Pawbo Pet Camera Review

The Pawbo+ pet camera is shaping up to be one of the best interactive treat-dispensing pet cameras on the market today, available for around $199 and offering a number of great features we think you and your pet will love!  

However, we are obligated to give you the fully disclosure on this product, including both its benefits, as well as identifying any flaws we’ve identified with this product.

Pawbo+ Pet Camera review

Pawbo+ Product Description & Basic Features

First off, we should mention that the Pawbo+ is brought to us by the company Acer, which is a huge multinational hardware and technology company, and that this product is their debut pet camera.  

As we mentioned off the top, the Pawbo+ is designed to be a wireless camera with easy-to-use, interactive capabilities, including treat dispensing and a built-in laser pointer for playing games with your furry buddy.  It has an LED status indicator, a wide angle lens that can see up to 130 degrees.  It features 720p live streaming for anywhere / anytime usage.  The treat dispenser has a detachable tray and is very easy to clean.  

When dispensing treats, try different sound effects so your pet can know what each means and you can potentially train your pet in this way as well.  For instance, you can make one sound effect indicate you are “online” and another mean “incoming treats”.  🙂

Here is a diagram below to show you exactly where everything is located.

Pawbo+ treat dispensing pet camera

No More Lonely Pets

What we like the best about the Pawbo+ is how it can alleviate stress in the family, especially when it comes to going on a vacation or even to work.  How many times have you gone out somewhere, leaving your furry friend at home alone, by his or herself.  If you have two pets, sure they can play with each other, but even then, there are lots of people who don’t like leaving their pets alone to begin with, but they have to for one reason or another.

That’s where the Pawbo+ comes in, because you can use it to talk to your pet with its two-way communication system, play games with your pet, and give it treats, all at the same time.  So, for those people who can’t bare leaving their puppy or kitten by themselves, they can now leave the house confidently knowing that they can stay in touch with their pet the whole time.

Pawbo app actually has function that allows me to directly post my pictures to my social outlet like Facebook, Twitter

Pawbo Life App

The main strength of the Pawbo+ lies in its handy dandy app for Android and Apple iOS devices, called Pawbo Life, which is downloadable on Google Play and the App Store.  With the app, not only can you make full use of the Pawbo+ camera, but you can also talk to other Pawbo+ users (8 users at the same time max.) by way of video streaming, not to mention sharing photos and video to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  If you’re the type who likes to record a lot of videos or snap a lot of pictures, Pawbo can be integrated with Google Drive and / or Dropbox where you can store everything to the cloud and not lose it.

Check out this short video advertisement from Pawbo that shows off some of what the Pawbo+ can do.

Fur Baby Monitor

Let’s face it, there are other reasons to watch your pet besides keeping them company or seeing if they’re still adorable.  For instance, you might want to keep an eye on your pet for other reasons. Perhaps you suspect one of your cats (the dominant one who seems to be getting slightly larger every week) is eating all the food, or someone with a long fluffy tail (or a short stubby one) might be scratching your favorite Persian rug.  

pawbo installation wireless pet treat cam

The Pawbo+ is also useful as a pet “surveillance” camera as well.  If you happen to catch your kitten or puppy chewing something they shouldn’t be chewing, you can actual “train” your pet by telling them “No!” in a stern (but loving) voice using the camera’s two-way communication feature. Believe us, they won’t expect it.  Of course, you may not want to use your pet camera for this purpose, but it is possible to try different disciplinary methods using the two-way communication.

There are a lot of possibilities with the Pawbo+, if you are willing to explore them.  It can be a perfect tool for training your pets, we’ve found.  In fact, some of the more destructive behaviors pets often display can be traced back to being left alone, so the Pawbo+ can potentially solve many of these problems altogether, if you use it strategically.  Of course, we can make no guarantees that it will work, but it might be worth a try if you’re dealing with certain pet issues.

Pawbo+ Design Perspective

pawbo interactive pet camera review

In terms of the looks, this oval-shaped pet camera is quite stylish, and also quite small, measuring only 8 inches in height and is 4 inches across.  It only weighs a single pound!  The black and white sleek surface, plus the orange logo on the front is quite cute, and generally, we’ve found that most pets do not initially find it too threatening.  Of course, some do, but they will get used to it once they realize they can hear your calming voice and can get fed by this little device.  

This brings us to another point, which is that this is a wireless camera and certain extra-playful pets may try to knock it over.  The camera is fairly stable when set on a flat surface, but it can be knocked over if its not fastened to a surface.   

Any Downsides?

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera review

As with most products, even great ones, its always possible to complain about some things, and so here we go!  🙂

What is less than ideal about the Pawbo+?  

Well, for one thing, it is small, so you can’t put larger treats in it.  It is suggested that you use small treats, and so you can only fit so much into the treat dispensor.  This means, you can’t go on a two week vacation and expect the Pawbo+ to feed your large dog or hungry cat.  On the other hand, if you’re going to work, its perfect for checking in on your pets and providing them with some extra treats during the day (or night).  

Also, this is not a pan-and-tilt camera, as some have asked about.  It simply does not have this functionality at this time, just so you are aware.

Lastly, we’ll say that you can only link the camera to a maximum of two smart devices at once. You can link as many smart devices to the Pawbo+ as you want, but only two can be used simultaneously.  You also cannot have two Pawbo+ cameras running in the house at the same time.  


Certainly, there is some room for improvement with the Pawbo+, but the vast majority of users rate this product highly, as do we.  It is a nice little camera, and it allows you to connect with your pet when you’re not at home, so that’s the main thing.  

pawbo plus pet cam

Also, keep in mind too that Pawbo is actively working on additions to the app and other ways to make this product better, such as the current bonus feature that comes with the purchase of this product, called Pawbo Catch (cat teaser).  

>> The Pawbo+ is available on Pawbo’s official website here <<

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