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Lockstate Ls-Db500R-Pb Electronic Deadbolt With Remote

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This 6 pound Lockstate LS-1500 electronic keypad deadbolt has a growing reputation as one of the superior keyless locking devices.

It has many customizable features, including an automatic re-lock (after a few seconds), up to 800 custom codes you can enter, and a sleek silver finish that looks great on most doors.  

The LS-1500 is billed as both a residential and commercial lock, given its heavy duty design and weatherproof finish, as well as the style of handle.  

This lock is also keyless, meaning that you don’t ever need to worry about keys again, although there is a keyhole if you ever needed it.

Quick Install

The installation process for this keypad deadbolt is actually quite simple, and our research shows that many customers have confirmed this. 

Depending on your skill level, installing this lock could take anywhere from between 15 minutes to 1 hour.  

Here is what one customer on Amazon said about installing the LockState LS-1500.

deadbolt remote control

Fully Weatherproof

lockstate keypad locks

Besides providing high security on any commercial or residential door with a commercial grade deadbolt, this Lockstate lock is also reputed to be able to stand any kind of weather. 

Sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat, torrents of rainfall – this lock can handle anything that mother nature throws at it. 

Some have wondered if an electronic lock can still function properly under such extreme conditions? 

In fact, many customers have wondered this and here is what one customer had to say about the LS-1500 after some particularly harsh winters.

lockstate remote lock review

Easy Operation

LockState deadbolt with remote

This lock requires minimal effort to operate.  All you have to do is remember your individual access code and enter it onto the keypad when you want to gain access.  

The lock will unlock, or lock (depending on if you’re coming or going), and you can be sure that your property is fully secure whether you’re out or in.  

Lockstate doesn’t mess around as the deadbolt is thick and one of the highlights of this lock.

Once you have arrived to your home / business, all you need to do to lock the door behind you is touching a single button from the inside and the deadbolt will lock the door securely. 

Access Codes

No matter what you use this lock for, you’ll be able to provide any number of people with their own individual access code. 

Since this LockState deadbolt can store up to 800 different codes, this lock is perfect use at an apartment complex, factory, or a place with many different people who need access.  

Sure, you can still install this lock on your home, but it really depends on your opinion of the aesthetics of the LS-1500.  

As handsome a lock as it is, the style of the handle doesn’t necessarily suggest a residential look to us, but that is up to you of course.

Here’s another five star review from a customer named Herbert who uses several LockState LS-1500 to manage condos:

lockstate remote lock

Lockstate Customer Care

keyless access with lockstate

One major plus here is that Lockstate is known for their excellent customer service.  

If you ever did have an issue with your lock, you can always call their Tech Support Team, who we’ve always found to be at the ready whenever there has been a problem with any of their products. 

You can always count on Lockstate’s team to help you with anything that might come up, and get it back in working order if there ever were to be a problem. 

Even at the installation stage, you can just call them up and ask them to assist you, which can be a big help to some people who are all thumbs.

iButton (Audit Trail)

LockState iButton to retrieve audit trail

When it comes to keeping organized on a larger scale, an audit trail is an essential thing to be able to access.  

With the Lockstate LS-1500, this is where the iButton can come in handy. 

This unique feature allows you to access an audit trail quickly and easily. 

If you are a manager or even just as a home owner who wants to stay organized, this is a feature that can add even more security to your property.


Many locks these days do come with an auto-lock feature, but that doesn’t make it any less convenient.  

The Lockstate LS-1500 does as well, and that means if, for instance, you come home and forget to lock the door, the LS-1500 does it for you 5 seconds after you walk away.  

You can go into the programming of this lock and make this period long if you wish, but the default is just 5 seconds.

Software Upgrade

software available for lockstate LS-1500

We’d also like to mention that with the addition of software, you can make this lock even better.  

With the installation of Lockstate’s proprietary software, you can perform any reprogramming of the lock as well as additional customizations from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer.  

It may take time to set it up, but once you do, we think this is a worthy feature.

Final Word

There isn’t much to fault the Lockstate LS-1500 on.  To recap, its weatherproof, its easy to both install and operate, and, depending on your tastes, its aesthetically pleasing.  

Most importantly, its a tough deadbolt lock so it does fulfill its primary function.  

The number of user codes make it perfect for protecting larger pieces of property, such as apartment buildings.  

The audit trail / iButton is a nice feature, and the auto-lock feature is a good thing to have as well in case you forget to lock it – it locks itself.  

Of course, if you still don’t trust technology and prefer mechanical deadbolts we suggest you read our review of the best mechanical deadbolts to find out what makes them different compared to electronic locks and what to look for when buying one.