Mace Brand Pocket Pepper Spray Review

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When it comes to pepper spray, Mace is one of the most recognized brand names on the market. In fact, many consumers mistake all pepper spray for Mace. There are many reasons why people like to carry pepper spray.

Whether, you are carrying it for protection from dogs while jogging or people if walking in the city late at night, you want pepper spray that is going to work.

Today we are reviewing Mace brand pocket pepper spray to help you make your decision.

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Mace Brand Police Strength Pepper Spray Pocket Defense

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About Mace

Mace is an American made product, manufactured in Ohio since 1970. They are known as the original manufacturer of personal defense sprays. The defense spray that they manufacture for consumer defense uses the same ingredients that are in spray used by law enforcement officers.

The formula includes oleoresin capsicum, which comes from cayenne peppers. The Mace brand formula causes the skin, eyes, and throat of an attacker to burn when used.

Features of Mace Brand Pocket Pepper Spray

  • UV Dye – The formula includes UV dye, which can help by identifying the attacker.
  • Velcro Strap – The spray comes with an attached Velcro strap. This allows it to easily be worn around your wrist while walking, jogging, or biking. It can also attach to a key ring if you want quick access, but don’t want it on your wrist.
  • Range – Spray has a range from 8 to 12 feet. It also uses a stream spray which helps to reduce spray that can come back at you because of the wind.
  • Safety – The spray includes a flip top safety feature to eliminate accidental use.
  • Use – It holds 18 grams of pepper spray. This allows you to use it for 10 to 20 short bursts.
  • Shelf Life – Has a four year shelf life from the manufacture date.


Fortunately there are not tons of reviews online from people that have had to use this product in order to protect themselves. But, those that have had to use it find it easy to use and effective.

One of the most common reasons people carry Mace brand pocket pepper spray is to protect themselves from dogs while out walking or running. People having to use it for this reason are very pleased with the use.

There are also reviews of bouncers that have had to use this product multiple times and were always happy with the results.

This product is highly rated by users. Many like the flip top over the spray that has the twist and spray top. They find this style easier to use.

Overall, people are just happy with this product. It is a good size and the hot pink color makes it easy to find quickly if it is kept inside of a purse.


The main complaint that people have is that the spray does not include a belt clip. If a belt clip is what you are after there are other Mace products that can meet  your needs.

Some users also thought that the formula should be stronger. The package indicates that the product could be ineffective on people with a high pain tolerance. Even with this mentioned, some feel that it could still be stronger.

There are a few online reviews from users that found the Mace brand pocket pepper spray to have a weak spray when they received the product. These cases must be due to malfunctioning products since the vast majority of users are more than satisfied with their products.

Final Thoughts

The Mace brand has been around for over forty years. The company has been a leading manufacturer of self defense spray, which shows they can be trusted. Companies that produce unreliable self defense products do not stay in business for long.

Mace is a company that can be trusted, and is trusted by many people for their self-defense spray.

The main complaint about the Mace brand pocket pepper spray is that it doesn’t come with a clip, which is easily corrected by reading the details of the product that you will be purchasing.

If you are looking for a self defense spray to protect yourself from people or animals, this is a great product that is easy to carry. The product is affordable and can be shipped to most states. Check your local laws for any restrictions.

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