Personal Security

yourhomesecuritywatch logoYour Home Security Watch cares about the safety of your homes, which is why we built this site at the first place. However, the whole idea behind it was to help in the protection of you as well as your family living inside your home. This said, we all can agree that our safety shouldn’t be protected only in our homes, but practically everywhere.

The truth is we live in a rather unsafe world, at times, andScreenshot_2 the possible intruders and potential people that may want to rob us or do us harm to us don’t always target homes. They can attack anywhere, and we need to be aware of these problems and learn how to recognize such situations and have a safety plan.

This is why we decided that our site needs a page like this one, that will cover your personal security outside of your homes, whether that’s your garage, a parking lot, or any street and corner out there.
Screenshot_4In a one year period, around 1 million women and 400,000 men in America have been stalked. These numbers are concerning and according to recent studies, an average stalking lasts around 2 years.

This is the reason why we’ll cover number of personal security topics like personal security devices such as pepper spray, personal keychain, personal strobe light etc; signs that someone is obsessed with you, stalker warning signs, signs and types of a rapists, and things along these lines that are perhaps uncomfortable topics for some, understandably, but better to consider these things before something were to happen.

Being informed and cautious of today’s security problems is crucial if we want to avoid them, or at least reduce them. For that purpose, you can take a look at our posts dedicated to your personal security.

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