Night Owl NVR-10882 Smart Security System Review

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As today’s burglary statistics will tell you, there is a one in 1000 chance that an intruder will choose to visit your place of residence on any given day and attempt to break in. 

Chances of their success are greatly increased (or in some cases guaranteed) when you do nothing to prevent them from entering. 

No deadbolts, no cameras, no alarms, no nothing – just an exterior door that can be opened with one swift kick. 

If this is the case, you might as well just put a sign up that says “FREE STUFF – COME AND GET IT!” 

On the other hand, if you do take precautions against break-ins, like purchasing a top quality home security system, your chances of being broken into are greatly reduced. 

The home security system we want to talk about today is none other than the Night Owl Security NVR-10882 Home Security Network with 1080p image clarity, superior night vision, and 8 IP cameras. 

This is not to be confused with the popular 4-camera system, which is being sold currently for roughly half the price over on Amazon. 

Let’s start with our detailed Night Owl Security System review by telling you what comes in the package. 

Out Of The Box

In our opinion, this has got to be one of the best all inclusive home security systems on the market today, for reasons we will get to shortly. First, here’s what you get inside the box:

For all you not-super-technical types out there, the “NVR” part of the name (as in NVR-10882) stands for network video recorder, which is the 8-port device with a built-in 2 TB hard drive which is the hub of this machine, and which allows you to view and playback footage using your smart device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.).  

The entire system, should you choose to purchase it online, ships to you in a roughly 27 pound package which has the following measurements: 11.2 x 11.02 x 17.3 inches.  

The NVR is but one part of the whole system, of course, and here is what it looks like front and back.

With the package, you also get full control over the 8 PoE (power over Ethernet) cables, and gives you the power to maintain a “mobile” lifestyle, so you can keep an eye on your home from afar anytime – day or night.   

Is Night Owl a Good Security System?

Before we get into more on this camera system itself, we should mention that Night Owl is a company that means business when it comes to home security, with around the clock support all year long, including holidays. 

Like any good security company, they are always available to chat about whatever problems might come up – at least that’s what we’e found.  

There have been at least one report from a grammatically impaired buyer saying that the customer service is less than stellar over in the Amazon reviews section for this product, but in our experience, we’ve had nothing but great service from Night Owl.

Here’s a video featuring a Night Owl rep talking about a security system that is very similar to the NVR-10882, that being the F681-4624N.  

The reason we’re sharing this video is so you can see a face behind the Night Owl name, and also get a sense of what is in one of their security packages (part of the F series), which, even though it isn’t the same system, it is comparable in some ways. 


As you probably know if you have any experience with home security systems, some systems are not terribly easy to set up. 

In fact, we know that many people get very frustrated with the install, and so we like to see security systems out there like the Night Owl who go to great lengths to make the process about as simple as it can be. 

We’re talking about multiple wide-view cameras with 8 x 60 feet of cable being installed all in and around your home (8 cameras total here), and that is going to take a bit of time regardless of how easy everything else is to set up, so keep that in mind. 

If you want an 8-camera system, there’s no way around it – you’ll need to have a strategy for where they’ll be going and how you’re going to deal with the wires. 

So is the Night Owl NVR-10882 really any more simple than your average system to install?  Here is a video which shows exactly what things might look like around your house when trying to install this Night Owl system in your own home. 

Yes, installing a new home security system like the one here by Night Owl is always going to require some amount of handywork and also some strategizing as well.  

Here is an article that could help with camera placement called, “Best Location For Home Security Cameras“, if you’re looking for some information or tips.

One feature that Night Owl does offer here to help you out is by offering cameras with PoE ports, which allows you to have power and video running over the same Cat5e/Cat6 cable, which means less wiring to deal with. 

This is a definite plus, and a perk of the Night Owl system here, because having just one cable is a little bit less messy than a camera that runs two cables.

 1080p HD Video

Another great feature here that puts the Night Owl NVR-10882 a cut above is the fact that it has extremely clear 1080p HD video, which is clear even at night, when many burglaries happen. 

If you think about it, it would be pretty bad if a camera system called the Night Owl had terrible night vision video footage, but luckily, the Night Owl really lives up to its name in this department, offering high quality night vision that will allow you to really keep a sharp eye on your home or business in the dead of night when some “prowlers” like to do their prowling. 


There are a couple of things that one might complain about, if one wanted to be particular with the Night Owl NVR-10882.  One is that there’s no sound with your video.  

These cameras certainly don’t qualify as the type of cameras which could double as baby monitors, as sound is critical for most indoor cameras but one might argue not so much for the outdoor kind.  To be fair, most outdoor cameras do not come with a sound feature.

The other nitpick we thought we should mention is although the Night Owl HD app is good, there seems to be a delay on alerts in some cases, making it impossible to react properly in case of some thing happening suddenly.  

Its not the camera’s streaming that is a problem here, but rather just the alerts and the timing at which you receive them.  

Also, there has been at least one report by a customer that the motion sensor is too overly-sensitive, which could be a nuisance if you are receiving notifications that bugs are flying by at night.  

Whether you would run into this issue would depend on how sensitive you set the motion sensor to be, and your placement of the camera in relation to things like lights (eg. don’t point your camera at a light).  

Overall Thoughts

Despite a few minor complaints, we do feel that this is still one of the best buys for smart home security systems out there, providing great picture quality, great interface, with an overall easy to set up and use system by Night Owl.  

The night vision shots are superior to most cameras, and the fact that this package is all inclusive (no fees, no additional costs) makes this a system you should consider for your home security needs.