Medeco Maxum Bump and Pick Proof Residential Deadbolt Review

by Robert Fox

Today we review the Medeco Maxum deadbolt, which is a heavy duty piece of hardware sold by one of the brand names that is synonymous with security - Medeco.

In fact, the Maxum made our review of the Best Heavy Duty Deadbolts, along with some other sturdy models a while back.

It's really should come as no surprise, either, considering who made the lock. We feel that it's long overdue that we talk specifically about this particular deadbolt and some of its security features

Medeco 11Tr50319 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt, Satin Nickel, High Security Restricted M3 Keyway, Keyed Different


Medeco 11R503-19-1 Maxum Deadbolt, Single Cylinder, Satin Nickel Finish, 2-3/8
Medeco 11R503-19-1 Maxum Deadbolt, Single Cylinder, Satin Nickel Finish, 2-3/8

When it comes to installing this 3 pound lock, some people have mentioned that this isn't the easiest task, mainly due to the fact that it may require you to get out a chisel or other such tools in order to make this lock fit properly into your door.

Everyone's door is slightly different, so know your door's dimensions, and be aware that this product fits doors 1-3/4" to 2" thick.

The Medeco Maxum comes with all the needed parts, and so installation shouldn't take you too long if you have an idea what you're doing, at around 5 to 10 minutes.

However, this lock has been known to cause some issues with installation for a couple of reasons, one being that the instructions that come with the package have been said to be not meant for your average homeowner.

Another reason installation can be tricky is that this is a slightly more bulky lock than some others, and so it can possibly create some installation qualms for some folks.

We suggest that if you do purchase this lock, and are not really too skilled in this department, you may want to enlist in the services of a handyman who can install it quickly and not wreck your door.

They might even stop to admire the lock for a moment, because it is very well designed.


So, depending on your handyman abilities, this deadbolt may take more or less time to install, but the point is that this is a thick lock made from solid brass that is going to provide top notch security to any door that you install it into.

It is rated by Medeco Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA, which means that it is at the maximum security level and wouldn't be out of place protecting not only residential, but commercial and even industrial properties.

There have been numerous tests done on this lock, with people kicking and hacking away, and the end result is that your average criminal isn't going to be able to do anything to this lock.

It is both pick and bump proof. It is resistant to brute force attacks as well.

Once installed properly, we feel confident that it will provide you with the security you need.

Here's a video that we came across provided by Medeco themselves that should help you out with the installation if you need some visuals on the process.

Aesthetics of the Lock

Personally, we love this lock's aesthetics. It is simply designed, utilitarian yet with some style, and just the name itself should be recognizable to many people, suggesting strength.

Even though this is mostly a practical lock that focuses on the task at hand (that being protection), these are still very nice locks to look at, especially with the choice of finishes they come with, including blackened brass (below), oil rubbed bronze, satin chrome, satin brass, polished chrome, and the popular satin nickel finish.

Blackened Brass Medeco Deadbolt
Blackened Brass Medeco Deadbolt

Keyed Protection with Anti-Duplication

If you've been on the market for a lock, and you've been browsing some of the best smart locks like a Kwikset 909 for instance, which are very popular now, you might wonder why anyone would still want a lock that uses a key, as this one does.

Keys can be lost, or stolen, so isn't that a risk in and of itself?

While that may be partly true, there are people who would rather depend on themselves, and the lock itself - things of a physical nature - to provide protection.

With smart locks, there is always the chance of something electronic going wrong, even if it's a small chance.

With smart products, people worry they can be hacked into by computer savvy people, which isn't entirely untrue in some cases, although very unlikely.

With products like the Medeco Maxum, what we have is keyed protection from one of the best security companies in the business.

Their locks are set up so that keys can't just be copied at your local hardware store. In this case, you need special permissions to have new keys made.

Also note that these locks are ANSI Grade 1 due to their triple cylinder technology, which is another reason that anyone coming at these locks with a copied key or coat hanger isn't going to get anywhere.

There are multiple levels of protection for these locks, just in the keyway, and here's one of our favourite locksmiths, Wayne Winton of Wayne's Lockshop to explain why it is unlikely that any criminal is going to be getting past a Medeco Maxum lock.

Extra Reinforcement May Be Needed

It is worth considering that when an intruder tries to break into your house, they will always try to access the weakest point in order to do so.

Now, with a Medeco Maxum installed, the weakest point of your door may not be the lock, but it might be the jamb, or it might even be the hinges, or the door itself.

This is why it is important not just to think about the lock, but the other parts of the door. What good is having a super strong lock when other parts of your door are weak?

This is why we suggest at least making an assessment to see if your entire door provides enough security to protect against intruders.

Bump Proof Pick Proof Lock Medeco Maxum
Bump Proof Pick Proof Lock Medeco Maxum

Conclusion on Medeco Maxum 


There is no doubt that the Medeco Maxum is a great quality lock. The few complaints people have had about it revolve mostly around installation, but we have yet to meet anyone who challenges the quality of the lock itself.

Heavy duty, with absolutely no way to compromise the lock, and a very fine piece of work.

We couldn't recommend a much better lock than this if you are looking for the strongest possible protection. 5 stars product most definitely.

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