this is NOT what we’d call an old-fashioned lock.  Aside from the lack of electronics, this lock looks very much to be modern in appearance, and classy to boot. 

One thing we love about this digital deadbolt by Lockey is that you have a number of different looks you can choose, including the following finishes: Antique Brass, Bright Brass, Jet Black, Bright Chrome, Marine Grade, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, and White.

This wide color selection can be very helpful when it comes to matching up the look of your keyless deadbolt with the look of your home, because although security is paramount when it comes to getting yourself a deadbolt, that doesn’t mean the look of the lock doesn’t matter at all. 

It obviously does, and having a wide range of color selections makes it easier to match the deadbolt up with the color and style of your home.  

Many locks disregard offering the user any choice of colors, so we can really appreciate that Lockey has offered a number of excellent options in this respect.

Design Aesthetics

Digital Deadbolt Lockey review how to install

Because the hardware of this lock is basically rock solid and straightforward, its easy just to focus on the design of the Lockey 2210-AB.  

This deadbolt has some curves, so it doesn’t feel entirely inorganic, but it also has a very imposing appearance, making it a good choice for a home that wants visitors to know that there’s a nice, big lock protecting things.  

At the same time, with its large square digits that are carved in (so they won’t fade), its easy to punch in your code since its easy to see everything.


Another plus of having a sturdy mechanical deadbolt like this one is that it is bump-proof. 

If you haven’t heard the term “lock bumping” before, lock bumping has lately become a problem with certain deadbolts, allowing criminals to find surprisingly simple ways to break into a person’s home by just “bumping” the lock.

Luckily, locks manufacturers have come up with a solution for this burning issues – it’s called bump proof locks.

Basically, if a lock has no keyhole, a lock cannot be bumped in any fashion, and that includes this Lockey 2210-AB deadbolt because it has no keyhole.  

Many “keyless” deadbolts have keyholes as “just in case” measures, although you might say its just in case you want to start using your key again.  

If that was the case, why would you purchase a keyless deadbolt to begin with?  

In any case, depending on how you feel about lock-bumping, just knowing that a lock is fully bump-proof can cause you to breath a huge sigh of relief.

How To Install Your Lockey Digital Deadbolt

While some claim a lock like this can be installed in around 5 minutes, but realistically you may want to give yourself 45 minutes to 1 hour to take care of this business if you’ve never done it.

Since the Lockey 2210-AB fits all standard door sizes, you should have no issue with the installation unless your door is an odd shape and size.  

If you need assistance with installing one of these Lockey deadbolts, please watch the video below for further instructions:

6-Digit Code

The Lockey 2210-AB keyless mechanical deadbolt allows for a 6 digit code when you set things up, but you can also make it 3 if you wish, although a 3 digit code seems rather un-secure to us. 

With a 6-digit code, there’s no way a criminal will ever figure it out, so adding more digits to your code is recommended, at least by us.

Solid Stainless Steel Construction

When it comes to brute force attacks on this lock, the Lockey 2210-AB has an ANSI Grade 2 rating, which means that it is appropriate for residential security.

Basically, when it comes to ANSI ratings, 2 may not be as good as 1, but still, an ANSI Grade 2 rating is nothing to scoff at, as it would take your common criminal something like a battering ram to break down a door protected by such a deadbolt.  

That said, if your door frame or the door itself is weak, having a tough deadbolt like this one installed may not do much good.  Just something to keep in mind.

All-Weather Construction

Lockey USA 2210BCDC Deadbolt, Double Combination, Bright ChromeBecause this is a completely mechanical deadbolt, it is far less prone to any sort of malfunctioning due to extreme weather conditions than, say, an electronic deadbolt would be.  

In fact, it is totally weather proof, so weather worries are not a concern here.

While even the most high quality electronic deadbolt can crap out on you when the battery dies, this is where it is advantageous to get yourself a mechanical deadbolt like this one, which is prepared for all sorts of weather – cold, hot, rain, wind, sleet, snow.. whatever the case, the Lockey 2210-AB can take it.

Double-Sided Deadbolt

There is a double-sided version of this deadbolt lock, which allows for programmable combos on both sides of your door.

This is, of course, the more expensive  route and it must be remembered that having a lock which is double sided and locking from the inside as well can add security to your home.

However, it must be said that in case of an emergency, this feature can also increase the time it takes to get out quickly.  

In addition, if you really can’t live without that keyed option, there is a key override model of the deadbolt, although it leave the lock open to bumping once again. 

In our opinion, if you’re going to go keyless, then just go keyless, but of course it depends on the situation.

Lockey 2210-AB Overall Impressions

This is a great residential deadbolt, and we don’t hesitate to recommend it to any homeowner who is looking for a solid mechanical deadbolt for their residence, or even a business owner who wants to add security to their business.  

It is fully bump proof (unless you get the keyed model), it can be double-sided, and in terms of look, we appreciation the many color choices being offered here.  4 STARS!