LockState Remote Electronic Deadbolt Lock Review

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Remotelock Ls-5I Deadbolt Lock (Wifi-Enabled) (Satin Nickel)

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Quick Stats

  • Model LS-DB500R-RB
  • Comes in three colors – oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and polished brass
  • Auto-locking feature
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Lockout function that is enabled after 5 incorrect tries
  • Goes with left or right-handed doors
  • Up to 6 user codes which can be between 4 and 10 digits long

Dependable Brand

LockState is currently known as one of the best USA-based lock-makers in the business.

Founded in 2004, LockState states their mission as being “to be a leading supplier of remote access control and monitoring solutions”.  

With locks like this model DB500R, they have given us a solid entry into the world of deadbolt locks that can compete with all the older and more established brands.

Watch this demo video for this particular lock from LockState themselves to get a better sense of its features.

Installation of this remote control lock

The installation of the LockState LS-DB500R-RB is meant to be simple and easy, not taking a person more than 10-20 minutes.  

lockstate electronic deadbolt with remote

If you have any experience installing deadbolts like this one, you will know that typically this is the claim for how long a typical install will take.  

To be fair, if you haven’t haven’t ever replaced a deadbolt like this, it may take a little bit longer.  If you are installing this deadbolt on a brand new door, the process will take even longer.  

The tools you’ll need for this process are what most keyless deadbolts require – just a Philip’s screwdriver and of course the installation guide provided in the package are what you will mainly need.  

The video above should assist you as well.  

If you have a lot of experience with installing deadbolts, you will find that this LockState deadbolt is just as easy to install as it can be.  

There’s nothing overly complicated about installing this particular deadbolt.  

Here is one user’s experience:

keyless deadbolt with remote

Operation Of This Deadbolt Lock

This electronic deadbolt gives you the option of choosing between 2 different operating methods.

There is a third method which is using a remote control which operates at a maximum of 30 feet away using a fob, which adds some cost to the package but, for some, it will be worth it as the added cost is not huge.

LockState LS-DB500R-RB Electronic Deadbolt with RF Remote review

Whether you are a fan of the remote control ability of this deadbolt lock (should you want to purchase it as an extra), will depend on your opinion of two things – fobs, and having a 30 foot range for operating your deadbolt.  

We will say that in the case of other remote control deadbolt locks, they are locks you can get that are not limited to having such a relatively small range, although it is reflected in their price, such as the Schlage Connect Camelot, which is a smart lock with a broader range and operates via your smartphone as opposed to a fob.  

There are many differences between the LockStateLS-DB500R-RB and the Schlage Connect, but these differences are worth investigating if you’re on the fence in terms of which lock you want to be purchasing for your home or business.  

Operating Method #2 

As we said, there are three methods to controlling access on your home or business with the LockStateLS-DB500R-RB, with the first being the fob.  

The second method is using the illuminated keypad using your personalized 4 to 10 digit user code.  

As mentioned at the top of this article, you can program up to 6 user codes, which makes this lock very convenient for home use, but perhaps less so for situations involving larger businesses or apartment complex owners.

Operating Method #3 

In addition to having the two options of using the fob, or the keypad, there is also the option of using an actual key with this electronic keyless deadbolt.  

There is much ado about keyless locks these days, but the vast majority of them have a keyed option, because there is still a demand for this method.  

Now the problem we see with the keyed method is twofold – one being that you still will have all the same old problems with a key that you ever had through your life, such as losing your key, forgetting your key, and people stealing your key.  

On top of this, there is also the fact that keyed entry locks for certain deadbolts – unless they state otherwise – are often not bump proof.  

Bump proofing is a sort of home security epidemic that has been sweeping the nation as of late.  The problem with this lock is there is no guarantee that it can be qualified as a bump proof lock.  

One Time User Code

plumber-buttWe must say that this lock does offer you the ability to program in a one time user code.

What does this mean? Well, for those not familiar with one time user codes, this means that you can create an access code for one time usage that will be perfect if you’re not home and some guests or maybe a cleaner arrive to your house and need access.  

One time user codes are actually a fairly common feature with modern deadbolts, but it is definitely a handy one if you need to let in a plumber, nanny, delivery guy, etc.

Tough Lock

lockstate remote lock review

We feel that LockState has done an excellent job in designing a very tough lock here, and one that can withstand brute force attacks should they occur.  

This lock is classy, but also imposing, able to communicate to burglars just from the look of the lock that while it is suitable for many styles of home and business, there is little chance that any kind of attack or break-in method will be successful with a lock like this guarding your door.  

That said, once again we do have to bring up the topic of lock-bumping because it is a crucial issue and this lock does have the one thing that is necessary to bump a deadbolt lock which is a keyway.  

If a lock has a keyway but no interior design preventing bump proofing, this technique is a possibility, and this we consider a drawback.

Auto-Locking Function

LockState LS-DB500R-PB Electronic Deadbolt with Remote review

One function that is a definite plus with this LockState LS-DB500R-RB deadbolt is the auto-locking function, which is enabled after between 10 and 90 seconds, depending on how you set it.  

This way, with the feature enabled, you won’t have to worry about locking your deadbolt, because it will do so automatically.  

In addition, if for some reason you don’t want this feature enabled, you can disable it.  

Another feature to mention that we listed off the top is that this lock will automatically disable after 5 incorrect tries.  

So, if your lock won’t work one day when you come home, it could be because of this and this of course is a bad sign, because this means someone tried 5 times to enter and failed, but at least they didn’t break in.  

That said, at this point you’ll need your key.


Overall, the LockState LS-DB500R-RB does have its pros and its cons, which we have mentioned above.  

To recap, its a beautiful lock that comes in many colors, and has a number of features that make it a highly desirable lock for home or business use.  

It’s tough, and can withstand almost any kind of attack.

lockstate lsdb500rb electronic deadbolt

On the other hand, there are some locks which are “smarter” than this one, which you can find elsewhere on this website.  

This lock does have some “smart” features, such as the fob and the auto-locking feature, but overall, there are some locks which take these features a step further and would fit in better with the smart homes of today.  

Also, the lack of a bump-proof mechanism is a slight drawback, as more and more thieves are picking up on this “hack” and its easy enough for even the most common criminal to perform easily, so you should watch out for that.  

We give this lock 3.5 stars out of 5.