Pack N Play Crib Buyer’s Guide – Plus 3 Of The Best Models Reviewed

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Main Benefits Of Pack N’ Play Cribs

  • Perfect for traveling, fits neatly into your trunk
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Put up / take down in no time
  • Stores away easily in its carrying bag
  • Often comes with bassinet
  • Move from room to room easily (light)

The pack and play crib is a wonderful accessory for every parent, because here we have a crib that is super easy to set up or take down in no time.  It is super light, so it is especially useful when you are traveling and have your small child or children in tow.  

best Pack and Play Buyer’s Guide and reviews

It is a very practical thing to have during the day because, no matter where you are, you can do things at home while your kidlet is safely playing or sleeping in the crib.  At the same time, during the evenings, they can be just as useful when putting the kid to bed.

In this article, we’ve picked out what we think are the 3 BEST PACK N PLAY CRIBS available in 2016 and reviewed them.

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Automatic Folding Feet

Feature Pick

Baby Joy Baby Playpen, Ultra-Light Aluminum Portable Travel Crib With Comfy Mattress & Oxford Carry Bag, Gray

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The Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard, with its automatic folding feet, is one of the most popular pack and play cribs currently on the market.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let us tell you that customers love Graco for baby cribs, and, for this one in particular, we have found that there is a ton of positive feedback from satisfied parents on sites like Amazon and elsewhere.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play crib a sturdy, well-made crib, and is easy to set up and dismantle. It has handy wheels for easier transfer from one room to another, which are folding automatically just like the feet of the crib. So, this means that this crib is super convenient when carrying with you on trips and grandparents’ visits as its folding wheels and feet allow for a 20 percent more compact fold.

With this Graco crib your kid will be relaxed and comfortable no matter where you take him/her.  Its frame is durable so whether you decide to pack it into the trunk of your car, or put it in the back of your minivan, the crib will be up to a challenge.  With a push of the Graco button, you will easily break it down and fold it without any problem.

2. Delta Children Square Play Yard 36” x 36”

Feature Pick

Delta Children 36″ X 36″ Playard, Novel Ideas

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The Novel Idea play yard from the brand Delta Children has a square shape with 38.5″L x 38.5″W x 28″H full dimensions.  The playpen full size is 36” x 36”, and it’s recommended for kids up to 35 inches high and 20 pounds weight.

The first thing you will notice is the colorful artwork on all four sides, which kids seem to love (at least those with an eye for art). The sides are made of mash material which is convenient for the parents as it provides clear view within the crib where the kid is staying. The frame of this play yard have exposed metal edges, so this is worth noting because while this is a sturdy pack ‘n play, your child could bonk their head if you or they are not careful.  That said, this is a totally certified crib that passes all industry tests for quality and safety.  

This Delta Child play yard comes with a travel bag which only increases its travel friendly design which enables compact fold.  The mattress pad is really comfortable for both napping and tummy tickling.  🙂

3. Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Totbloc with Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

Feature Pick

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Totbloc With Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

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Another baby product from the well-known brand Graco. The square play area is extra-large with 38 by 38 inch dimensions, providing more than enough space for your growing kid to play and enjoy.

The set-up of this portable crib is truly quick and simple as it doesn’t require any tools and it takes less than 1 minute.  You can fold it for the same amount of time, and put it into the included carrying bag to take it with you whenever you go on vacation, or visits with your kid.  The compact fold and the lightweight frames (25 pounds) make it perfect for your travels.

We shouldn’t forget the airy mesh on all four sides of the crib which enables maximum ventilation. It’s easy to clean and maintain with a warm water and household soap, while the carrying bag can be washed in a washing machine.

Parenting is clearly a full time job and with these pack ‘n plays, it is made so much easier with the invention of pack and play cribs.  You can finally tackle that teetering pile of dishes while your kid is safely playing in the crib, or you can even dare to … yes, have. people. over. 🙂

The only disadvantage with the portable pack and play crib is that kids can quickly outgrow it, although this is really no different from a normal crib, its just that these ones are more travel friendly and possibly more stylish than that ancient crib your husbands great grand mother gave you that looks more like a small insane asylum than a nice and friendly crib.

For a few extra tips, check out the following video to get an idea how to unpack a pack n play crib.

More Info On Pack ‘N Play Cribs

The area where the baby is sleeping in a pack ‘n play crib is quite small in comparison to the entire size of crib. Parents have found that babies who get easily overstimulated can find this layout more comfortable. A pack and play doesn’t have bars like the cribs, so you will protect your kid from slipping their head or any body parts through the bars, thus reducing their risk of that kind of injury.  Moreover, the pad of pack and play is firm and doesn’t have any bumps that can cause discomfort to the kid while sleeping.

Easy to pack up and be on the move

With pack ‘n play cribs, you will avoid the problem of carrying a heavy crib with you whenever you go out of town with your child.  As we mentioned, pack ‘n play cribs are easy to set up and dismantle, and take just a small amount of space of both home and/or vehicle.  

So, you will be able to carry the bed of your baby along while heading somewhere, which is nice and most cribs obviously can’t be tossed in your trunk and taken for a ride. This can be really helpful for those kids who can’t adjust to other spaces for playing, and especially for sleeping. In this way, your kid will be comfortable whenever it’s time for a good sleep or nap.

A Secondary Playpen for Your Toddler

In many cases, parents need to put their baby or toddler in some place where they won’t be able to keep a constant eye on her/him. In such situations, pack ‘n play cribs are ideal for use as a playpen where their baby or toddler can safely stay and play while the parents finish their work.  The kid won’t be at risk of any injury and won’t be able to pull any daredevil stunts and escape.

Pack and Play Crib’s Mandatory Safety Standards

There are many safety standards about pack and play cribs established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Here are the things you should pay attention to when choosing such crib:

  • To prove that the pack and play crib won’t tip over under pressure, it needs to have passed a stability test
  • The pack and play should have lock mechanism and latch to ensure that it won’t fold when a kid is using it
  • This crib should pass an entrapment test to prevent a child’s head getting caught when bassinet or similar accessory is attached
  • The pack and play crib should follow the requirements for minimum side height to prevent the kid climbing out of it on her/his own
  • Hinges should not be used for those cribs which have top rails folding downwards, since they can create a V or diamond shape upon folding, and be a potential risk for entrapping the kid’s head or neck


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