Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review

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We’ve got to hand it to modern home security technology designers these days.  It makes amazing things possible that would make our ancestors say things like “What sort of wizardry is this?” in utter disbelief.  

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Not only does this technology provide helpful assistance to us, but it also can do things to help the hairier members of our family – our precious pets!

Today we can buy specialized cameras for monitoring our pets while they’re alone in your home.

These cameras are similar to your leading indoor security cameras, but with some added features that will make your pet feel like you are there talking, seeing, and even playing with it, while you’re at work (on lunch break of course) on anywhere but in your house.

Enter the Petcube Interactive Wifi Pet Camera

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Petcube First Generation Camera For Pets With Hd 720P Video, Wi-Fi And Two-Way Audio

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Train and Play With Your Pet While Away From Home

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If you suspect that a certain someone is clawing your new couch, the Petcube is your go-to pet security camera.  

You will finally unlock the mystery of what your pet is doing while you’re away, and if it’s behaving itself…or not.  

In case it isn’t, and you catch it behaving badly, you can call it to stop and prevent possible damage of your favorite shirt, or a piece of furniture.

“Rex” will be more than a little surprised to hear his master’s voice suddenly in the room with him as he contemplates chewing on your favorite remote control – again.  

Buyers appreciate the fact that they can actually command their wayward animal to stop trying to open the cupboard to access the food, and slowly train it not to misbehave.  

But don’t think this camera is simply a way to scold your pet or keep it in check.  It can be a way for you to actually play with your pet while you’re not at home!  

Take a look at this video direct from Petcube:

We’ve done the research here and present you with a full and detailed review of the Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Camera to help with your decision when choosing the right camera for your pet and for your own requirements as well.

Let’s start by saying that this is probably the most popular pet camera available on the market. Its unique features and reasonable price makes it stand out from the many other pet cameras on the market.


petcube appearanceAs you can see, the design is sleek, and most importantly unobtrusive, so it won’t scare off your cat or dog.  

It has dimensions of 4 x 4 x 4, so its small size is another plus.  It has non-slip bottom surface and aluminum housing, in case your pet decides to come sniffing around the Petcube itself.

The front black screen has 3 functioning parts: the indicator for the LED status illuminates on the bottom, the interactive laser point is in the middle, and the camera’s wide angle lens at the top.

The start button is located in the top right of the back part of the camera, and here we also find the micro USB port for power (the bottom right) and the microphone speaker (bottom left).

Simple Installation and Free App

petcube security camera review

The package includes:

  • 1 Petcube camera
  • 1 US-plug power adaptor
  • 1 power cord,
  • 1 quick install guide

The installation is simple: just plug the Petcube camera in, download the free Petcube app for iPhone or Android (4.0 or higher), and follow the instructions that will appear on the phone screen to pair your mobile device with the camera and to connect with your Wi-Fi.

You can share cute or funny images from your pet on social media directly from the device, as well as share access to your camera through the free app.

Take a look at the video below to see the installation process in more detail.

Wide Camera Angle and Video Quality

petcube video qualityThe Petcube Interactive camera provides some unique features that distinguish it from the other pet cameras on the market.

The 138 degree wide angle lens enable viewing large portion of the room where your camera is placed, and the 720p HD resolution provides clear video.

We must mention that the Petcube doesn’t include night vision.  A minor setback, but hopefully it will be included in future versions of the product.

Two-Way Audio System

It has a two-way audio system, a microphone and speaker, unlike most of the pet cameras.

cute black cat

This means that besides talking to your pet, you will also be able to hear it. This is an excellent feature that lessens the distance between you and your pet, offering emotional connection regardless where you are.  

If you were planning on going on that beach trip for a few days, but Blackie the cat being at home alone was breaking your heart (even with your neighbor feeding him/her every evening), perhaps now that trip could be more possible.

But this also means that in case you see your dog or cat misbehaves, you can scold it and thus prevent possible damage of your belongings, or even an injury.

Laser Pointer Game

petcube laser toy

The camera technology has advanced so much that you can now play with your pet even when you’re not near it.

The Petcube camera offers interactive laser pointer game, just like Pawbo camera, by letting you control the 5mW 3R class and safe/certified laser from your phone and playing with your pet while watching it. There’s an option to set the laser move automatically.


We should note that this laser game is more suitable for cats than dogs, since laser pointers can lead to anxiety in dogs.  It also does not work on fish.

Overall ThoughtsPetcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review

The price for this pet camera we think is well worth it for the wide variety of great features that enable interacting and playing with your pet while you’re not home.

Protect your pet and your home at the same time with this high rated Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Camera!  


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