Lockey USA M-210-BB Mechanical Keyless Entry Lock Review

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Digital Door Lock M210 Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt, Bright Brass

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Ever since Doug Hill founded Lockey USA in 1970, the Lockey company has been doing their part to revolutionize the home security by designing some of the most well-made deadbolts on the market.

They also produce, in addition to deadbolts, several other product lines including hydraulic gate closers, panic shields, and much more.

We talk about “keyless” locks a lot on this website, and Lockey has the distinct honor of being the company who actually invented this system with their “Lockey Digital Door Lock”, using the guiding principle, “Change the code, not the lock”.  

This lock was a bit hit and today we’re here to talk about one of Lockey’s latest bump-proof locks, the M-210-BB Mechanical Keyless Entry Lock.

Lockey M-210-BB – Great Lineage

lockey usa systems entry lock review

Knowing where the Lockey M-210-BB comes from, it didn’t surprise us at all to find that this keyless entry lock is yet another well-built piece of security hardware that looks classy enough to put on a home, but is certainly tough enough to install on the door to your business.  

Lockey’s reputation is very solid, and this lock really fits the bill for a protective piece of door hardware that has the ability to deter criminals just by its rock-solid appearance.  

This is a “digital” lock, meaning that this lock has easy to press, easy to read numeric digits where you punch in your code.

Aesthetically, this lock is clean looking and smooth, and comes in a number of stylish colors.  

The deadbolt is nice and thick, and for a criminal to actually break through it would be a miracle.

In fact, short of hammering away at it with a large axe, this deadbolt isn’t going to give.  Your average burglar doesn’t have time to fool around. 

Color Choices

If you do decide to use this Lockey M-210-BB keyless entry lock for your home, you will be spoiled for choice with the color selection here.  

Many entry locks and deadbolts come in a total of one color (usually satin nickel), but here we have a lock that gives you the option of choosing from 8 different color selections, allowing you to match your home or business with the lock in terms of a pleasing color combo.  

The color choices for this entry lock include:

  • Bright Brass
  • Bright Chrome
  • Jet Black
  • Marine Grade
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Satin Chrome
  • Satin Nickel
  • White

Keypad Lock

lockey usa m 210 bb white mechanical keyless deadbolt

No, this is not a touchscreen deadbolt like the Schlage Touch BE375, nor is it a smart deadbolt like the Kwikset 909.  

The Lockey M-210-BB is a keypad deadbolt and its completely mechanical.  No batteries to deal with, but at the same time none of the new smart features that some of the other electronic deadbolts we’ve previously reviewed have to offer.  

As we mentioned, the keys or digits that you’ll find on this lock make it a very simple interface, and if you have any aversion to electronics being responsible for guarding your home, you’ll find some solace here with this lock, as it simply requires you to key in your code, and thereby gaining access.  

No code, no access.  Simple, with no potential for electronic glitches that some locks experience, opening your home up to intruders just because of some bad electronics.

Going Keyless


This Lockey deadbolt distinguishes itself by having a thumb turn knob from both sides of the door, meaning that you have no option for any keyed entry from the outside. 

In our opinion, having that keyed entry from the outside is not really necessary anyway with mechanical deadbolts, as part of the reason there is a keyhole with some electronic locks is just in case of a problem (such as the battery dying), or “just in case”. 

With mechanical keyless locks like this one, you are going totally keyless.  You have no outer keyed entry option, and you also get the added benefit of the lock being bump proof because lock bumping does require a keyhole.

Where To Install This Lock

Overall, the Lockey M-210-BB fits all standard-size 1 3/8″ – 2″ doors.  This could be an exterior door to your home, or an interior door to your office.  

This lock can even be on the outside of your business.  Its very versatile, and if you have something worth protecting (who doesn’t?), this lock is there for you.

Easy Installation and Operation

If you have an old deadbolt that needs replacing, installation shouldn’t take too long – maybe 15 minutes.  

If this is the first deadbolt for your door you will have to drill a 2 1/8″ hole, and that could take some time.  It all depends on your situation.

Aside from possibly having to drill a hole in a new door, the installation process is so easy it just involves one tool- a Philip’s screwdriver – for making sure the lock is set tight against the door with the screws.  

Here is a video that walks you through the installation process:

What if you enter a wrong code?

lockey entry lock review

Entering a wrong code is not a big deal.  You can clear the wrong code by turning the thumb turn and start over.  

What’s more, if someone else has happened to enter a wrong code, this lock will make a clicking sound, and this is one way to know if anyone has unsuccessfully attempted to gain access to your home. 

This lock is not as sophisticated as some smart locks that will send you notifications on your phone and keep an audit trail, but at least it has some way of letting you know that someone did in fact enter an incorrect code since you last used the lock.

Changing Codes

Changing the code on this deadbolt is actually quite easy (relatively speaking for a mechanical deadbolt), taking just a few minutes. 

Have a look at the video below and see how to do it:

To sum up what the video said, what you have to do to change your code is:

  • Remove the two red screws with the help of a screwdriver
  • Take away the cover plate
  • Turn and hold the thumb turn to right or left to release the digits ( be careful not to force the digits into position)
  • Holding the thumb turn to right or left, remove/add code (red ) and non-code (blue) digits so that you create your new code. Remember that the square hole on them should always be faced to the outside of the lock
  • After you’ve done this, that is you’ve changed your code, release the thumb turn to secure the digits in place
  • Put the cover plate back on and place the screws on their place
  • Screw them back on with the help of a screwdriver

While it may be faster to change an electronic deadbolt code like that of the Schlage Camelot, the process with this Lockey mechanical still fairly easy and it avoids any complications with electronics at all.

Overall Impression

From our analysis, we conclude that this Lockey mechanical deadbolt is a high quality product, and a good choice for anyone who would prefer to not rely on electronics in any way. 

This lock is also bump-proof, which is a big plus as well.  Comes in a number of colors, and has a simple design.  Installation is also quite easy.  Recommended lock! – 4 STARS