Lorex Vantage CCTV Home Security System Review

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There are several home security systems on the market which include multiple cameras, but many systems cannot claim to offer the complete 16-camera defence that is offered by Lorex Technology‘s LH014501C4F Indoor / Outdoor CCTV Vantage Security System, with this level of quality.

Before we qualify what makes this system worth your time, let’s take a look at the features offered by Lorex with this system:

  • Connect to 3G / 4G WIFI Network
  • Great for larger homes or businesses in need of multiple camera views
  • 16 indoor / outdoor cameras included with the package
  • Not wireless (pro to some, con for others)
  • 16 extra-long 60 foot extension cables
  • Camera automatically switches to black and white when it gets dark
  • Day and IR night vision capabilities (50/75 ft. at night)
  • Real time / remote viewing (tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Remote viewing from anywhere in the world
  • Use more than one monitor at a time
  • Intuitive motion sensor takes photos when its activated and sends email notifications
  • DVR has 1 TB “black box” (expandable to 2 TB)
  • H.264 compression technology useful for when monitoring 24/7 (data uses less space)

The entire system is like a home security bonanza, with 16 cameras included, and a whole heap of cables, not to mention the “black box” which is the heart of this system.

Lorex LH0161001C16F Vantage 16-Channel 1 Terabyte DVR

If you’re reading this review, all of this may sound well and good, but does the Lorex really live up to the hype?  Let us dig a bit deeper and see…

Lorex Vantage – Value For The Price

Lorex LH0161001C16F Vantage 16-Channel 1 Terabyte DVR and 16 Cameras (Black)

The price tag is a bit steep at over $1500 if you don’t have any context for what it fully offers, but honestly, Lorex really provides the home or business owner with everything they’ll ever need to protect their property, at least as far as cameras are concerned. 

As far as other features offered by smart home security systems, you can scout out our site to find the best smart systems, or deadbolts.

But, in terms of strictly cameras, you’re getting the whole package right here as these high quality Lorex cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they will also give your home a uniform look with these discreet black cameras, rather than if you have different surveillance cameras hooked up.

What You Get Out Of The Box

  • 16 Ch DVR with 1TB HDD
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adapter
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet Cable
  • 16 x Cameras
  • 16 x Camera Stands
  • 16 x 60ft BNC/DC Extension Cables
  • 4 x 4 in 1 Camera Power Adaptor
  • CD
  • QSG
  • Instruction Manual

Here’s a quick video featuring the Lorex 16-channel security system. 

Before we into further details of this Lorex 16-channel system, if you are thinking that 16 cameras feel like its going a bit overboard, you can get the 4 channel version of this system for substantially less on Amazon.com, and that may be just what you need.

lorex security system

Who Needs This System? / Camera Set-Up

If you are someone who has a larger home or business and you want to keep an eye on many things at once just by toggling between different views, then this system is meant for that purpose. 

All things considered, this system isn’t that hard to set up, although that’s going to depend on your level of familiarity with these types of systems which will determine how long it takes.  

If its your first time installing so many home security cameras, obviously then you will want to give yourself ample time to mount them all.  

Design wise, there’s nothing about these Lorex security cameras that makes the process particularly difficult.  

This package does come with everything you will need to set up the system, from the 16 weatherproof cameras, to the mounting hardware, to the power supply for the DVR, power adapters for the cameras, a USB mouse, and more. 

There’s also the matter of the online part of the set-up, which will require some time. 

Once you have the system set up, there is plenty of room for customization, which is a benefit.  

This system is quite flexible, but you’re going to have to be ready to take advantage of all its features which will require a bit of time.  

What Else We Like

Lorex LH0161001C16F Vantage 16-Channel 1 Terabyte DVRThe camera extension cables are an ample length, at 60 ft. apiece.  With so many cameras, one would assume the extension cables would be long and luckily they are, so you can mount cameras everywhere you need them. 

That said, there have been some customers on this system’s product page on Amazon.com who say that even though these are long cables, there is still the logistical dilemma of setting up all of these cameras effectively with just 60 feet from the source.

Even longer extension cables may be necessary depending on how you want them set up.

We recommend concealing your wires whenever possible, just because there can be a lot of wiring and some burglar may try to snip them. 

That said, these extension cables are durable and do their job, and the cameras themselves are very durable and can handle any kind of weather. 

Take Advantage Of Smart / Remote Viewing

lorex home security system

Another thing to note is that the Lorex LH014501C4F Home Security System allows for smart or remote viewing so you can view what’s going on with your various cameras using a mobile device or tablet.  

In addition, it offers features such as the motion detection which will then snap a still picture of the event and email it to you.

Overall Thoughts On The Lorex Vantage

With 16 channels and cameras at your disposal, you can really do a lot with this system.  

The hardware is both durable and smart, allowing you to keep an eye on everything at the touch of a button.  

In terms of drawbacks, some users have complained about things like color saturation and the length of the camera cables.  

Overall, this is a great product and we do recommend it for larger homes and business, or anyone who has the budget to buy this system. – 4 STARS

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